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No Should, No Must – Daoist Blog of Nameless Stream. « Elle, c’est mon frère » 1 En Chine centrale, dans le sud de la province du Shaanxi 陕西, la ville de Hanzhong se situe dans la (...) 1À plusieurs kilomètres à la ronde, on aperçoit le temple taoïste Wengong (Wengong ci daoguan 文公祠道观).

« Elle, c’est mon frère »

Vu de loin, son nouveau « pavillon de l’Empereur de Jade », s’élevant sur trois étages, ressemble à une pagode. Parmi les maisons basses de la vieille ville de Hanzhong 汉中, le monastère surplombe le quartier de Dongguan1. Le faste du bâtiment le place au rang des monuments de la ville ; sa hauteur en fait l’édifice le plus important des alentours.

France-Tao. Blog – Page 4 – Daoist Meditation. Chinese Etymology 字源. The University of British Columbia. Secret of the Mysterious Pass: Have I read "Balance and Harmony" translated by Thomas Cleary (and a LONG question/answer from a long time reader) - thanks!! 中国道教 - 主页. 漢籍電子文獻資料庫. Kanripo 漢籍リポジトリ : Introduction to the Translated Texts of the DaoZang. Secret of the Mysterious Pass: Have I read "Balance and Harmony" translated by Thomas Cleary (and a LONG question/answer from a long time reader) - thanks!! Diary of a Daoist Hermit. San qing. Statue de Daode tianzun, temple Changchun, Wuhan Les Trois Puretés ou les Trois Clartés (chinois : 三清 ; pinyin : sān qīng ; Wade : San Ch'ing ; EFEO : San Ts'ing) ou en japonais Sansei (三清?)

San qing

The Three Pure Ones – Three Stars. The Three Pure Ones or Sanqing (三清) are the Trinity of Daoism.

The Three Pure Ones – Three Stars

They are the pure manifestation of the Dao and the origin of all conscious beings. Their Chinese name has also been translated as the Three Pure Pellucid Ones, the Three Pristine Ones, the Three Divine Teachers, the Three Clarities, or the Three Purities. Each of the Three Pure Ones represent one of the three essential fields of the body: jing (essence, the source of life), qi (energy or the force that allows us to move our bodies) and shen (spirit, the vitality behind jing and qi). The Three Pure Ones are also manifestations of Primordial Celestial Energy. The Jade Turtle Records 碧龜記. Translate the DZ – Daoism in the 21st Century.

Longmen Taijiquan

Gu Shen Yu's Daoist Blog – Articulating the view & method of Laozi's wuweidao. The Daoist idea of body is quite different than the common Western notion of a material bag-of-bones inhabited by a singular soul.

Gu Shen Yu's Daoist Blog – Articulating the view & method of Laozi's wuweidao

The character for personal body (shen, 身) indeed shows a pregnant woman and is a homophone for the word spirit, suggesting the notion of the body as an abode for spirit. Daoists however see “bodies” as circuits of energy proceeding through time. In addition to our personal body, Daoists also recognize other bodies within which we live and cultivate – namely, the familial body, the communal body, and the universal body. As Laozi indicates in Dao De Jing Chapter 54, meditation & qi-cultivation is not just a personal practice. Philip Clart.

Welcome to Xiaoyao Xingzhe. Nan Huaijin (Nan Huai-Chin), who passed away not long ago, was a recognised vajra master in Buddhism, but was unusual in that he was also thoroughly schooled in Confucianism and Daoism.

Xiaoyao Xingzhe

Comparative Religion of Shamanism / Shamanhood / Shamanship. The Great Way: Journey to the West. The Journey to the West This website is about the inner meaning of the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The Great Way: Journey to the West

Journey to the West is mythical story about the journey of a monk, who goes to Buddha`s Western Heaven in India to receive the scriptures from the Buddha on Vulture Peak. The Blog of Annie Pecheva. - Si-do-in-dzou, gestes de l'officiant dans les cérémonies mystiques des sectes Tendaï et Singon / d'après le commentaire de M. Horiou Toki, ... ; traduit du japonais, sous sa direction, par S. Kawamoura, avec introduction et annotations par L. Taoist Acupuncture Blog. Sūn Sīmiǎo (孫思邈) is one of the best known of ancient Chinese doctors.

