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Electronic Music Technique Resources

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L i v e l a b . d k - Products - LiveSlice. This beat slicer can do much more than just slice your beats and export the results.

L i v e l a b . d k - Products - LiveSlice

You can load up to 64 wave files at a time, slice them up and combine the slices in the multitrack arranger. Each slice is coloured based on the content so you can easily tell them apart - this makes manual rearranging a lot faster, and more inspirational, since you are working with direct representations of the audio and not just abstract midi notes. Inside synthesis. An Ableton Live Tutorial Blog. - The Free Max for Live Device Library. Designing Sound.

Tom Cosm. Music Software Training & Ableton Tutorials. The Covert Operators. A Comprehensive Ableton Live Tutorial Resource. Sound Synthesis Education // The Studio Sessions.