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Earthquakes / Tsunamis

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1 Earthquakes GENERAL

Tectonics - arguments about spec inaccuracies. Earthquake dates. Earthquake distribution. Earthquakes Australia. Earthquakes Iran. Wabash Valley Seismic Zone earthquakes. Water table link with earthquakes. Landslides from earthquakes. Mongolia earthquakes. Volcano tsunamis. Nepal 2015. Glacier tsunamis. Italy earthquakes. Double earthquakes. Boomerang earthquakes. Mexico 8 Sept 2021. Mexico 23 June 2020. Chile earthquakes. Becki Quigley□ sur Twitter : "Park has been added to the collection. This was a fiddly one! Thankyou to @McAllister_Geog and @KingsElyGeog for the help in tracking down Mr Park himself. If only he knew how influential his model is! Link □□ Malthus and Bos.


Japan v Haiti earthquake. Earthquake animations. Focus / Hypocentre. A pretty clear seiche. Pooh on earthquakes. Haiti earthquake Jan 2010. Haiti earthquake 14 Aug 2021. Puerto Rico earthquake Jan 2020. Albania. France earthquake. Teaching tectonics. San Andreas Fault. China: Sichuan 2019. Philippines earthquakes. Alaska 1964. Ice calving tsunami. ****MUST DRINK THIS BEER***… Magma shift earthquakes. Mid-Atlantic. Lisbon 1755. HiQuakes (Human-Induced Earthquakes)


Tremblor. Jamaica 28 Jan 2020. Japan 1923 Great Kanto earthquake and tsunami. Venezuela / Trinidad Aug 2018. Earthquakes, tectonics and volcanoes. Anthropogenic earthquakes. Earthquake measurement (Richter, Mercalli etc) Earthquake analysis / prediction.

Aftershocks. Earthquake impacts. Earthquake resilience / response. Intraplate earthquakes. Liquefaction. Tsunamis.

China: Sichuan 2008

Japan 2011. Japan: Osaka June 2018. Turkey earthquakes incl N Anatolian Fault. Iceland earthquakes. S Wales 17 Feb 2018. Taiwan Feb 2018. USA. IRIS: Data Services Products: GMV. Starting on December 6, 2017, the Ground Motion Visualization (GMV) videos are created using data from the North American network of seismic stations that are arriving to the IRIS DMC in realtime (virtual network _REALTIME).

IRIS: Data Services Products: GMV

Prior to this change, GMVs were generated using data from the Transportable Array (TA) component of the USArray/EarthScope project. The Ground Motion Visualization (GMV) is a video-based IRIS DS product that illustrates how seismic waves travel away from an earthquake location by depicting the normalized recorded wave amplitudes at each seismometer location using colored symbols (see maps below). The color of each symbol depicts the amplitude of the vertical ground motion, as detected by the station’s seismometer (for most stations this represents velocity of ground movement) and normalized to its peak amplitude.

New Zealand

Mexico 8 Sept 2017. Mexico 19 Sep 2017. San Francisco. UK Earthquakes. China: Shanxi 1556.