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The 10 Types of Writers' Block (and How to Overcome Them) The 10 Types of Writers' Block (and How to Overcome Them) I'm not sure if what I have now is writer's block, a vacation from writing, or giving up on writing. I went through 1-5 on this list a year ago and many times up to that point. And then I just haven't been able to get back to it, in part because the story as it stands is so fundamentally flawed that I need to rethink it... and I already have many times. But until I figure it out, I can't imagine being able to write anything else. And I start to question why I should bother.
New Fiction Exercises, Brian Kiteley Brian Kiteley Sample Fiction Exercises from The 4 A.M. Breakthrough New Fiction Exercises, Brian Kiteley
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Set up Your Story in the First Paragraphs by Jodie Renner, editor, author, speaker I receive several first chapters (and synopses) every week as submissions for possible editing, and I always read the first page. Some are clear and compelling and make me want to read more. But too often, two main problems emerge: Either the author spends too much time revving his engine with description or backstory before we even care (boring); or we’re plunged right into the story but have no idea where we are or what’s going on (confusing). Set up Your Story in the First Paragraphs
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Problem With Procrastination? Try Doing Nothing Problem With Procrastination? Try Doing Nothing Just about anyone who has ever put off a troublesome task is familiar with one of my Secrets of Adulthood: Working is one of the most dangerous forms of procrastination. When there’s some chore you just don’t want to tackle, every other chore seems alluring. As a friend told me, “My apartment is never cleaner than when I have a writing assignment due.” In Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s fascinating book, Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength, they suggest the “Nothing Alternative” to this problem.
NCW--Anton Chekhov on Writing My own experience is that once a story has been written, one has to cross out the beginning and the end. It is there that we authors do most of our lying. When you describe the miserable and unfortunate, and want to make the reader feel pity, try to be somewhat colder — that seems to give a kind of background to another's grief, against which it stands out more clearly. NCW--Anton Chekhov on Writing
A number of people have asked me “How much does self-publishing cost?”, so this post will clear that up. It may be controversial! Please do post comments if you disagree or have questions. Answer 1: It costs nothing Write book: $0 (but lots of time)Edit book: $0 Friend who is an English teacherProof-read book: $0 Friends and colleagues found on TwitterCover design: $0 Royalty free or own photos and text only made into a .jpg on Microsoft PublisherTypeset book: $0 done by self on Microsoft WordPublish book: Published as an Ebook on Smashwords for free and up for sale for US$4.99. Self publishing costs nothing Self publishing costs nothing
Nonfiction Narrative and the Yellow Test Draft is a series about the art and craft of writing. I went to see Carrie a week after her accident. Her shoulder had been broken, the bone shattered, and 24 stitches were needed to sew the cuts on her face. Her arm was in a sling. Nonfiction Narrative and the Yellow Test
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Does your writing stand out? Do you worry whether your writing is good enough? I can see you nodding your head. You are not alone. Every writer has doubts about his or her writing. How to Write Better: 7 Instant Fixes How to Write Better: 7 Instant Fixes
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Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing Colson Whitehead’s Rules for Writing Rule No. 1: Show and Tell. Most people say, “Show, don’t tell,” but I stand by Show and Tell, because when writers put their work out into the world, they’re like kids bringing their broken unicorns and chewed-up teddy bears into class in the sad hope that someone else will love them as much as they do. “And what do you have for us today, Marcy?” “A penetrating psychological study of a young med student who receives disturbing news from a former lover.”
How to Write a Great Novel: Junot Diaz, Anne Rice, Margaret Atwood and Other Authors Tell
Writers Groups Thinking of joining a writers group? A writers group is an informal gathering of writers who meet once a month or more to share their poems, short stories, novels, or essays. They share advice and criticism, and generally support one another through the process of writing and submitting their work to literary agents and editors. These groups are also a great source of writing-related news and industry leads (especially online groups). Writers Groups
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Dialogue can be tough, but for a lot of writers, tagging and punctuating it correctly is even harder. Here are some of the most common errors I see, and how to correct them. Dialogue Tags You should use a dialogue tag anytime it’s not completely clear who is speaking. A dialogue tag lets the reader know who’s speaking. Using Dialogue Tags and Punctuation Properly
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"The truth about stories is that's all we are." — Tom King, novelist Things happen because the plot says they should.All fictional realities have this underlying principle to one degree or another. It is the reason Plot Technology and Plot Armor work. It's why The Good Guys Always Win in the end, even though many individuals may try and fail and die gruesomely before the protagonist comes along. Theory of Narrative Causality
Welcome to the WestBow Press Blog. We invite you to share your thoughts with us as we continue to provide writing tips, encouragement and book marketing ideas. With an extensive list of publishing industry professionals, published writers, marketing experts and Hollywood consultants who regularly contribute their tips and hints for Christian authors, our blog can help you whether you're a writer just beginning your first book or a seasoned author looking for fresh marketing strategies. Jodi Baker, Marketing Specialist Westbow Press Blog
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Writing fiction from real-life experiences isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fiction writers—writers of short stories and novels—must know when to use real-life details and when those details don’t work well in prose. Putting your real life in writing can be inspiring, but it can be dangerous too. Creating Fiction From Personal Experiences: How To Write Fiction Based On Real Life
Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Kathleen Pooler of Memoir Writer’s Journey. “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” - Red Smith I’m a memoir writer and a retired nurse practitioner. I’ve also been consumed by my writing for the past three years. I’ve taken writing classes, attended numerous writing conferences, workshops, webinars and I’ve also worked non-stop on building my author platform through blogging, tweeting, Facebooking, Goodreading, Google+ing and LinkedIn-ing. The Obsessed Writer’s Guide To Crawling Your Way Back To Sanity « Courage 2 Create
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