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FFU (Fan Filter Unit) - Mobilak. FFU Standard type The degree of cleanliness from class 1 up to 100,000 can be set and it can be set at individual area.Because the back in the ceiling is a low-pressure area, the potential of the leakage is extremely low.Bay method or through the wall method is possible by the arrangement of layout of FFU.The volume of the air flow can be set at each area.Flexible increase or change of the clean room is possible by the arrangement of Fan Filter Unit.Features : A 3 – section or variable speed airfoil turbo fan made by aluminum alloy, which pursued the most suitable designed by computer analysis, provides high efficiency and low-noise characteristics.A carrying handle makes transportation and installation easier.A safety socket block for connecting electric power is most suitable for a small clean room system.An optional ULPA filter, which is 99.9999% efficiency at 0.12 microns, is available to meet the extremely critical clean area needs.

FFU (Fan Filter Unit) - Mobilak

HEPA Box Filter - Mobilak. Room Side Replaceable HEPA Filter module Unit-flush mounted ceiling type By coordinating with the use of ceiling system & hangers, flush mounted ceiling type Room Side Replaceable HEPA Filter module Unit can connect to air hose directly.

HEPA Box Filter - Mobilak

And it is equipped with an anodized main body, filter protection face guard. In addition, the design of the internal air plenum is to have a gasket or U channel with Gel sealant inside of it to work as the sealing material between HEPA filter and module main body. Clean hand washer, sterilizer & dryer - Mobilak. Tight Head Steel Drum - Mobilak. 160 L Open Top Plastic Drum - Mobilak. Mobilak - Innovation in Packaging - Clean Room Equipment. 20L HDPE Jerry-Can - Mobilak. About - Mobilak. Having more than 40 years of experience in rigid steel and plastic packaging, Mobilak manufactures and supplies health care and pharmaceutical packaging solutions.

About - Mobilak

Clean Pack Plastic Bottles for Solid, Powder and Liquid medicines, meet US FDA and European Pharmaceutical requirements. CBDXtreme DABit 65% CBD Crumble 1g. Budtanicals 150mg CBD Phoenix Tears Oil - 1mL. Inphynite Bioactive CBD Hemp Oil Tincture – 2500mg CBD (30ml) Sovrin Extracts Vape CBD / THC Vape Cartridge 0.8ml - Blue Dream. Diamond Concentrates Distillate Pen 1 Gram - Canna Tonic (1:1 CBD/THC)

Isodiol Bioactive CBD Body Balm - 60ml. Intellectual Property Protection. IP Protection: The ProblemIn the digital age, intellectual property rights are more vulnerable than ever as the constant changes, complexity and global reach of the digital world make them easier to abuse and harder to protect.

Intellectual Property Protection

Online Protection for Luxury Brands. Almost all luxury brands have joined the digital revolution and are now selling online.

Online Protection for Luxury Brands

It is no secret that luxury brands' sales are growing much faster online than in physical retail, and online marketing is the way to appeal to modern affluent consumers and influencers. The luxury goods industry is especially susceptible to counterfeit products and unauthorized sales that may result in lost revenue and brand damage caused by skepticism among luxury consumers and low quality fakes.

Although many luxury brand owners have taken steps for protecting their intellectual property rights, often through the court systems, the counterfeit market is booming rapidly, retailing fake goods such as handbags, fashion, watches and many more. The online counterfeit industry now utilizes various media platforms, including social messaging networks that are more difficult to track. The Use of Online Marketplaces for Grey Marketing.

U.S. Federal Intellectual Property Laws and Regulations. Parallel Import. Parallel Import: What is it?

Parallel Import

Parallel import is the import of branded goods into a market where the product is already marketed, without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Since these goods are non-counterfeits, they are often referred to as “gray market products”. Gray market sellers may be unauthorized sellers utilizing a legal loophole allowing re-sale of purchased goods, but may also be authorized sellers selling out of territory or in non-compliance with the brand’s pricing policy. Such sellers can sell the branded goods at a discount, thus introducing unfair competition. This occurs more often when brands apply different pricing strategies in different regions, as the price difference makes it worthwhile to buy in a lower priced region, and sell in a higher priced region. Parallel Import: Problem & EffectsThe above activities reduce sales for your brand, or reduce margins. As a brand owner, parallel import may affect your pricing strategy as a whole.

WeChat and Fakes. How to Protect Your Intellectual Property on Alibaba Group E-commerce Sites. Online Brand Protection Services. The dynamic space of online platforms offers amazing reach and new opportunities.

