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COV - Participativní metody. Be International. Signposts to Global Citizenship - Resources for teaching. Scouts and Guides - active global citizens. This EC funded project is a partnership between Scouting and Guiding Associations, and non-profit organisations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Greece, Scotland and Germany.

Scouts and Guides - active global citizens

Partners are working together to deliver training to and develop materials for Scout and Guide Leaders to embed Global Citizenship within existing national Scouting and Guiding frameworks. The project will run until 2018. Celebrating Solidarity » The project behind the Museum of Solidarity. O nás - Učitel naživo. Home - Sands School Ashburton. Stačilo by, kdybyste si s učiteli prostě řekli Ahoj. Pražský studentský summit. ReliefWeb. Growth Mindset Picture Books - Kirsten's Kaboodle. Have you read Kobi Yamada’s new picture books?

Growth Mindset Picture Books - Kirsten's Kaboodle

Are you interested in teaching students about growth mindset? If you’re a teacher, counselor, or parent, you can’t afford to leave these books on the shelf. Výluka. Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees. Across the world, barriers are growing.

Human Rights: The Rights of Refugees

Every day people fleeing war and persecution find the door slammed in their face. Untitled. Globalschools. Neviditelná univerzita - ověřené kurzy a školení v Praze a Brně. Poradna ČRDM. UNESCO’s global coalition against extremisms and hate speech – BRICkS. Promoted by UNESCO, the Campaign Unite4Heritage purposes to defend cultural heritage and diversity around all over the world.

UNESCO’s global coalition against extremisms and hate speech – BRICkS

It is designed to empower the mobilization of governments and all heritage stakeholders in response to the deliberate damage to cultural heritage, especially in the Middle East. Moreover, it invites everyone to oppose to any extremisms and radicalizations by celebrating the places, objects and cultural traditions. Among its areas of interest, it is important to highlight that Unite4Heritage is engaged in “cultural diversity education”, which is a topic strictly connected to BRICKS’ aims. The coalition works to ensure young people can use the Internet without risk of radicalization, and to Counter Online Hate Speech through media and information literacy.

It rises up against any types of extremist and negative narratives that call for attacks on cultural diversity. Dynamika talentu pro děti. Open Education. The European Commission launched Open Education Europa in September 2013 as part of the Opening up Education initiative to provide a single gateway to European OER.

Open Education

The initiative is funded through the Commission's Erasmus+ programme. The main goal of the Open Education Europa portal is to offer access to all existing European Open Educational Resources in different languages in order to be able to present them to learners, teachers and researchers. Open Education Europa is a dynamic platform built with the latest cutting-edge open-source technology, offering tools for communicating, sharing and discussing. The portal is structured in 3 main sections: • The FIND section showcases MOOCs, courses, and Open Educational Resources by leading European institutions.

Please take the time to register and explore the many options the platform offers, and let us know of any improvements you would like to see. Open School Space. Publications. Gaia Education Publications Ecovillage Design Curriculum The Gaia Education Ecovillage Design Curriculum has a wide range of practical application and is full of innovative materials, ideas and tools that have been developed and tested in ecovillage communities worldwide.


The EDE Curriculum is available for download for free, for personal use (i.e. not for resale at a profit). EDE Copyright © Gaia Education Download the latest version of our EDE Curriculum in. Rozvojový portál Nadácie Pontis. Think Global Home - Think Global. Slovakia. Katedra rozvojových studií UP. Záměrem projektu „Kde a jak Česká republika pomáhá“ je přispět ke zvýšení zájmu a podpory široké veřejnosti, studentů a pedagogů středních škol v oblasti zahraniční rozvojové spolupráce ČR.

Katedra rozvojových studií UP

V rámci projektu bude vytvořen multimediální webový atlas o prioritních zemích zahraniční rozvojové spolupráce České republiky. Pro cílovou skupinu pedagogických pracovníků bude dále vytvořen metodický materiál vztahující se k atlasu. Nenech se zmanipulovat. Terahry. About Us. PIRC was originally conceived of as an offshoot of the Public Citizen network of organisations created in the US by Ralph Nader.

About Us

Our first Chairman Michael Young was author of the radical 1945 Labour Party manifesto and founded numerous public interest organisations, among them Consumers Association & The Open University. PIRC was set up as a Registered Charity (No.266446) in 1972, together with Social Audit Ltd—a non-profit body which has acted independently as PIRC’s publishing arm. In the early days, PIRC set out to develop and apply methodologies for assessing corporate performance, and also focused attention on the problem of excessive secrecy in government and other areas of public life.

Empathy Summit. Blog on evaluations - Recently, I have been engaged in a debate of evaluators if “non-tangible” aspects such as gender can be monitored and evaluated.

Blog on evaluations -

Well, why not? First, let´s look at the definition of gender: it reflects socially-constructed roles and responsibilities of women and men in a given place or culture. Interestingly, gender is not only about women, but also about men. While planning, monitoring and evaluating a project, look at roles and responsibilities of both men and women in the specific culture and context. STORYTELLING.

Critical Thinking. – Místo pro vzdělávání. Made In a Free World. A blog on global learning, global education, global citizenship, saving the world and this kind of stuff. JPB - jindřich polák blog. Průřezová témata a čtenářství - odborné materiály.