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Sunny or Windy By Casey Calouette "Each homesteader reaches a point in his research where it is decided that an alternate energy source is necessary due to location, thrift, or the need to get off the grid. However choosing between the available options can be a daunting challenge, especially when tens of thousands of dollars may be spent. The Homesteader's Free Library: Learn Homesteading, Self-sufficiency, and Economic Survival
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Urban Survival Skills Urban Survival Skills An article by Bob Rinear, titled "Disaster - Dealing With It, published on the International Forecaster. Pretty good article from a financial analyst. The value in an article like this is for the survival-collapse preparation aspect to be coming from a financial guy as opposed to some guy in camouflage fatigues.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. The year did not end well and 2009 will present many challenges and risks for us. But to review what we wanted to accomplish in 2008, we didn’t do too badly: * Fence around the wood shed for the Dark Cornish Chickens. – DONE * Move the turkey carport to the back yard area and put in blueberries where it used to be. – DONE * Fence off the field garden and plant most in cover crops this year. plus purple bush beans and squash. – DONE Deberosa’s Homestead Weblog Deberosa’s Homestead Weblog
Frugal Living Freedom Frugal living strategies have helped me become debt- free, retire early, stretch my dollars, be more self-reliant, and enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind. If this sounds appealing, then this site is a good place for you to be. Here you'll find over 560 pages of quality material for your review and use. Welcome, my name is Clair Schwan. I’m here to offer you concepts and practical advice to help you live with minimal debt, preferably debt-free. Frugal Living Freedom
Jack in CT: Adventure & Ennui Jack in CT: Adventure & Ennui In fourth grade Jack was assigned to the same class as a fellow student who was earnest and polite if awkward. One day in the auditorium where she had been lined up along the wall with the other people her age in a way pleasing to the chorus teacher, Jack was afforded a relatively private moment as she clutched a folded up piece of paper she'd been slipped earlier by this young earnest fellow. As she opened the note, a small object sprang from within and skittered under the auditorium chairs. Upon scrambling to retrieve it, Jack discovered it was a small plastic heart-shaped jewel. A brief schoolyard romance ensured, during which Jack was presented with a paperback dollar-store Bible as a birthday gift, slipped into her backpack while walking down the hallway in a sneak-attack kind of way, and during which the two outings they had together were to 1) a Bible summer camp and 2) a Bible school class.