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Climate Change. Acid Rain Students Site: Home. News and articles from Fun Weather Facts for Kids - Interesting Facts about Weather & Climate. MythBusters: Weather Quiz. Why is the weather calm before a storm? Weirdest Weather of 2014. If you were interested in freaky weather, 2014 had it all, including some new words for the popular lexicon: Polar vortex, lake effect snow, bomb cyclone, Snovember and, of course, the worst drought in California in 1,200 years. 1.

Weirdest Weather of 2014

In this shot, a bolt of lightning hits the antenna on top of the Empire State Building on July 15 in New York City. 2. An image from a NOAA satellite shows the polar vortex, the weird atmospheric twitch that flooded into the United States in early 2014, over North America. 3. Weather And Climate. The Young Meteorologist Program. Hurricane Hunters Association. Airmasses. Kids Fun Online: Interactive Weather Maker. Space Weather Center: the sun, plasmas, aurora, and storms in space. Old Farmers Almanac For Kids - Weather. Because weather is awesome.