Taoist Acupuncture Blog

According historians Sūn Sīmiǎo lived between 581-682. Legends however tell that he lived more than 140 years and his body did not decay after his death. When he was buried his body was light as plain clothes. Taoist Models of Hun and Po, Part One. By David Twicken, DOM, LAc Hun-Po is a traditional Taoist and Chinese cultural model for understanding medical and spiritual conditions.

Taoist Models of Hun and Po, Part One

At the most basic, level it represents the multifaceted nature of yin-yang, including its dynamic interaction of opposition and inseparable unity. Taoist Models of Hun and Po, Part Two. By David Twicken, DOM, LAc Editor's note: Part one of this article appeared in the August 2004 issue. 3-Hun and 7-Po Models Model One There are 3-Hun souls and 7-Po souls.

Taoist Models of Hun and Po, Part Two

The Hun souls are subtle and more spiritual in comparison to the denser, physical Po souls. Model Two In this model, we view the classic Luo Shu diagram. Hua Shan – Daoist Sacred Mountain - Daoist Discussion - The Dao Bums. Gerard, on 20 Mar 2016 - 07:25 AM, said: Thanks.

Hua Shan – Daoist Sacred Mountain - Daoist Discussion - The Dao Bums

Here is the file: My Passion for Sojourns in Mountain Monasteries (John Blofeld, My Journey in Mystic China, 1990, pp. 30-34) Enjoy! Thanks Gerald. I particularly like these paragraphs…… One old Taoist hermit [in the Lo Fu Mountains] told me that the most important point of all is to always maintain a completely carefree state of mind. Recently I came across an old poem by Wang Yang-ming, in which he writes, Taoism Initiation Page - Teachings for Home Study and Practice.

Monumenta Serica - Monumenta Serica. Dr Michael Stanley-Baker. His PhD thesis focuses on medico-religious practices in the Zhengao 真誥 [Declarations of Perfection], a late 4th century collection of revealed scripture, and highlights the absence of clear distinctions between orthodox medicine, religious Daoism, cults of transcendence and other traditions in the Six Dynasties period (222-589).

It examines the kinds of knowledge about the body in circulation during this time, who wielded that knowledge, and the kinds of power it afforded: the power to heal; to attain transcendence; to perform rituals; to contest imperial authority. Blog - Qianfeng Daoism (UK) Dao De: 2017. Séminaire d'Alchimie Interne Taoïste (Neidan) à Paris. Su Nu Ching. Editor's note: This remarkable scripture stands central in the literary and spiritual history of one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations, and demonstrates the antiquity and stature of the central theme of this website.

It is written in the form of a dialogue between an emperor and the goddess Su Nu, which means "Immaculate" or "Uncontaminated Woman. " Her name is linked with the God of grain (fertility) and was even represented as a river goddess. These symbols clearly demonstrate her relationship with comparable figures in Greek, Egyptian, and other pantheons.

The Yellow Emperor addressed a question to Su Nu saying, "My ch'i [energy] is weak and out of harmony. There is no joy in my heart and I live in constant fear. ©¾¡¸óÍøÕ¾¡ª¡ªÐÞÕæÖ¤µÀ£¬Ç¿ÎÒÖлª. 文言汉语网 - 文言实词. Chinese Text Project. 白雲深處人家 中華傳統道學文化資料館. 緜緜葛藟, 在河之滸…… - 道站The way–blog 網誌! 道教文化研究中心 Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture. FYSK: Daoist Culture Centre - Database. 道教文化研究中心 Centre for Studies of Daoist Culture. 《道教研究學報:宗教、歷史與社會》為香港中文大學道教文化研究中心與法國遠東學院合辦的專業學術期刊,主要刊發學術論文、書評、專題研究近況等。 因應資訊數位化之需求,為使本學報論文能被更廣泛地閱讀與引用,本刊審查通過之文章的作者已經授權本學報以非專屬授權之方式委託第三者發行電子期刊,並得對著作為重製、公開傳輸、授權用戶下載、列印等行為。 《道教研究學報:宗教、歷史與社會》版權屬於香港中文大學道教文化研究中心。 本電子全文僅授權使用者為學術研究之目的,進行個人非營利性質之檢索、閱讀、列印。 請遵守香港特別行政區著作權法之相關規定,切勿任意重製、散佈、改作、轉貼、播送,以免觸法。 Moxibustion in Early Chinese Medicine and Its Relation to the Origin of Meridians: A Study on the Unearthed Literatures. Qianfeng Daoism (UK) - Home. Beizong and Nanzong: The Northern and Southern Lineages of Neidan.

