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Tsunami | Des images pour le Japon Tsunami | Des images pour le Japon Chers auteurs, et chers participants, à tous les enthousiastes qui nous ont accompagné dans le projet Tsunami puis Magnitude 9. Nous voici un an après. Il est difficile de réaliser que douze mois sont passés tant les évènements se sont enchaînés pour nous. D’un petit blog réalisé dans l’urgence, nous sommes passés à un véritable phénomène, une mobilisation générale. De la vente aux enchères à la première édition de Magnitude 9, vite épuisée, nous avons réalisé une seconde édition et plusieurs expositions ont eu lieu.
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3D Animation Studio
Court Métrage : Le retour de Goldorak
Kinect + Garry's Mod
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Dans le carton de nenent Dans le carton de nenent Expositions et vernissages Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! L'année commence en petit bolide, et j'ai peu de temps à moi. J'ai plein de choses à vous montrer et à faire pour vous montrer plus tard ^^ !
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Gears Above
Dark Roasted Blend
Zelda 25th Anniversary Amazing Artwork - Making of
Hopefully I'll be able to render something similar in a while. At the same time, I eagerly devoured any paper I could find on rendering techniques from the past decade, some intended for real-time rendering, some old enough to be real-time today. Out of all this, I quickly settled on my goals: Represent spherical or lumpy heavenly bodies from asteroids to suns. With realistic looking topography and features. Viewable across all scales from surface to space. Making Worlds: 1 - Of Spheres and Cubes | Steven Wittens - Acko.net Making Worlds: 1 - Of Spheres and Cubes | Steven Wittens - Acko.net
Problem: when you get very close to a terrain heightfield, it looks unrealistically flat Synthetic Heightfield Detail one solution: generate a seeded random perturbation, to give the height map some high-frequency detail many games have used this approach, such as Joint Strike Fighter (Eidos, 1997) Artificial Terrain Generation Artificial Terrain Generation
Universe Sandbox | blog Universe Sandbox | blog Universe Sandbox is on Steam It’s been a long journey, but Universe Sandbox 2.0 is now available on Steam. Impacting a Comet More than 5 years ago on July 4, 2005, NASA crashed a 370 kg (815 lb) copper mass into the comet Tempel 1. I have to say I’m disappointed by the result. The right photo appears blurry because it’s taken from much further away than the composite on the left and the crater isn’t very obvious even with the yellow arrows pointing it out.
❖ LOWEND 3D ❖ — blog & forum devoted to innovative use of 3d software ❖ LOWEND 3D ❖ — blog & forum devoted to innovative use of 3d software 14 September 2013 7 notes 24 April 2013 3 notes Kendrick Lamar- Swimming pools 8 April 2013 15 notes John C. Hart. 27 March 2013 7 notes 17 February 2013 17 February 2013 29 January 2013 15 notes by http://bryko.tumblr.com/.http://www.cartoonbrew.com/disney/the-lion-king-in-cgi-77124.html 23 January 2013 7 notes 16 January 2013 3 notes 16 January 2013 12 notes Next page
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Have you ever wondered how to invest in gold? There are many ways that we can invest in gold these days. Now you can purchase physical gold coins and bars, gold stocks, gold Ira's. So for the average investor it can be confusing to decide what is the best way to invest in gold? Gold is an amazing investment and currency. Its accepted in any country in the world. emily carroll emily carroll
GONE HOME was released last Thursday, and I would have posted about it sooner, but I was off visiting Portland to celebrate said release with The Fullbright Company. I'm proud to have had some small part in the game -- the above title image is drawn by me, as are the in-game maps, and the font used in game is based on my handwriting (there's a few other things too). My talented & generally fucking amazing wife Kate Craig was the 3D artist on the game, and the love that she & everyone else in Fullbright poured into it is completely, wonderfully, obvious. I really think that if you enjoy my storytelling, and the sorts of things that I make, that you would be interested in this game. emily carroll emily carroll
blog de tendances graphisme et inspiration : webdesign, graphisme, illustration, photographie, motion graphics, art, packaging, animation... blog de tendances graphisme et inspiration : webdesign, graphisme, illustration, photographie, motion graphics, art, packaging, animation... It's been a long time I didn't wrote any interview on Ceegee.fr, but when I thought about introducing the work of Robert Proch, I wanted to ask him some questions. These last months, we saw some pictures of this multidisciplinary artist form Poland buzzing around the web, mostly his huge street art works. Often at the borders of abstraction, the artist plays with colours and shapes, giving his compositions a very original point of vue and graphic style, with a striking touch. Known for his murals and canvas, the artist also created short animation films which are really interesting, both for the direction and the graphic style.
Love tutorial
Sculpt a biomech head and torso in ZBrush (1 of 14)
Salesman Buck !
Salesman Pete
Chaîne de UCBerkeley
J e f f S i m p s o n A r t
The Vimeo HD Channel on Vimeo
Fallout: Nuka Break - Fan Film
Design I/O - Terrarium
URANIUM | Véronique Meignaud
Games By Design
Yoji Shinkawa Live Art Show
Minecraft + Kinect : Building Worlds!

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