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動く人形の作り方(仮) -手作りキボウちゃんプロジェクト- LEO the Maker Prince. OpenBot. LEET Is a Modular Synth You Can Build for $6. Swedish engineer Johan Von Konow has developed an open source synth that can be built for as little as $6.

LEET Is a Modular Synth You Can Build for $6

The project, dubbed LEET, started out as an idea to develop a synth using a 3DPCB – where wires are arranged in 3D-printed channels – but he quickly realized that it would be better to create a modular system instead. His device, or rather family of devices, consists of a keyboard, drum pad, chord keyboard, arpeggiator, and step sequencer.

Each key (button) has a corresponding RGB LED to enable playback visualization, and modules use the MIDI protocol for communication. This allows them to be used as inputs or outputs, interfacing with digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton or GarageBand. LEET is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux (including Raspberry Pi), and can even be connected to Android and iOS phones for a fully portable setup. Control of each unit is via an Arduino Pro Micro board, which accounts for the bulk of the keyboard’s low BOM cost. Jeux de société : les meilleurs titres à imprimer gratuitement à la maison. ESP32 TTGO T-Camera with PIR Sensor and OLED Display Board - Review and Pinout - Maker Advisor.

In this article we’re going to take a look at another ESP32 Camera Development board: the ESP32 TTGO T-Camera with PIR sensor and OLED display.

ESP32 TTGO T-Camera with PIR Sensor and OLED Display Board - Review and Pinout - Maker Advisor

This board features an OV2640 camera, a 0.96 inch SSD1306 OLED display, a 5 pin JST connector with exposed I2C pins, battery connector, a PIR motion sensor, on‑board RESET button and a function button connected to GPIO 34. Finally, it also has a micro-USB interface that makes it easy and quick to upload code to the board. The board doesn’t support microSD card.

Where to Buy? PlotClock と ESP32_Faces を1つの M5Atom でコントロール – しかるのち. A Game of Myth and Might. Print and Play Games News. Hello everyone!

Print and Play Games News

Welcome to another edition of the PNP News! I've still got several games from the summer to get caught up on, but in the meantime I wanted to cover some of the new games from September. There were a lot of very cool games released including two new PNP series, which I've highlighted in their own sections below. There's also some fun news - this week I was chosen to be the 1 Player Guild's Sock Puppet of the Week. For those who aren't familiar, it's just a fun way for the 1 Player Guild to spotlight its members and do an AMA style thread.

Sock Puppet of the Week (#109) In contest news, this is the final week for the 2019 Solitaire Print and Play Contest and the voting page will be going up soon. Speaking of contests... let's check in with what's active on BGG right now! ¡Mi propio autómata! - Cheap All Sky camera project with Raspberry Pi. The Upcoming Onion Tau Depth Camera Offers an Affordable Entry Point to LIDAR-Like 3D Mapping.

Boston-based Onion, known for its Omega family of single-board computers and the Omega2 Dash touchscreen dev board, is returning to crowdfunding with a brand-new design: a LIDAR depth camera system dubbed the Onion Tau.

The Upcoming Onion Tau Depth Camera Offers an Affordable Entry Point to LIDAR-Like 3D Mapping

"The Onion Tau Camera is a 3D depth camera," the company explains of its latest product. "Think of it like a regular webcam, except that it produces 3D depth data instead of color frames. Atelier des inventions géniales, Poésie mécanique de Nicolas Savoye. VDP's - Virtual Deco Pierces for the Tamagotchi P's. Or VDP's in short, are downloadable destinations for the Tamagotchi P's that when installed will add additional content to a Tamagotchi P's just like real Deco Pierces.

VDP's - Virtual Deco Pierces for the Tamagotchi P's

The main goal of VDPs is to bring new and old forgotten characters to the Tamagotchi P's together with new menu icon backgrounds. Since the release of the first VDP a lot has been improved behind the scenes and new a type of VDP has been born: The Virtual Deco Pierce Plus or VDP+ in short.Click here for more info about them. LEd – 2D level editor. Les secrets des Pass de transports en commun (par Pirates Magazine) Longboards – Longboards made in Freiburg. ESP32-S2. Bienvenue à l'Espace nature de Sabatoux.

OpenDog V2 Part 6 - IT WALKS ! & Kinematic Model. Chvmp/champ: □ Quadruped Robot based on MIT Cheetah I. Cette robe nécessite moins d'un mètre de tissu, ça n'est pas banal. Shts! Korg nanoStand by codesnippy. Blog.jupyter. JupyterLab-ROS automatically starts a rosmaster and rosbridge_server making all the painful setup of WebSockets connections completely transparent to users.


