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MCD#72 - « Création numérique & lien social » MCD#72 – « Création numérique & lien social » Nombreux sont les artistes dont les pratiques, collaboratives et participatives, associent aujourd’hui les publics à leurs créations.

MCD#72 - « Création numérique & lien social »

Qu’il s’agisse d’artistes comme Patrice Moullet dont les sculptures sonores (OMNI) permettent à des polyhandicapés de jouer de la musique et de créer des spectacles, ou encore de Krzysztof Wodiczko Wodiczko qui travaille avec les sans-abris new-yorkais (Homeless Vehicle project – Critical Vehicles), les femmes de Tijuana (The Tijuana Projection), et les vétérans de la guerre en Irak (…Out of Here : The Veterans Project). PACK SPÉCIAL NET ART - WJ-SPOTS # 1 & 2. MCD hors-série #3 WJ SPOTS #115 ans de création artistique sur internet / 15 years of artistic creation on the internet. bilingue – Français / English, 132 pages MCD #69 NET ART – WJ-SPOTS #2Net art | WJ-SPOTS#2 : Les artistes s’emparent du réseau / Artists take over the network.


AVEC LA PARTICIPATION DE / WITH THE PARTICIPATION OFALEJO DUQUE // ALESSANDRO LUDOVICO // ANA CARVALHO // ANDRÈS LOZANO a.k.a. Art et internet - Fred Forest. Internet Art - Rachel Greene. ‘Superlative … surely the most worthwhile title to come along from Thames & Hudson’s World of Art series in a very long time’ – Art Monthly ‘Offers a wide canvas, a wealth of detail, and is bright with illustrations’ – The Burlington Magazine An exploration of the exciting and radical ways in which artists have embraced the internet and redefined the conventions of art.

Internet Art - Rachel Greene

This groundbreaking book is the perfect guide to the many forms of internet art and the tools and equipment used to create them, as well as the cultural and historical importance of the work. Web Aesthetics, Vito Campanelli. Vito Campanelli, Web Aesthetics: How Digital Media Affect Culture and Society, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam and the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2010.

Web Aesthetics, Vito Campanelli

ISBN 978-90-5662-770-6. about the book: Online video, Web interfaces, file sharing, mailing lists and social networks are transforming our experience of the world. While the social dimension of these Web-related forms dominates public discourse, their aesthetic impact is largely ignored. In response, Web Aesthetics intervenes in the field of new media studies and art theory, proposing an organic theory of digital media aesthetics. Italian media theorist Vito Campanelli tracks the proliferation of Web technologies, platforms and software and offers a catalogue of aesthetic strategies to address their profound cultural impact. About the author: Vito Campanelli lectures on the theory and technology of mass communication at the University of Naples–L’Orientale. Colophon: Design: Huug Schipper/Studio Tint. Network Art: Practices and Positions. Edited by Tom Corby London: Routledge, available from Amazon Hardback: £75.00 Paperback: £18.99 In Network Art: Practices and postions, leading artists and critics describe how artists have extended the Internet’s social and digital architectures, in order to formulate proposals for operating in the highly connected world in which we live.

Network Art: Practices and Positions

The book explores a particular set of artistic responses to the emergence of the Internet covering a time from the early 1990s to the present day. Very early in this period artists became aware that networks could support multiple domains of activity by which it was possible for individuals and groups to propose and organize alternatives to dominant histories, ideas and practices. Within the hardware and software structures of the Internet they confronted new ways of working and communicating, and attempted to develop alternative exhibition and dissemination strategies to mainstream art world models.

The Body and the Screen. Connexions : Art, réseaux, media. Nettitudes, Let's Talk Net Art. Josephine Bosma, Nettitudes: Let's Talk Net Art, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam and the Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2011.

Nettitudes, Let's Talk Net Art

ISBN 978-90-5662-800-0. about the book: Never the darling of the media art institutions and ignored by many curators and critics since its emergence, net art still persists as a ‘non-movement’, residing in the cracks of contemporary media culture. Nettitudes provides an analytical foundation and an insider’s view on net art’s many expressions as it grapples with the aesthetic, conceptual and social issues of our times. Le Net Art au musée - Anne LAFORET. Résultats de recherche CAIRN. Search on L'oeuvre de net art: Strategies d'interessement pour un enrolement du public. Art et internet - JP Fourmentraux. Depuis le milieu des années 1990, Internet bouscule les formes de création et de diffusion de l’art contemporain.

Art et internet - JP Fourmentraux

Dans le même temps, le « travail artistique », plus collectif et interdisciplinaire, préfigure de nouveaux usages de l’Internet. Cet ouvrage analyse les dynamiques et tensions de cette articulation de la recherche technologique et de l’innovation artistique. L'Oeuvre virale - JP Fourmentraux. NETARTOPHILIE - Jacques Perconte. NET ART, TECHNOLOGIE OU CRÉATION ? Arts en réseau, une nouvelle culture.