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15-minute writing exercise closes the gender gap in university-level physics. Think about the things that are important to you.

15-minute writing exercise closes the gender gap in university-level physics

Perhaps you care about creativity, family relationships, your career, or having a sense of humour. Pick two or three of these values and write a few sentences about why they are important to you. You have fifteen minutes. It could change your life. This simple writing exercise may not seem like anything ground-breaking, but its effects speak for themselves. The exercise is designed to affirm a person’s values, boosting their sense of self-worth and integrity, and reinforcing their belief in themselves. Aspiring female scientists and mathematicians still have to contend with the inaccurate stereotype that men are innately better at them in their chosen fields. This isn’t the first time it has worked either. It was a sensational result and the team wanted to see if it could work in other areas. The task worked. In both cases, the exercise was especially beneficial for women who actually believed that they aren’t as good as men at physics.


Mesostomatic: you too can have nothing to say, and say it. Adam Parrish · Poetic form. Classes and objects. Poetic forms.

Adam Parrish · Poetic form. Classes and objects.

Agenda. Glum Councillors. Writing & the Teacher - HumBox. Save The Words. Item matches "creative writing" - HumBox. Home Page. e-mail your future self. Are you ready to play Five Card flickr? Ransom note generator. I Write Like. Creative Writing Games - Writing Your Way Out of Writer's Block.

PIZZAZ, Creative Writing & Storytelling, Opp-Beckman. Collaborative Fiction: Writing and Gaming Online. By Ali Hale I’ve been thinking recently about the ways in which writing and gaming are mingled online, after a Daily Writing Tips reader wrote in to introduce us to a site which he and his brother have recently launched, called “Vote Pages”.

Collaborative Fiction: Writing and Gaming Online

This site aims to make the writing process both collaborative and game-like: A votepage is a piece of creative writing like a screenplay, novel, poem, etc. where one person starts writing and then lets other writers enter submissions to continue the piece. In order to make it interesting and fun, the submissions to continue the Votepage are voted on by other writers. Once a submission reaches enough votes, a winner is determined and the submission period continues until a draft of the votepage is completed. The internet has opened up the possibilities for collaborative writing – pieces written by two or more authors – due to the ease of exchanging digital information (primarily words, but pictures, video clips and audio files can all play a role).

Word Games - Creative Writing Forums. Networks: The "Mentor Text of the Year" Network. We're very excited to be announcing our MTotY theme and mentor text titles for the upcoming school year.

Networks: The "Mentor Text of the Year" Network

In September of 2011, we'll be launching our "Year of Idea Development & Voice Skills," and our two chosen texts very much focus on this theme. When idea development skills and voice skills come together, students learn to show their writing. This next year, we want all students to learn better showing skills--for narrative writing, for expository writing, for persuasive writing. We'll be hosting local workshops for Nevada teachers, and we want teachers outside of Nevada to participate with us! 100 Awesome Online Tools to Teach Yourself Any Instrument (For Free) : Online University Lowdown: Rankings, Reviews, of the Best Online Universities. Go beyond the garage band or stagnant piano lessons with these incredible ways to learn every instrument from the guitar to keyboard to drums to brass and even a few lesser known instruments.

100 Awesome Online Tools to Teach Yourself Any Instrument (For Free) : Online University Lowdown: Rankings, Reviews, of the Best Online Universities

Best of all, the lessons are completely free of charge! Best Tools to Teach Yourself to Play Guitar. The Malcolm Gladwell Book Generator. How novels came to terms with the internet. Back in the early 1990s, David Foster Wallace wrote an essay urging young American novelists to find a way to come to terms with the role of television in contemporary life.

How novels came to terms with the internet

He believed they were going about it the wrong way, but at least they were trying, which was more than he could say for the generation of older writers he complained about in the same piece ("E Unibus Pluram: Television and US Fiction"). One of these, an unnamed "gray eminence" who ran a graduate workshop that Wallace attended in the 1980s, scolded his students for including "trendy mass-popular-media" references in their work. Treating of such things, he insisted, would only date their writing, pegging it as belonging to the "frivolous Now" instead of to the proper province of literature, the "Timeless".

Twenty years later, in the current frivolous Now, Wallace's essay itself seems a shade dated, and not just because today's novelists confront a very different communications behemoth in the form of the internet. Season of Inspiration [9-week online writing course] Invalid quantity.

Season of Inspiration [9-week online writing course]

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