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Driftless Region II

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Driftless Area Land Conservancy. 200 more WI river and lakes impaired by CAFO phosphorus pollution. Officials with the state Department of Natural Resources said they have identified more than 200 additional waterbodies in Wisconsin that are impaired, with the main culprit being phosphorus pollution.

200 more WI river and lakes impaired by CAFO phosphorus pollution

Every couple of years, DNR officials assess more Wisconsin rivers and lakes. Out of 2,400 completed reviews the last two years, officials said 209 waterbodies need restoration plans, bringing the total of impaired waters to nearly 1,300 statewide. DNR water specialist Aaron Larson said phosphorus levels are dropping in many waterbodies, but still can't meet tougher standards passed five years ago. "With these new standards being adopted, we're now just identifying water bodies that don't mean those standards based on new water quality data," said Larson. Phosphorus pollution mainly comes from soil runoff or sewage treatment plants. Links to Local Organizations : Village of Melrose, Jackson County, Wisconsin.

Re-seeding manoomin wild rice., a Movement to Revive Native Foods and Lands. On ancestral lands, the Fond du Lac band in Minnesota is planting wild rice and restoring wetlands damaged by dams, industry, and logging.

Re-seeding manoomin wild rice., a Movement to Revive Native Foods and Lands

Their efforts are part of a growing trend by Native Americans to bring back traditional food sources and heal scarred landscapes. WI Energy Actions & News. Physical meeting at Organic Valley Headquarters in La Farge to discuss the La Farge Community Solar, state lobbying, Cardinal Hickory Creek and Mark Twain projects underway.

WI Energy Actions & News

Directions and location Record utility debt and certain rate increases in coming years insure substantial savings from fixing your electricity costs with solar. Article, and comparison of 30 years savings across Wisconsin utilities. Ask for a personal savings calculator for Wisconsin utilities. A must read article by David Roberts explaining causes for skyrocketing cost increases and unwitting liabilities utilities are bringing upon electric customers as they refuse to embrace cost-effective solutions. Rural Town Revamps Economy with Food Jobs: The Viroqua Story. Next to Wal-Mart on the edge of rural Viroqua, Wisconsin, a 100,000-square-foot abandoned industrial building is now bustling with new businesses and jobs from an unconventional source: The local food and farming sector.

Rural Town Revamps Economy with Food Jobs: The Viroqua Story

It’s a turnaround for a small town that lost one of its largest employers and then bet on the growth of local food markets to enliven that vacant space and the area’s economy. The Food Enterprise Center in Viroqua is also one of an increasing number of food and farm business development centers that are ratcheting up the economic development assistance. Economic Engine For Viroqua and southwest Wisconsin, the growing businesses at the Food Enterprise Center are a significant boost both for that abandoned industrial real estate and the regional economy, said Matt Johnson.

Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence. Saturday, July 13th, 2013 from In case you the sight of those paramilitary mercinaries lurking around the woods of Wisconsin boiled your blood enough to contemplate “upping the ante,” consider these words from the Ojibwe Chief Mike Wiggins: (Bad River Tribe Press Release) According to Chairman Mike Wiggins, Jr., “Although we believe that the actions taken by Gogebic Taconite leading to the destruction of the Bad River headwaters and contamination of our surface and ground water resources would be criminal, we absolutely condemn any planned or improvised act of violence or vandalism against the industry or companies, and emphatically discourage any person to take part in any violent action,” continued Mike Wiggins, “ Nonviolent civil resistance, if necessary, has to be our response as ordinary citizens against extraordinary injustice.

Ojibwe Chief Calls for Non-Violence

The Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa continues to oppose any activities related to mining in the Penokee Hills. UW online open courses. Participation in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's "massive online open courses" — also known as MOOCs — has skyrocketed to well above the national average following an overhaul of the university's offerings.

UW online open courses

MOOCs are online courses that colleges and universities offer to the public free of charge, many of which garner thousands of users from across the globe. The classes made major headlines a few years ago when they were widely touted as a threat to higher education. When UW-Madison launched its pilot suite of MOOCs in fall of 2013, nearly 40,000 participants from around the globe enrolled per class. However, while enrollment was high, follow-through was not: The MOOCs only had a 2 percent active participation rate.

The majority of those users were from outside the U.S., and only about 1 percent of participants were from Wisconsin. The university launched its second phase of MOOC offerings this past January, but this time it took a different approach. 10 towns in Wis. Why deal with the stress of the hustle and bustle of the big city when you can spread out, slow down, and enjoy life?

10 towns in Wis.

