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Lampes etc.

Isolation des planchers : attention de ne pas la négliger ! Réagissez : Partagez : Bien isoler sa maison est indispensable non seulement pour un confort évident, mais aussi pour des raisons économiques. Une maison mal isolée laisse échapper des centaines d’euros par an en énergie gaspillée. Si l’on privilégie souvent l’isolation des murs dans le cadre d’une rénovation, on ne pense pas toujours à celle des sols. Isolation des planchers : attention de ne pas la négliger !
Le frigo du désert, une alternative écologique viable au réfrigérateur ? Le frigo du désert, une alternative écologique viable au réfrigérateur ? Réagissez : Partagez : Conçu pour économiser les ressources en Afrique, où les conditions sont précaires, le frigo du désert est un moyen écologique de conservation des fruits et légumes.
Milk boxes lanterns
Trucs et Astuces. Ne rien jeter, tout recycler ! Réagissez : Partagez : La faute sans doute aux évolutions de notre société, nos habitudes de consommation font que l’on jette facilement, sans même réfléchir aux différents usages que pourraient avoir nos déchets. Trucs et Astuces. Ne rien jeter, tout recycler !
DIY: Kids Vespa Rocking Chair
Little cork animals
Giant pine cones from old shovels - Recyclart
Upcycled boat bed - Recyclart
(37) Recyclart - Upcycled boat into bed : http://bit.ly/12vjzSZ
Vinyl record table lamp - Recyclart
Little green men The girls have been playing a game of field hockey in the pouring rain this morning. Now they're in their pj's, after a nice warm shower. We're staying in the rest of this autumnal day. Making it cosy with candle light and home baked apple pie (thanks, Soumya). Little green men
Assistive Technology
DIY Patio
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Homemade Halloween Decorations
Cat trees are an easy and fun thing to make, as you can utilize scrap wood and leftover materials to make something your feline friends will love. I live in a huge house with several cats, so I think I'll be making something like this soon. I'm especially digging the ones that make use of real branches for an organic look. DIY Cat Tree DIY Cat Tree
Projects with Rubber
DIY- Portable Toolbox Grill- Improved! My idea of a great family vacation doesn't include fancy hotel rooms or fine dining. Hubby and I are literally happy campers sleeping under a ceiling of stars and a quiet campfire to light the night. Every Fall, we take a roadtrip south-of-the-border to sunny Baja California Sur. DIY- Portable Toolbox Grill- Improved!
Copycat Challenge Copycat Challenge Thanks to everyone who entered- that was a crazy number of entries! The winners are in, judged by me and two other expert judges. Thanks again for your creative Instructables- I personally perused and appreciated each one, and value your contribution whether or not you received a prize. Copycat Challenge
Tertial Webcam - Start by removing the shade from your Tertial. - Remove the two screws holding the switch and socket assembly the arm. - Take a moment to make sure your lamp is NOT plugged in. Tertial Webcam
"You Killed Kenny" Door Stopper Ever since I bought my first bag of sugru (check out this link if you don't know what it is), I've used it for a lot of stuff (fixed my bike, improved a pen, made a custom handle to carry bottle crates or made my shoes more comfortable ...), but for this Instructable I wanted to make something bigger. In order to exchange room air fast and efficient, I like to open my windows entirely. The problem is, that if I forget to close a door, it slams shut. Door stoppers are pretty handy, but either boring or expensive. "You Killed Kenny" Door Stopper
Hack It! Contest Winners
The Executioner - A Surreal Piece This piece was inspired by the mechanistic hidden world that "The Chief" sees in the book "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest" and has some influence from the creatures in "Pan's Labrynth". The Executioner is the first in a series of surreal characters I'm planning and may try to incorporate into one large diorama in the future. A sort of mechanized surreal underworld. The Executioner smashes the souls of the damned. Exactly who or what will damn them in this crazy little world I haven' figured out yet, but I'm sure it will come to me eventually. The Executioner - A Surreal Piece
Projects with Super Glue
I know there is actually 17 but it sounds better to say 15 best altiods tin projects. Always start with making the tin look really cool. Of course, I had to include a survival kit. In case you're in need of a bit of salad. For those frustratingly short lived batteries. 15 best altiods tin projects
Hack It! Challenge Winners
Build A Western Saloon Kid's Fort With Standard Fence Boards There is a bank vault full of fort plans on the Internet. My posse and I took the elements of forts we liked and combined them into our own design. Our first inspiration was a "Frontier Fort Playhouse Built From Stockade Fencing" designed by John Lewis, and available free on the web. While small, Mr. Lewis's design is cost-conscious and looks easy to build. Unlike ours, his is made without framing or siding the walls one board at a time.
Materials1 Altoids sours tin 4x 1.5" sheet metal screws with wide heads (or 4x washers to match) 8x nuts to thread on screws 70mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown) 92mm metal computer fan guard (similar style to the one shown) * I scavenged my fan guards from an old computer power supply. They just happened to be the correct size Altoids Sours BBQ Grill
Noël dernier je n'ai offert que des cadeaux dématérialisés. Par exemple, j'ai offert une demi-journée de rangement à ma sœur : j'adore organiser alors qu'elle déteste ça. Elle était ravie, d'autant que c'était un moment pour nous retrouver et parler de tant de choses. Emballage récup étonnant
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Comment faire des économies grâce à une petite éolienne ? Pourquoi continuer à payer votre électricité si cher alors que le vent est une source sûre, gratuite et non polluante ? Les éoliennes ne sont pas condamnées à fleurir en bordures d'autoroutes, il en existe désormais de plus petites [...] Comment remplacer un interrupteur ? Lorsqu'un interrupteur est défaillant ou qu'il est cassé, il faut le remplacer. Vous pourriez aussi vouloir le changer pour la décoration de votre pièce, en adaptant d'autres systèmes comme les variateurs de lumière. Électricité - les fiches pratiques de Commentfait-on.com

Fabriquer avec des palettes

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Mobile kitchens
A New World within an iPod Box
Natalie Sampson Designs - Paint roller wall lamp
DIY: Easy way to cut glass bottles !
Alternative planter
LEGO School Back Bag
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Wear from recycled T-shirt
Weekly Make It Challenge: T-shirts
Potholder from an old T-shirt - Recyclart
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Child's Play Kitchen
Dinosaur can
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Upcycled cans for camping mugs
Toilet paper rolls Chrysanthemum
Toc, toc, qui est là ?
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Sew | Macaron Coin Purse
Des bijoux à base de poupées Barbie et Ken démembrés
Art by Pir8t Bottle Cap Pendants Glass Etching & More by Pir8t
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DIY Room Decor
ashley’s picture frame tray
Making Crafty Fridge Magnets
12 aimants diam 12 mm.
atelier v.
atelier v.
Esprit cabane, magazine des idées créatives et écologiques
Bricolage bio, esprit cabane, idees pour bricoler sain et ecolo
Esprit récup
Sacs-a-main-Eco.ca - Journee de la terre, Cadeaux écolos pour professeurs, enfants et autres fetes, anniversaires, Pour une contribution à l’environnement, un sac à main à la fois…!
Recycled Notebooks - Martha Stewart Crafts
How to Make Silver and Gold Tin stars from soda cans. **Tutorial added page 2** - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS
Lane Patterson free shipping free freight Sculptor, Artist from Tucson Arizona. Functional Sculpture, Functional Art, Recycled Art, Recycled Functional Art, Recycled Green Lighting, Sculptural Lamps, Lamp Sculpture, Daniel B. Newman Art Dealer Green Valle
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