A status bar widget allows you to start and stop the rosmaster server with a simple click and displays its state in real-time. Internally this widget runs a launch file which can be changed from the JupyterLab settings UI to launch additional nodes. Another important component of the ROS stack is RViz, a desktop-based 3-D visualization tool. It’s web-based counterpart in JupyterLab is Zethus, started by Rapyuta Robotics. This plugin supports most of the display types supported by RViz. A robotics station would be incomplete without a tool for debugging. A key component to the Jupyter stack is the Notebook, an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text.

At the same time, many projects are becoming more and more interdisciplinary. MarsCat: A Bionic Cat, a Home Robot by Elephant Robotics. Free SVG files for plotters and 2D CNC machines. ユカイ工学オンラインストア – ユカイ工学 オンラインストア. Twitter. Makerzine#1. Symbyte by JarlSagan. First-person, survival horror game focused on nurturing a symbiotic relationship with your hand-held virtual pet console, the Symbyte!

Symbyte by JarlSagan

Try not to go insane while exploring a dilapidated suburb that is crawling with extra-dimensional horrors unleashed after a mysterious apocalyptic disaster in 1999. The only thing that is keeping you from going mad is your virtual pet, but the Symbyte needs you just as much as you need the Symbyte! Raise your Symbyte through four unique growth stages by feeding, training, cleaning, and playing with the Symbyte constantly! Without the companionship of your Symbyte, your sanity has no chance against the horrors from beyond or the darkness of night. Not only does caring for your Symbyte replenish your sanity, but your Symbyte will learn skills as it evolves that can help you traverse new areas and solve puzzles.

Twitter. Interface-Z. Berrocal - "micro-david" - Sculpture Puzzle En Bronze Doré Signé Berrocal - Objets à vendre, antiquités, bonnes affaires, occasions de qualité, brocante, opportunités, originaux, Suisse romande, Genève, allocasion. M.twitch. Full-Body Awareness from Partial Observations. Full-Body Awareness from Partial Observations There has been great progress in human 3D mesh recovery and great interest in learning about the world from consumer video data.

Full-Body Awareness from Partial Observations

Unfortunately current methods for 3D human mesh recovery work rather poorly on consumer video data, since on the Internet, unusual camera viewpoints and aggressive truncations are the norm rather than a rarity. @inProceedings{Rockwell2020, author = {Chris Rockwell and David F. Le Collège de France met en ligne plus de 10 000 cours gratuits (et prestigieux) Suivre les cours du prestigieux Collège de France, depuis votre canapé, et gratis, vous en rêviez ?

Le Collège de France met en ligne plus de 10 000 cours gratuits (et prestigieux)

Twitter. Joël Matteotti. Mind Control 3: EEG Monitor : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. An unmodified circuit board is shown in photo 1 When used as a heart monitor the ECG leads are connected as follows: Right arm is connected to RA Left arm is connected to LA Right leg is connected to RL A modified circuit board is shown in photo 2 After the modifications the leads become: Right eyebrow is connected to RA Left eyebrow is connected to LA Forehead is connected to RL The headband details are described in my instructable.

Mind Control 3: EEG Monitor : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Le New York Times consacre toute une série d'articles sur le jeu de société - Page 7 sur 7 - Gus & Co. Adventure Games - Le Donjon. Adventure Game, c’est une nouvelle série de jeux qui associe l’esprit des livres jeux d’aventures et des jeux vidéo « point and click ». Dans la série Adventure Game, l’équipe des joueurs se déplace de lieu en lieu en lisant les paragraphes du livret et en formant progressivement un plan au moyen des cartes du jeu. TINY REEF – LES REGLES EN FRANCAIS. ‎「らくがきAR」をApp Storeで. MediaPipe Iris: Real-time Iris Tracking & Depth Estimation. Posted by Andrey Vakunov and Dmitry Lagun, Research Engineers, Google Research A wide range of real-world applications, including computational photography (e.g., portrait mode and glint reflections) and augmented reality effects (e.g., virtual avatars) rely on estimating eye position by tracking the iris.

Once accurate iris tracking is available, we show that it is possible to determine the metric distance from the camera to the user — without the use of a dedicated depth sensor. This, in-turn, can improve a variety of use cases, ranging from computational photography, over virtual try-on of properly sized glasses and hats to usability enhancements that adopt the font size depending on the viewer’s distance. Iris tracking is a challenging task to solve on mobile devices, due to limited computing resources, variable light conditions and the presence of occlusions, such as hair or people squinting.

Folded Flying Bat — All for the Boys. We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Please see policies for more information. Airplanes aren’t the only things that can fly. With just a sheet of black construction paper and a little bit of imagination, you can create your own bats that really fly! Make these for Halloween or anytime because bats are cool all year. Start with a rectangular piece of paper. 8.5″x11″ or this one is 9″x12″. Now fold each side in towards the center fold. Le plein d'idées de sortie en famille autour de Lyon - Picou Bulle - Blog de maman décomplexé et bienveillant, Lyon. 5.65inch Colorful E-Paper E-Ink Display Module, 600×448 Pixels, ACeP 7-Color.

