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Tulum Restaurant Menu - Loco Tulum

Tulum Restaurant Menu - Loco Tulum
BREAKFAST from 9 to 12 pm AMERICAN OMELETTE $199 Omelette with bacon & cheese, served with fresh salad, tahini dip & bread. Coffee & juice. Omelette con tocino y queso, servido con ensalada y dip de tahini. Café y jugo del día. VEGGY AMERICAN $190 Omelette with mushrooms, onion, tomato, cheese, basil, served with fresh salad, tahini dip & bread. VEGAN BRUSQUETTA $165 Integral toast bread, tomato pesto, avocado, red onion, tahini dip and fresh salad. SHAKSHUKA $269 Traditional Middle Eastern dish. 2 eggs on fresh tomato sauce, basil, parley, breads & tahini dip. VEGAN HOT CAKE $165 Oatmeal, coconut, banana, yogurth, honey and chocolate trufa. FRESH FRUITS $125 Season fruits served with granola & honey. FROM THE BAR • American Coffee $50 • Mimosa $150 • Pinapple Juice $65 • Mango Juice $65 • Lemonade & Mint $50 SMOOTHIES $99 Mix of fresh fruits and milk. LOCO SMOOTHIE $149 Mix of fresh fruits, milk, vodka or rum.

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Top restaurants in tulum Chef Idan has been involved in creating some on the best, if not the most, creative Mediterranean kitchens in Tel Aviv during the last 10 years. He brings his own background to influence is unique style. For example, elevating a humble Gnocchi Chestnut w/ Truffle Butter, into a dish with selectively sophisticated flavors. Wedding Events in Tulum Beach, Mexico Wedding Events in Tulum Beach, Mexico First things first, congratulations on your impending wedding! At Loco Tulum, we have consolidated a reputation in the industry for our friendly professional service. Whatever you need, we are here to assist you to create a memorable, magical celebration that will exceed yours and your guest’s expectations. AdMaven Publishers Help Center payment method, paypal, payoneer, payment policy, payout Written by publishers Updated over a week ago Ad-Maven gives their publisher several payment methods by their choice , such as PayPal, Payoneer, bank wire transfer, Bitcoin and Paxum. Do you transfer charge fees? Paypal- we do not charge any fees but Paypal might charge 3%-5% fee, depends on country of origin, Paypal account and amount. Payoneer- we don’t charge any fees.

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