Online Brand Protection Services

However, it also imposes threats by many offenders across multiple channels. The fact that these threats are not within the control of the organization doesn’t make them less real or harmful. It also doesn’t mean that you should not be proactive about fighting them. Hammarviken Företagsutvecklings dotterbolag. Hällingsjö Hus - Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. Hammarviken Arena står nu färdig - Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. Expertise - Hammarviken Företagsutveckling. Göteborgsbaserat investmentbolag. Vi hjälper dig att utveckla ditt bolag! Vi hjälper dig att utveckla ditt bolag! Vi hjälper dig att utveckla ditt bolag! Vi hjälper dig att utveckla ditt bolag! Hur mycket har du som bröstarvinge rätt att ärva? En laglott är en del av ett arv som en bröstarvinge alltid har rätt till, denna rätt är lagstadgad genom ärvdabalken och gäller oavsett vad som står i ett testamente.

Hur mycket har du som bröstarvinge rätt att ärva?

En bröstarvinge är barn till arvlåtaren, antingen biologiskt eller genom adoption. Juridiskt Magasin av Point of Law. Point of Law Point of Law. Välkommen in så hjälper vi dig! Bodelningsavtal. Hos oss är det gratis att finna rätt jurist för just dig. Hos oss är det gratis att finna rätt jurist för just dig. Decade of Diversity Infographic. Black America Workforce infographic. Inclusive Calendar 2020. Closing The Circle: the business case behind talent retention. Let’s be honest, we all know how difficult hiring can be.

Closing The Circle: the business case behind talent retention

Going through the process of sourcing quality candidates and placement in open positions can lead to feelings of anguish and despair. That alone can drive a hiring manager mad and we haven’t even mentioned retention. Aside from sourcing, by the end of the hiring process companies are usually out a pretty penny and many times miss out on great talent that simply wasn’t handled in the right manner. In fact, it can take anywhere from 42 - 52 days and over $4,000 for companies to source the talent they need and fill their open positions. Furthermore, hiring managers can spend up to 60% of the cost of an annual salary on sourcing candidates, and use anywhere from 10-20 different tools to manage the process. Too often, companies lose quality talent after candidate rejection because there’s no way to reserve their position on a company’s radar. So, we took it to the drawing board.

Diversity Heroes: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As diversity and inclusion enthusiasts, we often look to the Diversity Heroes throughout history for guidance - those who paved the way with brave hearts and true ambition to create change in the world.

Diversity Heroes: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today specifically, we’re honoring Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most historically pivotal leaders in the Civil Rights Movement and a true catalyst for change. Dr. Lean In, They Said: Recollections Of A Working Mom. When I was still in school studying for my masters in tech management I was one of very few female students. During my time, the faculty was predominantly male, however, I found comfort in one of my professors, a female electrical engineer. This professor worked closely with the US Navy and was a total badass when it came to development, design and algorithms. A true role model who succeeded in areas that many others didn’t even try. A true inspiration in a time where female engineers were considered to be an urban myth. Coming Out Black: A Mixed Perspective On Black History. As we celebrate Black History Month, I want to share a different perspective -- my own.

Black History Month photo series by Jett Walker Photography in partnership with basic. Like many others in our society, I’m mixed or “multiracial” if we’re being politically correct. However, Black History wasn’t something I was accustomed to as I grew up. Small Email; Big Impact: Stamping A Brand On The Candidate Experience. Telling a candidate ‘no’ is never easy, but the good news is there’s finally a culture developing behind creating positive candidate experiences. With six out of ten candidates reporting a negative candidate experience, we can officially consider this topic a business imperative. Not because it directly affects candidates’ perception but because it also deeply ties into the employer brand. Companies and organizations with strong employer brands see a 43% decrease in hiring costs and are finally realizing the impact of candidate experience and human capital.

All of this is important to know because 64% of candidates with a poor experience have vowed they are less likely to become a customer or advocate for brands that leave them feeling undervalued. A good example you may have heard about is the Virgin Media debacle in which the candidate experience cost the company $5 Million in revenue. Upcoming Events. Highlights from Affiliate World Asia 2019. Posted: 2019-12-12 Affiliate World is the offline meeting place for the world’s top performance marketers and eCommerce entrepreneurs. Hosted in Bangkok, the conference gives attendees the opportunity to network with the industry’s brightest minds. The event provides a platform for more than 150 affiliate networks, where performance marketing experts discover to find the best offers and the latest products. At AdMaven, we’re always excited to meet new partners, existing customers, and learn about cutting-edge advertising solutions at Affiliate World.

