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Ideas for 2012

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The World of Social Media 2011 - 10 Trends for Online Marketers in 2012. Because I'm on a lot of airplanes, I've noticed that marketing trends are a lot like air travel.

10 Trends for Online Marketers in 2012

Some trends are ready for takeoff while others need time for more passengers to get on board. This list features my top 10 marketing trends, with advice to help you determine if the trend is "ready for takeoff" and worthy of your time and money now, or "still boarding" and better for you to just test out. 1. Deals and RewardsReady for takeoff. This will be a year of bargain hunting because the economy is still recovering and consumers have more price-checking tools at their fingertips. So use your marketing to attract shoppers with unbeatable deals. 2. To use mobile pull marketing, combine a call-to-action with traditional advertising. Setting your 2012 social media goals. As the end of the year approaches, now is a good time to work on your social media goals for next year, if you haven’t already done so.

Setting your 2012 social media goals

As social media is online word of mouth marketing, it has become essentially important for businesses, so whether you’re experienced at social media or just getting started, having some goals in place for 2012 means you are better prepared for the coming year. Social networks are good environments to learn because that is where the people are. This is fundamentally what businesses must keep at the back of their minds: social media networks are great places to gain knowledge and then use this information to support your business in the best way possible. When thinking about what you would like to achieve in the social media space for 2012 it important that your goals align with your overall business objectives.

Create quality content: This one is an obvious one but still the one the majority of businesses struggle with. 12 Resolutions For Your Business. Despite those pessimistic kill-joys who say you shouldn’t have to wait until a new year before you set yourself up to fail miserably with another set of New Year’s resolutions, I think the start of a new year is a great chance to stop, reassess, and consider old habits and new.

12 Resolutions For Your Business.

Using Cartoons for Marketing « Cartoon created by Affinity Express for a client I have been reading the book Visual Marketing by David Langton and Anita Campbell, and came across the example of cartoons to market CaseCentral.

Using Cartoons for Marketing «

CaseCentral markets eDiscovery software to law firms and corporations, and these "Case in Point" cartoons are meant to draw attention, entertain as well as demonstrate the company's knowledge of the field. That is a smart use of visual marketing, and it reminded me of the Indian consumer goods company, Amul. Amul Butter cartoons appear on billboards and newspapers all over India. Each cartoon references some current event—an election, a new movie, a sleazy scandal—and the tagline is at once a pun on and a comment on the event that it references. If you haven't guessed already, I am in awe of the Amul campaign. Why Weird is Wonderful (and Bankable) The Psychology of Creativity Group News. The Psychology Behind Social Commerce [Infographic] Launch: The Proof Is In The Fuel. Sometimes it’s hard when you’re reading a book to visualize how exactly to put it into action.

Launch: The Proof Is In The Fuel

This is far from the case with Launch by Michael Stelzner… however here’s my review and a short case study showing how Idea Girl Media and More In Media collaborated on an event putting the book into action! Original Image Credits: & How do you quickly propel your business beyond the competition? Everyone wants to know that answer… We’ve all been running breathlessly around the earth trying every technique or “latest new thing,” in hopes that we’d race ahead in an amazing business marathon and cross the finish line first! It isn’t about the latest new thing, or running enterprising marathons. The best part? Well, you don’t get to actually fly to the moon.

Stay with me… The Elevation Principle It has been my privilege to learn from Michael Stelzner and staff at Social Media Examiner over the past few years. 7 Reasons to Rethink Your Blogging Strategy: New Research. Is your business working with bloggers?

7 Reasons to Rethink Your Blogging Strategy: New Research

Do you blog? This article examines new research that shows blogging is here to stay. Like many social media tools, blogs have seen a steady increase in numbers and influence over the last several years. Note the growth charted by Invesp. On Dec. 2, 2011, that number was 178,637,835 (according to BlogPulse). Number of Blogs Grows 14 million blogs were added since July 2011 (as of 12/2/2011). If people are adding nearly 3 million blogs per month, surely this is a tool worth understanding and maximizing. In this report, bloggers fall into one of five categories: ***Please note that Technorati’s data is heavily skewed by the presence of 60% hobbyist bloggers—people who blog as a way to express themselves or influence their community, but don’t seek to make money. . #1: Bloggers are young, educated and experienced Bloggers come from all over the world and span the age range. Nearly 60% of bloggers are between the ages of 25 and 44. Bloggers are highly educated.