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18 Websites that Take Scrolling to the Next Level. There was a time when the common practice was to try and place all content above the fold.

18 Websites that Take Scrolling to the Next Level

But now, instead of fearing the scroll, web designers and developers are embracing the need to scroll, and using it as opportunity to engage the user with background reveals, element animations, and other clever effects based on the pages scroll position. So in an effort to inspire you, we’ve gathered a collection of websites that take scrolling to the next level. Playground Inc. Shadow Artem & Julia are getting married Shaun Dona Koa Water Loft City Church I Shot Him. 30 Awesome Parallax Scrolling Effect in Web Design. The word ‘Parallax’ has been derived from a Greek word ‘Parallaxis’, which means ‘alteration’. The parallax effect is an amazing effect in which different elements scroll along different lines on a website. It creates a fascinating faux-3D effect. This effect has been in use in web designing for quite some years now, but it is again being used a lot as it has again gained popularity. Some websites use this effect fully while others keep it to a minimal level, but it looks beautiful in both ways.

It is a classy but tricky effect which when not used properly can result in a really messy and bad looking page. For a web designer it is really important to stay updated with all the latest trends and to know how to use them nicely. Air Jordan 2012. Inspiration: Fluid & Responsive Design. Responsive design all started with this article by Ethan Marcotte.

Inspiration: Fluid & Responsive Design

Some people see it as a trend. But it is more than just a trend. It is a new design solution — it helps to resolve the design problems associated with the different resolutions and devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile). I'm going to share a list of responsive sites that I feel are nicely done. I've categorized the list into two categories: Adaptive and Fluid & Responsive. Adaptive Design The following sites are examples of adaptive design. 30 of the web's coolest 404 pages. If you're starting a blog or website, don't forget the all-important 404 page – a standard response code in HTTP telling the user, in effect, that they've clicked on a broken link.

30 of the web's coolest 404 pages

It's traditionally been an immense source of frustration. But in recent years, creatives have taken up the challenge of designing bespoke 404 pages that use humour, great UX or beautiful design to at least sweeten the pill of finding out that you're in the wrong place. Done really well, a 404 page can become a mini-ambassador for the website itself. It might even be shared on Twitter or relevant blogs as an example of the site's keenness for customer service or unique approach to design. The 404 error pages we present here have achieved all this and more, so take a look and be inspired to create your own. 01. Cloud Sigma is a cloud server and cloud hosting service operating in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific region. 02. 03. 04. Aspiring designs. Modern Block Quote Styles.

Let's create some interesting and modern styles for block quotes.

Modern Block Quote Styles

We'll be using different techniques for creating a unique look for six examples. View demo Download source Today we are going to create some fancy block quote styles. Using textures, circles, and pseudo-elements, we can put some life into quotations and testimonials. Please note: the result of this tutorial will only work as intended in browsers that support the respective CSS properties. We will omit vendor prefixes in this tutorial. The Markup The markup for the blockquotes will be as followed: <div class="mb-wrap mb-style-1"><div class="mb-thumb"></div><blockquote cite=" fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures. The division with the class mb-thumb will not be present in all the examples. The CSS Let’s first define some common styles:

The Best Designs / Best Web Design Awards & CSS Gallery. TGF - Shots of Things that Work. Awwwards: Website Awards - Best websites around the World. Website Templates. Showcase of Outstanding Responsive Web Designs. This showcase rounds up a collection of the most inspiring and outstanding examples of responsive web design.

Showcase of Outstanding Responsive Web Designs

These websites not only look great at full scale monitor resolution, but are designed to gracefully scale according to the user’s screen size. Resize you browser, view the site on a smartphone, tablet or netbook and you’ll see the same design in a range of well presented formats. Websites are no longer viewed only on a computer monitor. Smartphones, tablets and netbooks throw a range of resolutions and different screen sizes into the mix for designers to now worry about.

The idea of catering for various resolutions isn’t anything new. Ready for some examples? Alsacréations Sasquatch Festival Earth Hour Cognition Tileables Philip Meissner Interim Ribot Visua Design Laufbild Werkstatt Sweet Hat Club iamjamoy Andrew Revitt Stijlroyal Sleepstreet Pelican Fly eend Converge SE iwantedrock Joni Korpi Jason Weaver Cohenspire.