Well, there are plenty of Wisconsin towns that you can have total peace and quiet. Here are ten. 1. Wyalusing. World Rivers Day. InterTribal Buffalo Council. Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture. Western Prairie Habitat Restoration Area. Property history.

Western Prairie Habitat Restoration Area

International Wolf Center. Kayak or Canoe Badger State Rivers. 5 Wisconsin Drives with stunning fall scenery. Wisconsin is the perfect place to get the kids in the car, hit the road, and revel in the changing leaves.

5 Wisconsin Drives with stunning fall scenery

Autumn in Wisconsin is all about the color and getting out to see it. Here are five fall color tours within easy driving distance of the Chippewa Valley that are guaranteed to put you in a front row seat for Mother Nature’s annual show. Of course, you can always design your own fall driving tour; from urban parks to colorful country roads, Wisconsin is loaded with colorama opportunities throughout the autumn season. The Black River State Forest lies just east of Black River Falls in west-central Wisconsin. Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute launches maps of traditional place names. The Ka’apor of Brazil Use Bows, Arrows, Sabotage and GPS to Defend the Amazon from Logging.

Ka’apor Indians stand next to a logging tractor that they discovered and set on fire inside the indigenous territory one month before.

The Ka’apor of Brazil Use Bows, Arrows, Sabotage and GPS to Defend the Amazon from Logging

Photograph: Lunae Parracho/Greenpeace. UW Press: Crossing the Driftless. Crossing the Driftless A Canoe Trip through a Midwestern Landscape Lynne Diebel Illustrated by Robert Diebel Terrace Books. Rice Beds Rebound In Northern Wisconsin Lake Following Efforts To Rein In Carp. La Crosse Interfaith Justice and Peace Network - Human trafficking in the Coulee Region. Vacation Rentals. 153 Main 153 Main StreetFerryville, WI 54624. Eat Wild. The Opportunity to Unite "Local Food"! - Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund. has become the world’s fastest growing local foods search engine. Raw milk activist, Max Kane, and software firm owner David King launched the website in the fall of 2012 to strengthen the local food movement and build community. In this article, Kane writes about the benefits FarmMatch has to offer farmers and consumers and the potential to help growing and protecting local food systems.

Driftless Area Wisconsin Biking: Roads & Trails. A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros. With virtually no police, crime or unemployment, meet the Spanish town described as a democratic, socialist utopia. Driftless Area Land Conservancy. Ready Community: Vulnerability and Resilience - Jun 26, 2015. State Search Results. Vacation Rentals. The Driftless Educational Program. Community rallies against proposed poultry farm - WHP CBS 21 Harrisburg - Top Stories. Updated: Wednesday, April 22 2015, 02:30 PM EDTBy: Christina Butler. Midwest News. Webinar: What is a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit? - Sustainable Economies Law Center.

Driftless Area Art Festival:Home. Great places to visit in the Driftless Region. I Love Inspire(d) By Benji Nichols • Originally published in the Summer 2014 Inspired. New greenhouses to offer locally-grown, off-season produce in Prairie du Chien. Optimo Farm Market Restaurant & Cafe of Viroqua, Driftless Wisconsin - The Driftless Region. Whereabouts Marketing. Kickapoo Woods Cooperative - Forest Management and Education. Valley Stewardship Network - Stewardship in the Kickapoo River Watershed. Viroqua Healing Arts Center: Viroqua, WI. The Historic Viroqua Public Market.

Rooted Spoon Home. Threshold Care Circle. New greenhouses to offer locally-grown, off-season produce in Prairie du Chien. La Crosse Interfaith Justice and Peace Network. Vernon County Farm To School - The Vernon County Farm to School program integrates fresh, whole foods into school lunches and classrooms while educating students about the lifelong benefits of eating those foods. Driftless Wisconsin Lodging: B&B Inns, Cabins, Motels & More. About Our Farm - Dreamfarm. The County Line » Commercial space available in Viroqua’s Food Enterprise Center.

By KATHY NEIDERT Vernon Economic Development Council The Food Enterprise Center, the former NCR manufacturing plant in Viroqua, provides infrastructure for food or wellness/exercise businesses to start up or expand. Twelve businesses are now renting tenant space, and more space in the building still is available for rent or lease by any food- or wellness-related business. Areas can be designed and custom-built according to the business’s needs. Gander Mountain Academy / Training / Find Classes. Cleanse LLCAbout Colon Hydrotherapy. Viroqua Food Enterprise Center - Best Practices - Wisconsin Economic Development Association.