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Fubiz Media. Search: The Data Visualisation Catalogue. Web Inspiration by Blu Frame. Big Data is amazing.

Web Inspiration by Blu Frame

It describes our everyday behavior, keeps track of the places we go, stores what we like to do and how much time we spend doing our favorite activities. Big Data is made of numbers, and I think we all agree when we say: Numbers are difficult to look at. Enter Big Data visualization. Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Twitter and Netflix all ask better questions of their data – and make better business decisions – by using data visualization. Designing for Emotion:Amazon:Books. Web Sites - What B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites. Easily accessible contact information is the most import thing on a B2B vendor website, according to a recent report from Dianna Huff and KoMarketing Associates.

Web Sites - What B2B Buyers Want From Vendor Websites

Over two-thirds (68%) of B2B buyers say a vendor's address and contact information is critically important on a site and 55% indicate they’ll leave if it isn't available. Moreover, 51% of buyers say having thorough contact/about information is the best way for a vendor's website to establish credibility. Most of the B2B buyers surveyed (81%) say they like to contact vendors via email; telephone is the second choice (58%).

Only 39% like to use a contact form, yet that is the most common option provided by vendors. Below, additional key findings from the report, which was based on data from a survey of 175 B2B buyers. Qromium - Home. Inspirational Grid Based Website Design. Pinterest was really the inspiration for others to create pinboard-style website design, then it was taken further to grid-based design, not necessarily a uniform grid.

Inspirational Grid Based Website Design

It is the case that images grab our attention more than content ever can, and also more than headline text does. Website design actually fell behind print design in this regard, and it has taken a while to realize that image-heavy designs can better engage viewers. Grid-based website design is forecast to continue trending throughout 2014. Some of the reasons for this besides the power of images are the relative ease of creating responsive sites from grid-based designs, and that this style really lends itself to flat design, two trends that are also forecast to continue throughout 2014.

Trask Industries. Build a Website — Squarespace. 23 Mind-Blowing Photography Website Templates. The Open Graph protocol. C mobileOK Checker. Step-by-Step Templates for Mapping Your B2B Content. Website AODA Compliance. What Ontario Website Owners Must Know. If you have a business in Ontario, Canada, you may have heard of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, or AODA.

Website AODA Compliance. What Ontario Website Owners Must Know.

If you haven’t, now would be a good time to do some research on the terms that are now affecting all businesses in the private sector. Refusal to comply with the Customer Service Standards can result in fines of up to $100,000 per day for the corporation. This act was created in 2005 with the goal of removing barriers for activities and opportunities for disabled individuals by 2025. AODA Ontario Compliance + What is AODA? The Ontario Government has split AODA compliance from the AODA act into different sets of mandatory standards, all being implemented and enforced by the government in phases. 1.

How to Choose the Right Content Type for Social Media Success. Marketo Keynote: Converged Media (Paid+Owned+Earned) #MUS13. Redliner – Solve the Frustrations of Document Collaboration and Approval. 40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark. After every 500 additions to MUO directory , we select the 40 most unique and unusual services.

40 Unusual Websites you should Bookmark

It’s been 5 months since the first one, so it’s time for batch no. 2. As mentioned earlier, this round-up is about those little-known undiscovered apps that are rather unusual, useful, free, and are the must-be bookmarked type. Enjoy! Top 10: 1. beFunky – Awesome web app that turns images to cartoonized paintings and videos to cartoons. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. User Experience Design for elearning with Mind Click. Dashboard Everything. SEO Content for Entrepreneur and Small Business MarketingContent Marketing Explained » SEO Content for Entrepreneur and Small Business Marketing. Content Marketing Explained To make your products and services available online, market your business through content marketing.

Using personal touches such as including your customers in your websites and blogs will help attract more business. Build a Good Customer Base. Our own IdeaTorrent. How much Web form do you really need? By ZoomInsights staff Your messaging worked its charm and now that potential lead has found a way onto your website for a white paper, webinar or other product or service.

How much Web form do you really need?

But getting coveted details from potential clients on your landing page can be a slippery slope, and one that’s important to get right. The most common tactic? Require visitors to complete a Web form before your site provides the desired information. But ask yourself: Is a form really necessary? “Marketers using marketing automation software should bear in mind that if you are emailing someone, you already know them,” Jon Miller, co-founder and VP of marketing at Marketo, told ZoomInsights. But there are cases when a Web form is necessary. Size matters No matter how visually appealing or cleverly worded, the length of the form matters. In fact, Marketo sales execs call every person who fills out those broad-reaching contact forms.

Depends what you’re selling Testing, testing…