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Crochet Patterns

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Fandom Crochet. Dresses and Skirts. Other Apparel. Amigurumi. Crochet Pattern Central. DROPS. Red Heart. 10" American Flag Square. In time for Memorial Day: [IMG] ....with a special thanks to those who tested the pattern, especially WIZ3283, who became my new friend in the process:clap American Flag 10" square Materials: Less than 1 ounce each of red, white, blue and gold worsted weight yarns.Hook: G/4mm or size needed to obtain gaugeTapestry Needle – for weaving in ends.Gauge: 8 sc = 2", 8 rows = 2" Note: Carry unused color on the wrong side of work where indicated.

10" American Flag Square

Each row = 39 sc Instructions:Row 1: With red, chain 40. Rows 4: With white and carrying red across the row, Scin each st across, Drop red ch 1, turn. Rows 7: With red and carrying white across the row, Sc in each st across, Drop white ch 1, turn. Last Minute Crochet Gifts: 30 Fast and Free Patterns to Make Now! Don’t panic – you can still have that handmade holiday or birthday, and do some stash busting while you’re at it!

Last Minute Crochet Gifts: 30 Fast and Free Patterns to Make Now!

Crochet Butterflies. My schedule has been too hectic to finish any real projects lately, so I've been getting my crochet fix by whipping up these tiny little butterflies in every color.

Crochet Butterflies

The trick? Use embroidery floss. It comes in every shade imaginable, it's the perfect thickness for little accessories, and it's cheap. They're perfect for cards, scrapbook pages, hair clips, they'd even be cute on the front of a baby onesie or beanie. Rain Cloud - Free Pattern. Materials: Worsted Weight yarn (less than 1 oz probably) - suggested colors: gray, white, or black Size 10 Cotton thread (very small amount) - suggested color: blue Hooks: Size H (5.0 mm) and Size 7(1.65 mm) Split Stitch Markers - 3 Abbreviations:US terminology sk - skip dc - double crochet ch - chain sl st - slip stitch sc - single crochet tr - treble crochet *Join cotton thread at first stitch marker using size 7 hook with right side facing you. ch 18, sc in 5th ch from hook, sl st in next ch, turn (chain loop on the left), sc in next sc, sc in next ch, 2 sc in each of next 2 ch, sc in next ch, sl st in each next 2 stitches, finish off, leaving long tail (approx 6 inches).

Weave tail through back loops of chain toward the worsted yarn, all the way to starting ch, tie two ends of thread together and weave in ends. Join thread at second stitch marker. Repeat as above (*), using a base chain of 13 (instead of 18) Easy Wreath Ornament Crochet Pattern. Crochet Christmas Bells. Crocheting the Lorenz Manifold. Gecko Bookmark. Elvis Presley Pattern. Cthylla Crochet - Tiffay Estela Whenever I'm feeling down, I just put on Elvis and my day just gets better.

Elvis Presley Pattern

He was just amazing!. I have made different charts and I think it about time I start sharing them. This is some what of a big chart but you can make it smaller. You will see 2 white strips behind Elvis, you can just crochet your main color over it and you won't have to crochet the top of the chart. Hyperbolic Crochet Introductory Pattern. 1.

Hyperbolic Crochet Introductory Pattern

Crochet a plane – 12 x 12. Twelve rows with twelve stitches per row. Detailed diagrams and instructions are in this PDF document:CROCHETING A 12 X 12 PLANE. Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reefs. Granny Square Pattern/Join-as-you-go Method. Ive finished my granny baby blanket… Sorry it took a little longer than I thought it would to come back to you with it.

Granny Square Pattern/Join-as-you-go Method

By the time I made the trip to spotlight to get the yarn to finish the edging…… and washed and blocked it (and waited… and waited) for it to dry… Fortunately there has just been a break in the weather so I rushed outside to find somewhere to photograph it, and try to get the colors as true as possible… Owl Trivet Pattern. I have been messing around with the font style and size on my blog and for some unknown reason extra line spaces have started inserting themselves.

Owl Trivet Pattern

No matter what I do I just cannot seem to get rid of them. So please excuse the weird spacing - I am trying to figure it out! Blogger does seem to be misbehaving today - wrongs dates and all sorts of funnies!! Whilst on my Autumn cleaning mission my ideas got a bit of a clear out too ! This was initially supposed to be a cushion (made from Chunky yarn), but after about six attempts at the gusset I gave it up as a bad job. The Owl Body I had designed for the cushion was a "solid" circle. (I will add directions in the pattern for those who would rather use the "solid" version) The feet and the beak on the first one were a bit of a production. Made a third trivet for the photo tutorial - sewed the beak on really skew. Textured Butterfly Pillow Pattern.

Butterfly Pillow Pattern Complimenting the Butterfly Afghan Dateline: 06/28/97 Let's take another look at that intriguing post stitch texture again; this time the texture pattern forms the shape of a butterfly.

Textured Butterfly Pillow Pattern

This pillow will make a great companion to your butterfly afghan. Daisy Granny Squares Pattern. Hexagon Motif Pattern. This Hexagon Motif Pattern is perfect for using up teeny tiny scraps - and the best part is that you do not have to add a main colour if you are planning on making a scrapbuster afghan.Start; Round 1; Round 2 - follow the instructions for HEXAGON CROCHET MOTIF # 2using 2 different colours (A & B) Round 3: Using Colour C insert hook as shown into space between 2dc 3ch, 2dc; *3dc into sp between 2dc* 11 times ss to join (12 3dc clusters)

Hexagon Motif Pattern

Eight Petal Granny Square Pattern. Double Crochet Corner-to-Corner Pattern. Rainbow Vermicelli Coaster Pattern. Sunny Flowers Coaster Pattern. Sunny Flower Motif Pattern. On Wednesday night I had literally worked myself into a little corner of my desk (and my brain!)

Sunny Flower Motif Pattern

I had to get organised! Started tidying away drawings into a folder, pattern scribbles into another folder, rolling up yarn and packing WIP's and yarns into their bags or baskets! Jar Jacket Pattern. Flower Potholders Pattern. Bougainvillea Doily Pattern. Sly Fox Hat Pattern. October is here! I love October because it means that MAYBE cool weather is on its way to Houston. Probably not, but a girl can dream, right?