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Driftless Region II

More Driftless Region. Nature vs Corporations? A local view. - WDRT. Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice. Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education. The annual Conference is a Time to Learn, Network and Engage in Wisconsin’s EE Culture The annual Conference is an event for both members and non-members held at various locations around the state.

Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education

It is a showcase for new teaching techniques, exciting field trips, and hands-on workshops. Participants come away with new knowledge and skills for their classroom and/or environmental education facility. Driftless Wisconsin Grown. What is a CSA?

Driftless Wisconsin Grown

CSA stands for Community supported Agriculture. CSA’s connect the farm, crops, and farmer directly to the consumer. You share in the rewards of a farmer’s labor as well as a part of the risks associated with farming. When you join a CSA you are purchasing a share or portion of the crops that the farm and farmer produce. You will receive your share weekly throughout the growing season delivered to your choice of pick up sites. Driftless Cafe list of local farmers. Valley Stewardship Network - Stewardship in the Kickapoo River Watershed. Arts and Culture, Advanced Ag., Manufacturing, Edu. , healthcare for sustainable local living, WI, MN, IA.

Crawford County on the Move 2014  Crawford County on the Move is a 9 week walk/run training program that includes short lessons, group walk/runs, individual training schedules and weekly tips on a variety of wellness topics.

Crawford County on the Move 2014 

Groups meet once a week throughout Crawford County. Communities involved include Prairie du Chien, Wauzeka, Soldiers Grove, Gays Mills, Ferryville, Seneca and Bloomington. Curious? Check out the Program Timeline: Starts the week of June 1st and goes through the week of July 27th. Registration Materials: Registration is preferred by May 23rd! Southeast Wisconsin Rain Garden Resources. Home Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage DistrictToilet Rebate Program Goodbye Thirsty!

Southeast Wisconsin Rain Garden Resources

Purchase water saving toilets for $50-$60. “Hey, it’s not going to attract birds and butterflies like a rain garden, but replacing your old toilet with a new water conserving fixture will help local rivers and Lake Michigan just the same.” Program runs May 1 – May 31 or while supplies last Visit MMSD’s web page for details. Wild Ones – Root River ChapterNative Plant Sale. Driftless Cafe. University of Wisconsin - Cooperative Extension 4H. Manitowoc County seniors win top honors at the State Dairy Judging Contest Tue, 29 Jul 2014.

University of Wisconsin - Cooperative Extension 4H

Building Green Products Guide. SOUL of Wisconsin - Citizen Energy Priorities. Local food made by local people for local causes Emily Torgrimson. “Sometimes you hear a voice through the door calling you, as fish out of water hear the waves, or a hunting falcon hears the drum’s come back.

local food made by local people for local causes Emily Torgrimson

This turning toward what you deeply love saves you.” - Rumi Eat for Equity-Madison is a thriving midwestern branch of the greater Eat for Equity movement. Started in June 2012, the E4E-MSN team organizes bimonthly community feasts featuring local and sustainable handmade food that raise money for local organizations. We the People Are More Powerful than We Dare to Believe - Viroqua. We the People Are More Powerful than We Dare to Believe First Steps in Overcoming Corporate Rule May 23-25, 2014 Youth Initiative High School May 23 Fri 6 pm – 9 pm (pot-luck from 6 pm to 7 pm) May 24 Sat 9 am – 6 pm (coffee, tea, snacks available)

We the People Are More Powerful than We Dare to Believe - Viroqua

Kickapoo Valley Workshops Activities 2014. Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. Welcome to Wellspring Center for Food, Education, Bed&Breakfast, Hostel, foraging workshop. Jefferson County Residents Seize Control of Enbridge Line 61 Hearing. Jefferson, WI - Enbridge knew that the residents of Jefferson County, Wisconsin, were starting to catch on to the dangers of their proposed Line 61 tar sands pipeline expansion.

Jefferson County Residents Seize Control of Enbridge Line 61 Hearing

So, in an attempt to create positive PR, Enbridge called for an event Tuesday night at the local Fort Community Credit Union called “Coffee and Conversation” in order to answer questions about the project. Enbridge set the agenda as well as the scope of the hearing, so nobody knew what to expect from the meeting. Nobody knew, that is, until the people of Jefferson County seized control of the event and turned it into a real public hearing. Two Jefferson Police Officers greeted people as they entered the venue where the hearing was taking place. It was later determined the officers’ time was paid for by Enbridge officials. Advanced Agriculture. Our region's rich and fertile soil, low agricultural land costs, and strong ethic to protect and preserve our agricultural roots has created a thriving industry cluster of advanced agriculture operations.

Advanced Agriculture

The cluster extends from high-quality and sustainable food production to efficient food processing and distribution, including baked goods, beer and other beverages. Many of our partners have invested significantly in the growing organic food industry, which in turn has positively impacted our community health and sustainability. Our region has over 85 food processing manufacturers, a nationally renowned organic farming industry, 12,000 farms and 1.7 million acres in agriculture assessed lands. Our joint venture initiatives are also often supported by regional economic development organizations and educational institutions because of the importance agriculture and food processing play in our regional economy. Business profile: Organic Valley Become More Competitive with FRAN. Making a difference in the lives of women, families and community.

Penokee Defenders. Rally at Moore Park Rd. west of Mellen, WI, siding on Highway 77 next Sunday Feb. 16th from 1-3pm, with a Press Conference to be held at 2pm, in opposition to taconite mining in he Penokee Hills as well as in opposition to the restriction of 1200 feet of Managed Forest Land/Law (MFL; 600 feet on either side of access roads or bulk sampling/core drilling sites) between Ashland and Iron Counties.

Penokee Defenders

Local Op-Ed: It's time for people to reclaim their community rights : Vernonbroadcaster. The Wormfarm Institute. Water Data - The World's Water. The Round Barns of Vernon County. March 21st, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards Tour the Round Barns of Vernon County Did you know that the Round Barns of Vernon County, Wisconsin are the highest concentration of round barns in the world? While there were only 17 left at last count, not that long ago the number was nearly double that. Networking. Local Women in Sustainable Agriculture Networks The MOSES Rural Women’s Project supports opportunities for women committed to sustainable agriculture to get together in person and develop strong local connections and collaborations. Statewide networking sessions are held at the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

Local networks that meet regularly for potlucks, farm tours and other gatherings include the following. Check out Facebook for updates. Please contact the organizers directly for more information: South Central Wisconsin Women in Sustainable Agriculture Contact: Lisa KiviristGeneral region: Green, Iowa, Layfayette, Rock (western) and southern Dane counties. Home. Ready Community: Vulnerability and Resilience - Jun 26, 2015. Scenic Valley Farms - Sustainable Agriculture + Clean Energy. Welcome to the Kickapoo Culinary Center food business incubator. Growing Communities Through Local Food. Driftless Folk School. Welcome to Gays Mills. The Unconventional Harvest: New Forest Farm.