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Home. PhET: Free online physics, chemistry, biology, earth science and math simulations. Math. 123D Circuits. Schools sought to develop cutting-edge STEM resources. Schools in London are being sought to help pilot cutting-edge teaching materials aimed at ensuring design and technology and STEM education is “relevant and up-to-date”.

Schools sought to develop cutting-edge STEM resources

They will come in the form of real-world tasks and challenges with accompanying physical resources and will be produced during the next 12 months. The Design and Technology Association and resource design experts Mindsets have been awarded funding from the Mayor of London’s London Schools Excellence Fund to carry out the work. It is hoped more than 100 London schools will be able to play a role in developing and trialling the resources, which will be aimed at key stage 3 pupils. CPD for teachers will also be involved. Schools engaging with the project will be supported up until July 2015 and will become members of a community set up to share ideas and good practice. The project will also offer support to modify schemes of work in readiness for the new national curriculum in September.

“This needs to be addressed urgently. Center For Game Science Latest Serious Game. Focusing on solving hard problems facing humanity today through Serious Games Via: Center for Game Science The Center for Game Science (CGS) focuses on solving hard problems facing humanity today in a game based environment (Please find also Solving Real-World Problems w/Games) Makers of free online Serious Games for Learning and Expert Performance that include fraction Games such as Refraction and Creature Capture, the Center for Game Science also offers its STEM Serious Games for scientific discovery and discovery of optimal learning pathways; for cognitive skill training and creativity; and for exploration of collective over individual intelligence.

Center For Game Science Latest Serious Game

The Virtual Lab Educational Software. The Virtual Lab Educational Software The Virtual Lab is a free, downloadable, CD-ROM-based program providing virtual access to a variety of sophisticated scientific instruments.

The Virtual Lab Educational Software

This project was funded through the NASA Learning Technologies Project and is targeted for high school and entry-level college students. The project's concept was initiated from educators' desire to have access to sophisticated scientific instruments available at NASA. By providing a fun, hands-on experience that brings relevance to class material, we hope to inspire the next generation of explorers.

Instruments include a scanning electron microscope, or SEM, light microscope, atomic force microscope and an energy dispersive spectrometer for the SEM. Virtual Lab's instruments let explorers operate a virtual device to examine real specimens. Home. Cube. TheBlu - an ocean full of fun. Last year I got the opportunity to meet the team working on an online experience called theBlu.

theBlu - an ocean full of fun

According to Wemo Media, the Venice Beach based makers of theBlu, "Inspired by the Oceans, theBlu is a socially-connected, global interactive screen saver. Each time you participate, your interactions and connections impact the flow of life in theBlu and every one's experience of it. " Take a quick dive in the digital ocean with the video below.

Now theBlu is in public beta and 'WOW', what a cool experience. It is fun to explore, educational (clicking on a fish pulls up information about the species), and the graphics are beautiful. The content of theBlu is created by its Makers. TheBlu is Wemo Media's first social media title published on their Maker Media Platform.

Living being

World. 3D 360 interactive education images. Web Equation. Physics Games - online physics-based games. Constructor. Created by soda, last modified on 24 Aug 2007.


Sodaconstructor is a construction kit for interactive creations using masses and springs. By altering physical properties like gravity, friction, and speed, curiously anthropomorphic models can be made to walk, climb, wriggle, jiggle, or collapse into a writhing heap. Launch Constructor Permanent url for this item: Use the html snipplet below to add a thumb nail image to most sites: <a href=" title="open this item on"><img src=" width="120" height="80" alt="Constructor" /></a> Use the BBCode snipplet below to add a thumb nail image to most forums: [url= Sound Bomb. Beatmixing is a disk jockey technique of mixing two tracks so that the beats of one occur at the same time as the other.

Sound Bomb

Beatmixing was invented in the late 1960s by Francis Grasso, who tried to keep people from leaving the dance floor between the songs. Initially he was looking for records with the same tempo, counting the tempo with a metronome. When the tempos didn't match, he was adjusting the pitch control on the turntable to bring the beats in sync. Rosie, a mixer built for him by Alex Rosner, let him listen to any channel in the headphones independently of what was playing on the speakers, allowing him to beatmatch the records by ear; this became the defining feature of DJ mixers. These days beatmatching and beatmixing are considered basic techniques among DJs in electronic dance music genres, and it's standard practice in clubs to keep the constant beat through the night, even if DJs change in the middle.