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Top restaurants in tulum

Top restaurants in tulum
Chef Idan has been involved in creating some on the best, if not the most, creative Mediterranean kitchens in Tel Aviv during the last 10 years. He brings his own background to influence is unique style. For example, elevating a humble Gnocchi Chestnut w/ Truffle Butter, into a dish with selectively sophisticated flavors. His sophisticated, yet somehow rustic style, is only amplified by the finest of ingredients. The menu, although varies, draws from two decidedly distinct areas of the Mediterranea. On one hand it pulls from the classic flavors and tradition of Italy, while simultaneously pulling from Idan’s strong connection and roots from the Middle East. His passion, driving from under the tutelage of master chefs of the Italian kitchen, and his upbringing from his Egyptian grandmother, Vicky, in the Middle East, has created a unique, one of a kind ‘Mediterranean twist’ in the dining experience.

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