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Prayer shawls

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Namaqualand Shawl Pattern. At last!

Namaqualand Shawl Pattern

I am finally getting around to sharing the Namaqualand Shawl pattern with you. The Namaqualand patterns are very dear to my heart (you can read more about that HERE) and I wear my shawl often! Every time I do, I am reminded of last summer’s lazy walks to and from the station, crocheting this shawl as I walked. I hope you enjoy making it! The Elegant Marilyn van Zyl Wearing the Namaqualand Shawl at one of the Pretoria Workshops with Be Inspired last year. Sweet Heart Shawl. 2K+Save This Sweet Heart Shawl is a shawl with a chain of hearts, free crochet pattern for beginners with photo tutorial in each step.

Sweet Heart Shawl

This Sweet Heart Shawl is light enough to keep in the purse for an impromptu dinner date after work and warm enough to keep you comfortable in a semi formal setting. Size of Sweet Heart Shawl after blocking is 56” across and 28” from top to bottom corner. To achieve best results, make sure to block the shawl so that the heart shapes will be more prominent. Dixie Charm - A Free Summer Crochet Shawl Pattern. LC5506 Gardenia Shawl Free Crochet Pattern. April's Archives: Trinity Prayer Shawl - Free Pattern. Free Caron Cakes Crochet Pattern - Desert Winds Triangle Scarf. Toss on this modern crochet triangle scarf to head out to the desert, the mountains…or just the grocery store.

Free Caron Cakes Crochet Pattern - Desert Winds Triangle Scarf

This free Caron Cakes crochet pattern takes all the stress out of choosing colors because the skein does it for you! Get the free pattern below or download the inexpensive, ad-free PDF here. Fellow crocheters are ALL ABOUT this yarn. Are you one of them? For a few weeks, Caron Cakes was all I heard about on Instagram and in Facebook crochet groups. I watched on, intrigued, but slightly less enthusiastically because I thought all the color options were vivid and bright, and you know, I’m kind of a neutral Nancy when it comes to most colors. Oh, sweet Buttercream. More Make & Do Crew Tutorials Error loading player: No playable sources found In case you’re unfamiliar with the Caron Cakes hullabaloo, it’s a yarn that’s available exclusively at Michael’s and it has unusually long color runs so you can get nice chunks of color in your project without creating a variegated look.

Cozy Striped Shawl Crochet Pattern. Yay for color changes without lots of ends to weave in!!

Cozy Striped Shawl Crochet Pattern

The new Caron Cakes self-striping yarn makes multi-color projects effortless. As you may have seen on Instagram, I was sent some of these cakes to try out and have been having so much fun with them. 445943 m mamas stitchery projects. Pattern. Friday I went on a little spur of the moment road trip with hubby and I wanted a fuss free project to keep me busy during the drive. Scissors are banned on road trips as hubby is paranoid that I accidentally stab myself again (during a road trip a couple of months back I was snipping a thread, we hit a pothole, a very common occurrence on South African Roads, and I embedded the scissors in my left wrist). While hubby was planning the route I quickly grabbed some variegated yarn, started two triangles to make a "scarfy" version of a shawl I made a few weeks ago, and popped them into my SHABBY PROJECT BAG I managed to finish both triangles, edge them and make a few little flowers - with a few cm of yarn to spare - before we arrived back home.

Yesterday morning I sewed the flowers on with some beads and a few braids and Ta-dah! For the greenish scarf I used 2 x 50g Elle Family Knit Classic (Courtelle) colour "Sushi" with a 4.50mm hook and a 5.00mm hook. Using 4.50mm hook. Free crochet pattern for the vintage sweet shawl (ENG/NL) - So Simple Box Stitch Shawl. This is a simple shawl pattern, similar to the popular Granny Square Triangle Shawl.

So Simple Box Stitch Shawl

Made with the Box Stitch Pattern it does not display all of the holes of a true Granny Square Stitch. V Stitch Shawl/Wrap - Guest Post by Cream of the Crop Crochet. Free Pattern: The Power of a Prayer Shawl. We all have friends in need.

Free Pattern: The Power of a Prayer Shawl

Sometimes the friend just needs a hug or an encouraging chat over a cup of coffee. Most of us benefit from a reprieve from the daily grind, and having a friend to laugh with can go a long way. But sometimes a friend needs more – when that friend is walking through a dark, sad, or scary time; what many of us call “the valley.” Obviously, the person experiencing a trial is the one with the difficulty – but sometimes knowing how to be a good friend can be hard too.

