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Start Bootstrap - Free Bootstrap Themes and Templates. BIN List. Mention. Change your smartphone into a powerful QR Code, Barcode, and Data Matrix scanning utility.


Import, create, use, and share data in a matter of taps. This intuitive, full-featured and multi-language QR utility will change the way you interact with QR Codes and their smart actions and activities. Get the app PCWorld and Android Magazine awarded 5 out of 5 Stars. QR Droid Private allows you to digitally share just about anything. Terminal. Track changes in product price. Get notifications by email. Bootstrap themes and templates. Simple Team Time Planning Software – Harvest Forecast. Roadster. KISSmetrics Reader.

Virtuix Omni. - Email that fades away. LittleBits. Monitor Anything with Manything. Deciding to Raise & Raise Amounts — startup{ery. Breach - A browser for the HTML5 era. Travel Blogging rediscovered. Your life at a glance. I wish every site had this free tool ... Last week I saw this awesome infographic on how Airbnb started: I really wanted to share it with all of my friends on Facebook, but here’s what I had to do: Right click and save the imageOpen up a tab with FacebookClick to upload the photoWait for my slow non-Google Fiber internet to upload the photoClick Share It took me more than a minute just to share a simple image :-( If you have a site, this tedious process make it way hard for your readers/visitors to share the awesome images and infographics that you post on your site.

I wish every site had this free tool ...

And to top it off, it doesn't link back to your site as the source of the image. As part of, we are launching Image Sharer, a free app to make it dead simple for your readers to auto-magically share the images on your site and link back to you :-) It literally takes less than 3 seconds to share any photo or infographic if a site has Image Sharer installed: Hover over any image and choose where you want to share itType up your share message and click share! Tasty PSD & other resources made with care for each pixel. Free for both personal & commercial use. Have a bite! Anchor - Free Invoicing & Payments. EmailBee. Robin App. The easy online portfolio website. MacDown: The open source Markdown editor for OS X.

Next: The Social Music Discovery App. Domain Name Generator For Perfectionists. Tower 2 is Here. For the past two years we've been hard at work developing and designing a completely new version of Tower.

Tower 2 is Here

Today we're excited to announce Tower 2! Completely redesigned and reengineered, Tower 2 comes with a brand new design, over 50 additional features, and an outstanding performance.We’ve listened to your feedback and made the best Git client even better, including powerful new features such as: support for multiple windowsa visual conflict wizardgit-flow supportautomatic background fetchinga service account managerdirect display of unsynced commits and so much more. Here’s what some of our beta testers say about Tower 2: "Tower 2 is the perfect Git client, I honestly wouldn't want to use anything else.

" "While I could use Git from the Command Line, I prefer to keep my mind on design and off nerdy computer stuff. "Tower 2 makes my favorite Git application twice as powerful. " Now it’s time to see for yourself. Togethera. Sunrise Calendar - Platform. Organize the things you love. Beautiful Resume Templates. Travel Blogging rediscovered. Connect. Automate. Invent. StartupSocial. Web Notification Center - Chime. HackMatch. 20 Day Stranger. Pressy - The almighty Android button. Timebird - Easy Scheduling. All-in-one advertising on Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn. Web Analytics, Event Tracking, Customer Behavior and Personalization. SCiO: Your Sixth Sense. A Pocket Molecular Sensor For All ! by Consumer Physics, Inc.

Pintask. Scutify - The #1 Financial Social Network. Startup Pack. App Links - Link to what you want, wherever you are. Ku - Creative Social Network. Squire for Mac - Not your average media center. Presentation Software Simplified. Nod. Exchange Skills with Talented People. eCommerce API for Developers. Sisu - Your Exercise Data As Art. Running and Cycling GPS Tracker, Performance Analytics, Maps, Clubs and Competition. Where Private Investors Access Proven Startups. Smart, elegant, security and home automation.

Video Annotation, Review, and Approval. Business Software and Services Reviews. Union - Combine your photos in unique and creative ways. Veern. Adbeat. Streem - Unlimited Cloud Storage. Jukedeck - Create free, unique soundtracks for your videos and games. - Share your thing- like it ain't no thang.

Short-term File Sharing — Torpedo. Find the right software and services for your business. Tiinkk. SweetProcess · Document Your Standard Operating Procedures With Ease. Make a Book – Choose your book-making tool. Download askem for iPhone on the iOS App Store. UsabilityTools - Click Tracking, Visitor Recording & User Research.

Longaccess. Fraym Open Source CMS - Creates a new experience for creating & editing websites. Pesticide - Kill Your Css Layout Bugs. Prezi - Presentation Software. The ultimate web presentation tool. Drop in great online & offline content Add your comments & insights Educate your customers step by step.

The ultimate web presentation tool

Screen sharing for collaboration in teams. Breeze - Small choices add up. Home and Office Painting Services. Uber (company) Uber is a venture-funded startup company based in San Francisco, California that makes a mobile application that connects passengers with drivers of vehicles for hire.[1] The company arranges pickups in San Francisco Bay, Bangalore, New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lyon, Paris, Berlin, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Diego, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, London, Melbourne, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, Munich, Phoenix, Stockholm, Sydney, Baltimore, Detroit, Milan, Sacramento, Rome, Taipei, Singapore and Zurich.[2] Initially, Uber drivers had cars such as Lincoln Town Cars, Cadillac Escalades, BMW 7 Series, and Mercedes-Benz S550 sedans.[3] After 2012, Uber added a wider selection of cars to market to a broader cross-section of the market, called UberX.[4] Cars are reserved by sending a text message or by using a mobile app.

Uber (company)

Using the apps, customers can track their reserved car's location.[3] History[edit] Cross Browser Testing Tool. 300+ Browsers, Mobile, Real IE. Testomato – Automated website testing made easy. Free software downloads and reviews - Softonic. Free Cloud Storage for Everyone. Sitedrop. Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly. Vigo. NextSociety - network smarter! Startup Pack. Dash - Smarter Driving, Every Day. GameThrive - Free Mobile Push Notifications for Game Developers. YouTube Statistics Dashboard by Tubeltyics. Klutch » Meetup Messenger for Mobile Group Scheduling. Enquire — Ask anything in your neighborhood.