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Symbaloo llega a las plataformas Android e iOS. Design and development of PLE « Jenn's Studious Life. I’m now at the stage of implementing my development to test out my research ideas.

Design and development of PLE « Jenn's Studious Life

Many have wondered what is actually a Personal Learning Environment (PLE)? How does a PLE look like? A system that is unique for individual? I have the same wonder for myself and these questions have been in my thought very early in this research. Throughout the LR, I couldn’t find a single answer to any of those questions. Etapas en la adopción de un PLN. Symbaloo. Web2.0:Entornos Personales de Aprendizaje. Moople. PLEF. In contrast to traditional LMS-driven e-learning solutions, a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) takes a more natural and learner-centric approach and is characterized by the freeform use of a set of lightweight services and tools that belong to and are controlled by individual learners.

Rather than integrating different services into a centralized system, the idea is to provide the learner with a plethora of different services and hand over control to her to select, use, and mashup the services the way she deems fit. A PLE driven approach does not only provide personal spaces, which belong to and are controlled by the user, but also requires a social context by offering means to connect with other personal spaces for effective knowledge sharing and collaborative knowledge creation.

Research Proposal Presentation « Jenn's Studious Life. One of the most important course I learnt last semester was the Research Foundation course.

Research Proposal Presentation « Jenn's Studious Life

I could say that we only learn how to write our research proposal during the whole course, which was very helpful to kick-start my research. There are only a few important things during the whole course and they are: 1. Entorno personal de aprendizaje. PLE. PLE. Suewaters:Building Your PLN. Ambientes Personales de Aprendizaje: Cómo y para qué de una idea transformadora.

Prepping for a PLN Presentation. This Tuesday morning I’ll be presenting to my colleagues during a day of professional development.

Prepping for a PLN Presentation

I was given total freedom and flexibility to present on whatever topic I wanted, and I ultimately chose to talk about strategies and tools that foster professional development beyond conferences or specific professional development days — essentially, developing a “Personal Learning Network.” While I’m not wholly enamored of the phrase “Personal Learning Network,” or its attendant acronym, PLN, that terminology seems to have become dominant and so I’ll go with it until something else gains precedence in the lexicon. Taller PLE. CastanedaAdell2011preprint. Research - Design and develop PLE.