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Pearlers who have ideas to share about pearltrees future can team up here noosquest Jun 24

Pearltrees Hits Android, as it Prepares to Become a File Manager

Pearltrees Hits Android, as it Prepares to Become a File Manager Pearltrees is a content curation startup that we’ve been tracking for some time now, and today it’s launching an app on Android. However, there’s a twist, as the launch points towards an expansion of exactly what this service is all about. As with the Web and iOS versions of Pearltrees, the Android app allows you to create, share and explore mindmap-style ‘trees’ of content. So, I could create a tree of articles, images and notes related to a particular theme and then if you searched Pearltrees for that theme, you’d find my tree and related ones by other people. It’s a highly visual, logical way of organizing and sharing ideas and information, and the Android app benefits from the OS’ built-in sharing capabilities. Any Web page can be added to a tree straight from the share menu in your browser.
Pearltrees, le cerveau du web ?
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Pearltrees Initiative

Pearltrees: What problem does Pearltrees solve

I find Pearltrees to be one of the most exciting platforms of the moment, especially if you are collaborating with people who are in other countries. Also been interested in comparing automated curating (such as with the manual curating which seems to be the heart of Pearltrees. Did an interesting interview with the tech evangelist of pearltrees at Leweb10. Pearltrees: What problem does Pearltrees solve
Learn from your customers for usable Web apps Imagine the following scenario: You go shopping to buy a loaf of bread. The shops look gorgeous, decked out in vivid colors and stunning artwork. Trouble is, you can't always tell from the window displays what sort of products are on sale inside. Eventually, you find a shop that looks promising and ignore advice that this store's expertise is with a gadget you don't own. You find the front door and wander in. Learn from your customers for usable Web apps

Hi, new ideas :-)

These days I'm thinking to suggest:

- sort of a task bar - or side bar - containing the most tapped/clicked link to our pearls (obviously customizable and different for each user)
- and a multi tab browser (that day I could really stop using chrome, safari, firefox & co. with a pearltree like that !!!)

:-) :-)

keep on pearling ! by garabaldafafarata Dec 6

I really hope somebody else join this team: Pearltrees has great potential and anyone's suggestion can help to grow up it more and more.

I'll try to find pearls suitable for the team.
I think debate is the best way in such a case, however.

Keep on pearling! by garabaldafafarata Nov 30

Hi noosquest,
excuse me for my belated reply :-)
Took a look at your message yesterday but I have had no time for answering.
- just adding some pearls here and there during the day, you now... :-) -

Thanks for your tips about trees planning and architecture: it's an issue I pointed out to me since my subscription to pearltrees.
I use a link-strategy for now, connecting everyone of my root-pearls and ideas with any other related ones by use of the duplication function...
In any case you' ve got the point: hierarchy choses are my main doubtful point (e.g. "magazines" could go below "news", but could also be placed below "books" in a broad sense; same thing for "California" - "geography" or "places to visit", assuming they are both important categories for the considered user? -) by garabaldafafarata Nov 30

Hi, nice initiative.
I would suggest 2 things:
a good search-bar in the pearler web-app
and the possibility to sort in alphabetical order the roots in the section "List of my pearltrees"

What do you think about it? by garabaldafafarata Nov 28