We connected with more than 1500 advertisers and affiliates, and brought home over 600 business cards from industry peers we met over 3 amazing conference days, 5 insightful networking dinners and 6 industry parties. This year, the spotlight was on leveraging push notifications, and Facebook’s new Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature: AdMaven Advertisers Terms Of Service. 1. Background & Definitions Thank you for choosing our, AdMaven Ltd. (“Publisher“) services for your (“Advertiser“) online advertising needs!!! Choosing to use our services, you are agreeing to the following terms as provided in this agreement (“Agreement”).

Publisher shall strive to conduct a marketing campaign to promote code unit(s) of advertising content (such as text links, URLs, and banner ads) (“Ad Unit(s)”) provided by Advertiser according to the terms provided herein. 2. Advertiser is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all information it provides in accessing the Platform and/or Publisher services (such as entering bid prices, bid criteria, and destination URLs). If Advertiser’s account has been compromised or is being used in an unauthorized manner, Advertiser must immediately notify Publisher. Which payment method should I choose? AdMaven Publishers Help Center. AdMaven Publishers Help Center. Written by Admin Updated over a week ago AdMaven's available payment options are Paypal, Payoneer, wire transfer, Bitcoin and Paxum. Fees policy: AdMaven Publishers Help Center. Payment method, paypal, payoneer, payment policy, payout. Ad Network That Works For You.

iCloud Reports in OIS iMobile. iCloud reports are real time reports generated from our servers and are accessible in our OIS iMobile app. These mobile reports require internet connection. You can request the iCloud reports to be activated along with your service. OIS Connect + Peachtree Accounting. eCommerce tendencies you can’t ignore if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Merchandising In-Store Audits. Warehouse Inventory Management. Customer Service Wiki. Orders In Seconds Software. FREIGHT ADELAIDE, AIR FREIGHT, SEA FREIGHT, FREIGHT FORWARDERS ADELAIDE - CargoMaster. Freight Darwin, Air Freight, Sea Freight Shipping Darwin, Freight Forwarders Darwin, Sea Freight Containers from and to Darwin - CargoMaster.

Freight Darwin, Air Freight, Sea Freight Shipping Darwin, Freight Forwarders Darwin, Sea Freight Containers from and to Darwin - CargoMaster. HEAVY AIR FREIGHT SERVICES HEAVY AIR CARGO COMPANY LARGE AIR FREIGHT - CargoMaster. Sea Freight Shipping Containers to Africa - CargoMaster. Choosing the right freight forwarder to Africa (or any destination) - CargoMaster. International Removals - CargoMaster. Don't Pack Your Tooth Brush! - CargoMaster. Welcome to Cargomaster - CargoMaster. CNC Prototyping & Manufacturing - RapidDirect. 3D Printing Prototyping - RapidDirect. Sheet Metal Fabrication - RapidDirect. Sheet Metal Fabrication - RapidDirect. Prototype Injection Molding - RapidDirect. Is 3D Printing the Future of Consumer Electronics? - Rapid Direct % How Rapid Tooling Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing.

Injection Molding for Automotive Applications - Rapid Direct % Online CNC Machining & Prototyping Manufacturing Services. What is Chicory Coffee and How to Make It. Best Coffee Substitutes - Healthy Alternatives [Cafix, Pero, Teeccino] Espresso and Coffee Puns - Coffee Brewing Methods. The Best Combination Coffee and Espresso Machine - A Definitive Guide.

Can You Make Espresso Using a Keurig [Keurig Rivo Might Be an Answer] Best Cheap Espresso Machines - 5 Great Inexpensive Espresso Machines. How to Make Drip Coffee. Cappuccino vs Latte vs Mocha - Espresso Based Recipes. Hola Locos. Top restaurants in tulum. Wedding Events in Tulum Beach, Mexico. Your guide to Classic Mediterranean Foods and Wine Pairings. Where It All Began: The History of Tulum Cuisine. Loco Tulum. Revealed the truth behind great Mexican food. Tulum Restaurant Menu - Loco Tulum. FXPRO » Trusted Forex Review & Test 2020 ++ Scam or not? √ How to trade Forex with Order Flow Analysis 2020 [ Guide ] √ How to trade Forex with Order Flow Analysis 2020 [ Guide ]