The Golden Elixir ▶Taoist Alchemy ▶Articles ▶ Beizong and Nanzong The Northern and Southern Lineages of Neidan Fabrizio Pregadio Beizong and Nanzong are the two main lineages that emerged in the history of Neidan (Internal Alchemy) between the 11th and the 13th centuries. Chroniques taoïstes. Quanzhen Daoists in Chinese Society and Culture. Thomas Jansen12 Nov 2014 Written by Volker Olles. XUN LIU and VINCENT GOOSSAERT, eds., Quanzhen Daoists in Chinese Society and Culture, 1500–2010. China Research Monograph 70.

道教动态 / News_弘道. 台灣崑崙山瑤池宮母娘靈修啟靈崑崙泓師通靈請教 Yozu Palace Spiritual Meditation Retreat at Kunlun Taiwan. Qi Gong Médico, Una Opción Terapéutica para la Salud y Longevidad. Centres d'information. Icones et panthéon. Histoire iconographique. Rituels. Ressources littéraires. Ressources littéraires. Structures amies du dao. Principe du Tao: la vérite ne se dit pas, elle se vit. Le Taoïsme. Michael Saso PHD Asian Art and Religion. Accueil - TAO-YIN. Tao Yin - Les Arts Classiques du Tao - Le Tao de la Porte du Dragon 天人合一 - A site about taoism in China. Accueil. 按 气功-胡耀贞 搜索结果列表. 1 Pages 胡耀贞的医疗保健气功 顶 0 | 上传人: 葩葩 2014-05-11 17:05| 热度:| 格式:pdf 胡耀贞的六合心意内功 胡耀贞的六合心意内功--我在旧书中找到的形意拳的心法 六合心意内功主要是丹田功与四把。

一般在练"静动气功"恢复健康后,或健康的人练好 站桩中的三体式之后,再锻炼丹田功与四把。 顶 13 | 上传人: yzwm 2011-11-06 18:26| 热度:| 格式:doc 2 Pages 胡耀贞的六合心意内功_7. Hu Yao Zhen 胡耀貞. Huandhunyuan. Three Pines Press - Rediscovering the Roots of Chinese Thought. Publications. I have published a variety of articles on Quanzhen Daoism, the history of Daoist Studies, and Daoism in America. These articles have appeared in such journals as the Journal of Chinese Religions, Journal of Daoist Studies, Monumenta Serica, Nova Religio and Religious Studies Review. I currently have articles under review at a variety of peer-reviewed academic journals. I have also contributed book chapters to a number of publications, including, most recently, Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion (Oxford, 2014), The Blackwell Companion to Chinese Religions (Blackwell, 2012), Perceiving the Divine through the Human Body (Palgrave MacMillan, 2011), Call to Compassion (Lantern Books, 2011), and Meditation and the Classroom (State University of New York Press, 2011).

View my Curriculum Vitae. In addition to articles and book chapters, I have published six books. Daoist Studies 道教研究. Bewildering Broodings and Babblings on Ancient China. Tao. JDS Cont. ARC - ARC Projects - Mao Shan Declaration. 茅 山 宣 言 The Mao Shan Declaration ——第三次中国道教宫观生态保护论坛. Taoist Talismans Texts,Scrolls,Books,Maoshan,Fu Talismans,Qigong,Neigong Texts And More ! La Porte du Dragon, by Monica Esposito. The Secret of the Golden Flower. Tao Wow. DaMo Qigong and Taoist Internal Alchemy. Tao Te Ching (Daode jing) English versions - Terebess Asia Online. Terebess Asia Online (TAO) Index Home The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. Welcome to Spiritual but not pretentious. French Taoist Nun - 泊客中国014.美女道姑洋太极 Karine Martin.