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Konquest 0.99.1 (Linux) / PC Games / Downloads - v7.0. Bunkerpunks. Indie Retro News: The latest free games, indie games and retro news: Post apocalyptic bunker manager "Sheltered" - Unicube seeks out Kickstarter and Greenlight backing. Unicube developers (Dean Foster: Lead programmer/game design, Sonny Meek: Artist/programmer/game design, Ben Ridge: Audio/composer) are looking for funding on kickstarter for their ambitious post apocalyptic bomb shelter simulator, Sheltered, where you have to manage the sanctity of your family in an underground bunker against the ravages of a hostile nuclear wasteland overground environment.

Indie Retro News: The latest free games, indie games and retro news: Post apocalyptic bunker manager "Sheltered" - Unicube seeks out Kickstarter and Greenlight backing

This promising looking apoca-sim aims to combine resource management with turn-based combat in a pretty pixel style. While the concept appears to be similar to the fallout series of games, the key differentiator is that the base time point for the holocaust is modern day (or within the last 20 years or so) rather than some time in the future, but also that you are operating as the whole family and not a sole survivor. As such all the decisions you need to make in the game will be to preserve the whole family unit and not one person in isolation. Irradiated beasts of the nuclear wasteland. Black Desert Online. Hayssam Keilany. [tutoriel] Optimiser GTA IV sur PC [tutoriel] - Ressources - Britania.

[justify]Bonjour tout le monde aujourd'hui je vous poste un tutoriel pour optimiser GTA IV sur votre PC, l'optimisation ce divise en 2 parties:[/justify] -Les lignes de commandes-Les paramètres graphiques Commençons: 1°)-Les lignes de commandes:[justify] -Avant toutes choses, faites un clic droit sur le raccourci GTA IV présent sur votre bureau, et selectionnez propriété.

[tutoriel] Optimiser GTA IV sur PC [tutoriel] - Ressources - Britania

Dans l'espace Cible, ajoutez le code -norestrictions au lien. Mapgen2. Télécharger Attack on titan tribute game en ligne. Note : Notez ce logiciel : 4 Adapté par un fan du manga "l'Attaque des titans", ce jeu vous permet d'incarner Eren en lutte contre les Titans qui envahissent la ville.

Télécharger Attack on titan tribute game en ligne

A l'aide de vos filins vous devrez immobiliser les catafalques dénudés, avant de les trancher façon jambon de pays. La vidéo vous donnera un meilleur aperçu de l'étrangeté du sa réussite. Téléchargé 1490 fois Type Jeux Langue Licence Jeu en Ligne Plateforme Saas Site web du logiciel. 巨人の猎手Attack On Titan Tribute Game by Feng. 20 of the Best Besiege Creations. Correlation Diagram Generator. What would you look like as a superhero? Tableau de bord. Sans Titre.

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Sims. Divers Gratuits. Infinite Dungeon RPG - Online Game. MMORPG in Sherwood - Free Massive Multiplayer Web Game. Space. Skyrim. Play Survival Idle, a free online game on Kongregate. (Announcement) Hey y’all, If you’re still receiving these messages and haven’t blocked them yet I just wanted to give the heads up that this game will be completely relaunched in early January.

Play Survival Idle, a free online game on Kongregate

As in, it’s going to be taken down and re-uploaded, which means I won’t be able to send out a mass message that it’s been re-launched so you’ll just have to keep checking back. The game is going to have an entire new game mode prepared for the re-launch and we have several that we plan on developing overtime after the re-launch.

The whole purpose behind the re-launch is that although I wanted to create an Idle game with an achievable ending, I also want Survival Idle to be the kind of Idle game you guys can keep coming back to, and at the moment it really isn’t that kind of Idle Game. With a new game mode to keep y’all busy as well as a new one coming out shortly after, along with the plan for implementing in-game achievements- I think we’ll definitely accomplish what we want. :) Jeu Dungeon Developer ! ISS map vehicles spawns. Home > Les meilleurs cours et tutoriels 2D/3D/Jeux.

Nombre d´auteurs : 127, nombre d´articles : 3, dernière mise à jour : 8 février 2014 Pour débuter Cet article vous guidera dans vos débuts en programmation de jeux vidéo et vous aidera à choisir les bons outils, langages, APIs et bibliothèques Création : 8 octobre 2012 Intelligence Artificielle Tous les tutoriels concernant l'Intelligence Artificielle sur Création : 11 février 2013 Ce tutoriel explique le fonctionnement de l'algorithme A* pour rechercher un chemin dans un graphe.

Les meilleurs cours et tutoriels 2D/3D/Jeux

Il sera illustré par un exemple en C++. Copyright © 2014 2009 Developpez LLC. PlayfulJS. Twenty Sided - A Website for your Internet. I love how Kelly Mumbles and I lament that the Homestarrunner site is dead, and then two days after the recording we get the first new entry in three years.

Twenty Sided - A Website for your Internet

High five, Mumbles. Next week we’re just going to play the Strong Bad game and do nothing but bitch about how long it’s been since the last Strong Bad email. Maybe we can jump-start the site again. Ruminations on Homestar Runner follows: It’s actually hard to introduce people to Homestar Runner these days. Hackery, Math & Design —