5.65" 7-Color e-Paper Module low power consumption, wide viewing angle, paper-like displaying without electricity Ideal for price tags, shelf labels, industrial instruments... Konjaku, le vrai Japon du kawaï au samouraï. Les as du kendama, le bilboquet freestyle. Hackster. With more and more people staying at home, separated friends, family, and business associates, telepresence meetings have become the new normal. Unfortunately — unlike actually being there — you’re mostly at the mercy of the remote cameraperson on the other end, who may not be paying close attention to the situation. To solve this problem, Ross Atkin and team are now crowdfunding an inexpensive DIY telepresence robot called Smartipresence. Smartipresence is built on the successful Smartibot cardboard robot kit, reusing the circuit board, motors and battery.

For its new telepresence application, it adds in a holder for the phone, and another motor to enable it to tilt up and down. The result is a device that far away users can drive like a much more expensive telepresence robot. Pledges start at around $6 for 10 hours of access to the telepresence system, allowing you to create your own device based on the Smartibot. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Twitter. Kobako-bako(コバコバコ) けん玉|おもちゃシリーズ|笹徳ペーパークラフト|笹徳印刷株式会社. M5StickCとM5 Atom Matrixで新型コロナウイルス接触確認アプリが周囲に何個あるか数えてみる.

M5StickCで新型コロナウイルス接触確認アプリが周囲に何個あるか数えてみるデバイスを作ってみます 例によってM5Stack,AtomMatorix,ESP32 dev kitなどESP32搭載デバイスなら表示部分を変更すればなんでも作れます デバイスの紹介. Paper Toys : Marko Zubak. Collection : Catalogue - Éditions du commun. Monofils Cellulaires. La Case Lab de Cécile Ravaux - Maker Faire France. By Maker Faire France, Juil 22, 2020. Rambot du Cactus, le partage du savoir avant tout - Maker Faire France. Trident Open Source Cycles – Le tricycle collaboratif pour aller plus loin. Kitelab. Apple HomeKit WS2812B LED Controller : 3 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Jeija/bluefluff: Reverse Engineering Furby Connect's Bluetooth Protocol and Update Format.

Hanuman. Starter Yoyos for each Play Style (1A-5A) - Arduino-Tamagotchi Project (I Am the Tamagotchi) : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Build A Sophisticated Microscope Using Lego, 3D Printing, Arduinos, and a Raspberry Pi. PIX-E Gif Camera. Raspberry Pi : notre top 10 des meilleurs projets pour débuter. Play Excess. Une mini-forêt - Technique Miyawaki - Avenir Permaculture. Outils sculpture sur bois, taille et ornement bois - Boesner. Machines à copier pour le travail du bois, Sculpture - Marqueterie, Outillage et Accessoires Bois - M5Stack: Introducing the new M5Stack ATOM Echo using MicroPython - LeMaRiva. Twitter. Leo: the Pet Cat : 7 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. レゴで人形劇団を作りました。移動式で広場などで公演している様子をイメージしました。 モーターで動くようにし、人形を操っている様子などを再現してみました! 動き楽しんでもらえたらうれしいです! #レゴ #LEGO #人形劇 #marionette… LILYGO® TTGO T-Watch-2020 from Lilygo on Tindie. □ Pour finir cette semaine, on vous présente notre jeu de société à imprimer ! C’est un projet qui nous tient à cœur et qui est justement basé sur l’art inuit. — □ Cet art rassemble la production graphique,…

한장 필터교체가 가능한 입체마스크 만들기 한장이면 OK. RS304Spot_QuRo/ at master · yamatai319/RS304Spot_QuRo. Yas-sim/gaze-estimation-with-laser-sparking: Deep learning based gaze estimation demo with a fun feature :-) NextThingCo Pocket C.H.I.P. Flashing Guide - 0x1231 - Medium. M5StickCの中でダルマコロコロ #MFKyoto2020 #作品発表 #M5Stack #M5StickC… Self Calibrating Sundial : 6 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. Erathostenes Apparatus : 5 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables. “S'affranchir d'Amazon... Nous c'est fait !” RS304Spot_QuRoをGitHubにアップしました. HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT. UnitvでJpeg化してUART送信、StickCで受信して表示。 StickCのライブラリにM5.lcd.drawJpgがないので、そこを追加… Resources – dailySTEM. PAPER SAIL. MOTHER 3, la traduction en français. Découvrez Pixelbox.js, une moteur de jeux vidéo pour créer des jeux basés sur les tuiles. Bringing Old Photos Back to Life.