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Beehive Design Collective. We are a decentralized network of pollinators, and often have multiple tours happening in different regions simultaneously.

Beehive Design Collective

If a date is booked below, other Bees might still be available to come your way! Brightworks SF // San Fransisco, CA UWO // London, ON MassArt // Boston, MA Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library // Oakland, CA University of Southern Maine // Gorham, ME Newforest Institute // Brooks, ME JFKU // Berkeley, CA Anarchist Bookfair – SF County Fair Building // San Fransisco, CA Myths and Mirrors Community Arts – Downtown Site // Sudbury, ON Galeria 409 // Brownsville, TX The Holdout // Oakland, CA South Texas College // McAllen, TX University of Texas Pan American // Edinburg, TX King’s Universty College, H.

B. Minnehaha Free Space/Longfellow Park // Minneapolis, MN The Raw Deal // Menomonie, WI Macalester College // St. Minnehaha Free Space/Longfellow Park // Minneapolis, MN Civic Media Center // Gainesville, FL Benefit Music Festival for R.A.M.P.S. 5 Things You Didn't Know About Top-Bar Hives. Rbairdpccam/Flickr Top-bar beehives are an ancient method of beekeeping that are experiencing a well-deserved renewal of interest as modern farmers begin to think less about the quantity of their honey yield and more about the care of their bee colonies.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Top-Bar Hives

Here are a few things you might not know about the top-bar hive design and why it is a new favorite with holistic beekeepers. 1. Top-Bar Hives Are Nature Friendly Oakley Originals/Flickr A top-bar hive is horizontally oriented with an interior open cavity and usually sits 3 to 4 feet off the ground. The Honey Connoisseur: Selecting, Tasting, and Pairing Honey, With a Guide to More Than 30 Varietals by C. Marina Marchese. Beekeeping Archives - Montana Homesteader. Beekeeping The Way Nature Intended - Home. Natural Beekeeping Trust.

Honey bees obtain everything they need to survive (except for water) from plants.

Natural Beekeeping Trust

Nectar and pollen are their main food source. Pollen provides most of the protein required to build new bodies. Nectar supplies the carbohydrate they need to fly and generally move about. Propolis, from plant resins such as the sticky horse chestnut buds, plays an important role in hive hygiene and is the waterproofing material that keeps their hive dry. Each plant’s nectar and pollen has a subtly different composition. Variety in the honeybee diet may be key to their well-being and ability to overcome present challenges to their health. “…it would be well to make experiments with especially cultivated plants in seasons when those most needed have failed, either partially or altogether. Bees Steiner audio lectures. Bees, a collection of 8 lectures (with prelude and appendix of extracts) by Rudolf Steiner.

Bees Steiner audio lectures

(From CW 351, with the prelude from CW348). Given in Dornach. For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in. Rudolf Steiner, Nine Lectures on Bees. Biodynamic Conference: Medicine for Earth and Man.

Medicine for Earth and Man: the Earthworm, the Cow, and the Bee Sponsored by the Biodynamic Association Biodynamic experts with many different specialties will lead workshops on provocative and timely topics for farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, and students of biodynamic and organic agriculture.

Biodynamic Conference: Medicine for Earth and Man - Warre Beehives. A more natural and sustainable form of beekeeping. Natural Beekeeping Resources: best books - Milkwood - Courses + Skills for Real LifeMilkwood – Courses + Skills for Real Life. December 21, 2011 | Beekeeping, Natural Beekeeping, Resources | 3 Comments | Author: Kirsten Bradley The super-organism of the honeybee (apis mellifera) is not only awe-inspiring, it’s worth understanding.

Natural Beekeeping Resources: best books - Milkwood - Courses + Skills for Real LifeMilkwood – Courses + Skills for Real Life

Both for your own personal gratification, and for the pollination of your nation. This list is a part of the notes we provide to students at the Natural Beekeeping courses we run with Tim Malfroy. Going Against The Flow: Is The Flow Hive a Good Idea?Milkwood. February 26, 2015 | Beekeeping, Gardening, Natural Beekeeping | 136 Comments | Author: Kirsten Bradley It’s fab, it’s new, and the honey flows straight into the jar.

