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Urban Survival Skills Urban Survival Skills An article by Michael Synder titled "83 Numbers From 2013 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe" from The International Forecaster. Some of these facts are obviously more important than others. I decided to list all of Mr Synder's facts but highlight the ones that would make and win the argument in court that a collapse, probably an economic collapse followed by a societal collapse is coming beyond a reasonable doubt.
i Rate This I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. The year did not end well and 2009 will present many challenges and risks for us. But to review what we wanted to accomplish in 2008, we didn’t do too badly: * Fence around the wood shed for the Dark Cornish Chickens. – DONE Deberosa’s Homestead Weblog Deberosa’s Homestead Weblog
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Jack in CT: Adventure & Ennui Jack in CT: Adventure & Ennui I'd love to put all the books on childcare that I've read together on a shelf as a reminder to myself of their contents. Alas I do not own most of them. Nor do I own bookshelves. (lol jk! Since starting this post, I bought some *$#@ing bookshelves.)