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Scaler Academy Review - Anuj Bhatnagar talks about how he got into software development. Anuj Bhatnagar, a software engineer at Samsung in Noida, starts this conversation with us nostalgically talking about his college days- "The first year of college is all about fun, making new friends, participating in many new events and doing a lot of things.

Scaler Academy Review - Anuj Bhatnagar talks about how he got into software development

Nobody realises how quickly the year comes to an end, and neither did I. " He continues, "Most of the subjects were common for all the branches in the first year, and I didn't realise that there would be much difference between the subjects taught to me and other students in the future. In the second year, we were introduced to our core subjects. I tried finding some interest in Electronics, but, unfortunately, nothing was interesting enough for me to invest my time. I then started talking to my seniors about the different fields where I can pursue my career, and what if I don't want to continue in the Electronics domain. A vast majority of young engineers start their careers by making a similar error of judgment. Experience with Scaler Academy : Review for Freshers - DEV. From the first image of “doubt” to now taking the mission of “GivingBack” ahead in full spirit, The journey of Scaler Kumar Saurav has been anything, but Ordinary.

Experience with Scaler Academy : Review for Freshers - DEV

Based on the journey shared with us, Read the inspiring journey of Kumar Saurav in his own words: “Disclaimer : To be honest, When I got to know about them through friends, my immediate reaction was “Scaler is betting on limp horses”. Taking the responsibility to become that “bridge’ and fill the dearth of quality engineers is too humongous a task and honestly unbelievable in the first instance.

So my journey with Scaler Academy (Previously Interviewbit Academy) is not just around a dream job but so much around self-worth realisation and my ever enhancing interest towards Computers. My first memory of computers goes back to my childhood when a new teacher from an ITI college taught us HTML. But life was never easy. That being said, I have always been positive about life. My Experience With Scaler Academy so far #Scaler #ScalerAcademy #InterviewBit #ScalerAcademyReview.

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10 Youtube Channels To Follow As a Junior Web Developer / Designer - DEV. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. - Bill Keane As junior web developers and web designers in the industry, one of the biggest challenges faced at times for some and most of the times for others is the question of knowing the right resources to use to learn.

10 Youtube Channels To Follow As a Junior Web Developer / Designer - DEV

This where youtube comes into play. Youtube is a video sharing service that allow users to create their own profile, upload video content, watch videos and a lot more. As a beginner, you need to stay sharp and current, learn by seeing live code examples and this is what youtube provides. Not everyone has the stamina to watch or buy a 22 hours course video that may get outdated in a few months time.

That is why I have put together this awesome list of awesome content creators who will help you move your career as a beginner even further. So, let's get started in descending order: Dev Ed provides you with web development tools that makes sure you don't get bored. Richter magnitude scale. The so-called Richter magnitude scale – more accurately, Richter's magnitude scale, or just Richter magnitude – for measuring the strength ("size") of earthquakes refers to the original "magnitude scale" developed by Charles F.

Richter magnitude scale

Richter and presented in his landmark 1935 paper, and later revised and renamed the Local magnitude scale, denoted as "ML" or "ML". Because of various shortcomings of the ML scale most seismological authorities now use other scales, such as the moment magnitude scale (Mw ), to report earthquake magnitudes, but much of the news media still refers to these as "Richter" magnitudes. All magnitude scales retain the logarithmic character of the original, and are scaled to have roughly comparable numeric values. Development[edit] In 1931 Kiyoo Wadati showed how he had measured, for several strong earthquakes in Japan, the amplitude of the shaking observed at various distances from the epicenter. Details[edit] and the surface wave scale. My Experience With Scaler Academy so far #Scaler #ScalerAcademy #InterviewBit #ScalerAcademyReview.