Going Against The Flow: Is The Flow Hive a Good Idea?Milkwood

It’s so easy. But then, powdered instant potato is easy, too. Does that make it a good idea? Despite my mission to focus on positivistic messages of change, at Milkwood we’ve got a charter of calling a spade a spade. And to call yet another plastic beehive addition which does not benefit the bees but only the beekeeper… what it is. ParadiseNectar - Welcome to Paradise Nectar! Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan (PVP042) Podcast: Play in new window | Download Michael Jordan, The Bee Whisperer, joins me to talk about bees and bee keeping.

Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan (PVP042)

Michael is a holistic bee keeper who is doing beekeeping the right way. ParadiseNectar - Welcome to Paradise Nectar! The Sun Hive - In the Form of the Bee. The Sun Hive (Weissenseifener Haengekorb) forms the core of the Natural Beekeeping Trust's commitment to bee guardianship.

The Sun Hive - In the Form of the Bee

Based on the principles of bee-centred apiculture, the Sun Hive is an ideal conservation hive for our pollinating friends the honeybee. Although one may be favoured with some suplus honey from time to time, honey 'production' is not the main purpose of the hive. Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan (PVP042) Podcast: Play in new window | Download Michael Jordan, The Bee Whisperer, joins me to talk about bees and bee keeping.

Bees and Beekeeping with The Bee Whisperer, Michael Jordan (PVP042)

Michael is a holistic bee keeper who is doing beekeeping the right way. He has worked tirelessly to promote sustainable bee keeping, that respects, not exploits the bees, and gets the youth involved. You can find out more about Michael via A Bee Friendly Company. I tried to keep this episode on the positive side.

How to build a top bar hive 02. Snack food for bees: autumn joy sedum. Right now I’m totally fixated on Autumn Joy sedum as a honey bee plant. It began when I was typing the responses to the Honey Bee Suite plant survey. The same plant repeatedly cropped up in the responses, and it was unusual in that people were always very specific about the variety: it couldn’t be just any sedum, it had to be Autumn Joy. Immediately afterward, I tried to buy seed but I couldn’t find any.

Added to that, I read that it was difficult to start from seed. Since I had no prior experience with sedums, I decided to heed the advice. UWEX bee registration 2015. Natural Beekeeping Trust. "Honey on Tap" Beehive Smashes Indiegogo Fundraising Record. Natural Beekeeping Trust – Sun Hive Bees. Living with bees is not about hardware, hives and management techniques any more – it is ultimately about the survival of life on earth.

What the heck is vegan honey? Update: Included at the end of this post is a statement by Katie Sanchez of Bee Free Honee. Honey is excluded from the vegan diet by definition. Both the definition and the term “vegan” are credited to Donald Watson, who promoted the idea back in 1944. A few months later, the Vegan Society of England adopted Watson’s model. How to Make Bee Boxes. A bee box is a place where bees can find cover and create the next generation. You can make them quite easily, or, if you'd rather, you can buy them. The Orchard Mason Bee, unlike other types of bees, does not live in a nest or hive; instead, it lives in holes in blocks. Other insects drill holes for themselves, sometimes destroying the wood in the process, but not so with Orchard Mason Bees.

They find holes that already exist and use them. New Beehive Lets Honey Be Harvested Without Disturbing Bees. Beehive technology has changed little in centuries, but an Australian father and son believe they have a better way, and it's getting a lot of people excited. Besides enabling many individuals to harvest their own honey, the idea may play a role in fighting the problems that plague bee populations. Bees tend to be rather protective of the food stores they have put so much energy into producing. To avoid being stung, apiarists wear protective suits, put on visors, and use smoke to reduce the likelihood of attacks. Once done, there is still the matter of removing wax and dead bees.

All of which makes the whole idea too much hard work for the average backyard gardener. Stuart Anderson's family have been keeping bees for generations and when his son Cedar suggested there might be a better way, he was disbelieving at first. The Andersons describe their prototype like this: Packages or Nucs - Which is a Better Start? - Keeping Backyard Bees. How to Build a Log Hive. In the latest issue of Permaculture magazine (PM83) Jonathan Powell explores the ancient practice of beekeeping - low intervention and using a living tree. Lemon queen sunflowers for pollinators. I haven’t planted sunflowers in many years, but one of my goals this year is to plant a row of Lemon Queens. Lemon Queen is an open-pollinated heirloom variety that provides ample nectar and pollen.