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Summer Shawl

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Crochet holiday

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Best Friend Prayer Shawl

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HOW DO WE COLLECT INFORMATION AND WHAT INFORMATION DO WE COLLECT? Distribution Partners Website operators that license our ad serving technology pass information to us so that we may serve advertisements to you. Angel Wings Shawl Pattern. Angel Wings ShawlBy Julee Reeves You can download the pattern in PDF format HERE!!

Angel Wings Shawl Pattern

Materials:Approx. 16 ounces of yarn of choiceSize "H" crochet hookTapestry needle Special Stitches and Abbreviations:shell: (2dc, ch2, 2dc) in indicated space.V-st: (dc, ch1, dc) in indicated space. Sp= Space Make loop (magic loop or ch3, sl st in first ch to make loop)Row 1: Ch4 (counts as dc, ch1), Dc, (Ch1, Dc) 4 times, turn. (5- ch1 spaces, 6 dc) Row 2: Ch3, (dc, ch2, 2 dc) in next ch1 sp, ch1, V st in next ch1 sp, ch1, shell in next ch1 sp, ch1, V st in next ch1 sp, ch1, (2 dc, ch2, dc) in next ch1 sp, dc in top of ch3, turn. ( 3-shell, 2-V sts, 6-ch1 sps {including ch1 in V Sts}) P00137.pdf.

Crochet Patterns Galore - Shawls. Bernat_Satinweb23_cr_shawl.en_US. Laughing purple goldfish designs: it's just a triangle. Healing Prayer Shawl – Crochet Pattern. This is my own version of a Healing Prayer Shawl.

Healing Prayer Shawl – Crochet Pattern

I made this shawl a couple of weeks ago for someone who I thought may need the comfort of a shawl, post surgery. The shawl was gratefully accepted and has proved it’s worth already. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph my first shawl and so here it is, I’ve made it again. Free Crochet Patterns. Lacy Treble Shell Stitch. The lacy treble shell stitch is a variation of the ever-popular vintage shell stitch. To crochet the lacy treble shell stitch, you combine treble crochets with chains to form the shells; then you alternate the shells with half double crochet stitches.

When crocheted with worsted weight yarn, this stitch appears both bold and delicate at the same time. Bold because of the large size of the shells, and delicate because of the lace factor. Want the stitch to appear more delicate than bold? That’s easy; just reduce the size of the yarn you’re using; this stitch would be lovely if worked in a lace weight yarn or a fine crochet thread. Spring Baby Afghan. Spring Baby Afghan. Simply%20Shawl%20_%20Yarn%20_%20Free%20Knitting%20Patterns%20_%20Crochet%20Patterns%20_%20Yarnspirations. About Prayer Shawls - Cards and Sentiments. Over the centuries, shawls have come to symbolize shelter, peace and spiritual sustenance. Since the inception of the Prayer Shawl Ministry in 1998, the members of this organization have lovingly donated their time and talents by creating hand-knitted and crocheted shawls, filled with the power of prayer, for those in need. The blessing of the Prayer Shawl provides healing and comfort to the sick, the lonely and the elderly, or shares in the accomplishment of the graduate, newlywed, and newborn.

Like all acts of generosity, the presentation of a Prayer Shawl enriches the giver as well as the recipient. 70348AD. Treasures Made From Yarn: Friendship Shawl. St Bartholomew Crochet Pattern. Tip Sheet. 14 Easy Crochet Prayer Shawls. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service"). Friendship Shawl. The Hug of a Prayer Shawl - Easy Prayer Shawl Crochet Patterns. These instructions for how to make the prayer shawl pictured above and to the right are written with the crochet beginner in mind. I'm not saying that the crochet pattern is original, the stitches are so simple I'm sure others must have done the same....but I didn't look for this pattern, just started crocheting, and am sharing what I did.

Note - I am updating this on May 22, 2012, and correcting some errors in my instructions. You Need: Prayer shawl cards - with free printable cards. Lacy Fans: an easy crochet prayer shawl pattern. Amazing Grace Prayer Shawl- Free Crochet Pattern. Prayer Shawl. COZY COMFORT PRAYER SHAWL. (98% acrylic/2% polyester, 6 oz./170 gm., 185 yds/169 m. per skein.) How To Crochet A Prayer Shawl.