It is widely known to attract an amazing variety of pollinators, including many types of bees and butterflies. Lemon Queen sunflowers grow six to ten feet tall and produce blooms 10 to 12 inches across from mid-summer into fall. Honey On Tap From Your Own Beehive - Flow™ Hive Home. Honeybee Hives: Wintering Bees. Month-by-month Beekeeping. The beekeeping year isn't set in stone. Bees work in tune with the seasons, and how and when you work your hive will vary from region to region and year to year. The Sun Hive: experimental Natural Beekeeping. Sun Hives are a hive design coming out of Germany and now gathering interest in Britain. They’re part of the world-wide movement towards ‘apicentric’ beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritizes honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal.

The Sun Hive is modeled in part on the traditional European skep hive, and is aimed at creating a hive that maximises colony health. The main thing I love about this hive and the enthusiasm surrounding it is not the hive itself, but the philosophy behind it, that of apicentric beekeeping. In brief, the Sun Hive has an upside down skep hive at its base with curving frames in the top section and no frames in the bottom section. The hive is placed well above ground level (optimal for bees – they never choose to create a hive on the ground). The Complete Guide to Making Mead: The Ingredients, Equipment, Processes, and Recipes for Crafting Honey Wine by Steve Piatz. Indiansummerhoneyfarm WI and FL, natural queen rearing, tutorials. Toward Saving the Honeybee by Gunther Hauk. Biodynamic Beekeeping workshops. Dancing Bee Gardens - Ross Conrad - equipment, books, DVD. Keeping Natural and Organic Honeybees for Crop Pollination.

TBHflyer - Miel farm and apiary. Miel Farm - Permaculture & Biodynamic Farm and Apary, horse-powered. Queen Rearing – Beesource Beekeeping Community. American Beekeeping Journal – May, 1991 by G. W. Fastbees organic bee farm supplies, videos. Gilles Fert - Queens - Packaged bess - Books - Training. University of Minnesota Bookstore Successful Queen Rearing manual and DVD. Successful Queen Rearing Short Course : Bee Lab : Department of Entomology : University of Minnesota. Why not rear your own queens?

The University of Minnesota Queen Rearing short course teaches one method of rearing queens that works consistently for both hobby and commercial beekeepers. Beekeeping Manuals and DVDs : Successful Queen Rearing University of Minnesota, Beekeeping in northern climates resources. Wicwas Press Beekeeping Books. Queen Rearing - Glenn Apiaries. Rearing Queen Honey Bees by Roger A. Morse. Queen Rearing Equipment. The Practical Beekeeper, Beekeeping Naturally, Bush Bees, by Michael Bush. Gays Mills Farmers Market, Brad Ridge & Valley Beekeepers Association. Zz Honey Farm - Ridge & Valley Beekeepers Meeting...Gays Mills, WI. Driftless Folk School.

ORGANIC BEEKEEPING SUPPLIES BY Beez 4 Life Clinton,WI. Wisdom of the Bees: Principles for Biodynamic Beekeeping by Erik Berrevoets. A Taranov in time. Plant Nurseries. Top-Bar Beekeeping: Organic Practices for Honeybee Health by Les Crowder. Four Seasons of Top-Bar Beekeeping by Stephen Garriga. Balanced Beekeeping I: Building a Top Bar Hive by Philip Chandler. Goodreads. Natural Beekeeping: Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture by Ross Conrad.

The Thinking Beekeeper: A Guide to Natural Beekeeping in Top Bar Hives by Christy Hemenway. The Natural Beekeeper: Learning Organic Beekeeping Successfully by David Thomas. Plants Bees love! 4 Ways to Keep Bees More Naturally. Package Bees & Queens -Long Lane Honey Bee Farms. Bush Bees, Queen Rearing, Raising Queens. Mycoremediation. Beekeeper Example: Preparing a Business Plan: A Guide for Agricultural Producers. Beekeeping - Starting a Beekeeping Business. A Detailed Sample Beekeeping Business Plan Template. Backwards Beekeepers: Mentoring.