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Peace Mission: What It's All About. PEACE MISSION: Volume 3 of OTHER WORLDS: The Series Peace-Seekers ...

Peace Mission: What It's All About

They come from every corner of existence. Their destination ... Earth. They bring wisdom. "I admit that there was a small part of me that still lived in hesitation and doubt. But when the morning broke, and the first light of dawn touched upon the hulls of over a thousand crafts, that something within me broke. I was left to deal with the certainty that not only was I never going to be the same, but Planet Earth wasn't going to be either.

" ~~ Paul, the main character of "Peace Mission" Much more than a 'book,' PEACE MISSION is an attempt to reach out to all thinking human beings in an effort to bridge the gap between 'worlds' and dimensions. TanZin studied Paul silently for several minutes. “Here’s the thing,” Tan said, interrupting Paul’s thoughts. His words went off in Paul’s mind like an explosion. TanZin leaned forward urgently, knowing Paul’s thoughts. He sat back and studied Paul again. Paul nodded. “Indeed.” Exopolitics blogs and essays. Transcending the Matrix Control System. UFOs and Alien Abductions in Los Angeles: The Court of Owls. Owls.....

UFOs and Alien Abductions in Los Angeles: The Court of Owls

In older Western myths owls are associated with Wisdom, Helpfulness, and Prophecy. In the middle ages they were viewed as evil and harbingers of doom. In New Wold they are viewed as powerful entity... either one of great evil or protection. In eastern tradition it can be viewed as a keeper of souls. What ever its roots its an ancient and powerful symbol of mystery. I stayed away from the series mind you because it was well, even as a comic fan, something said don't buy. Back to the Owls... like Rabbits... their symbolism are melded with the Greys. Ufo Chick.

Exclusive Interview With seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo. UFO Hunters 2012: Exclusive interview with Youtube users seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo You are going to see and hear a lot of incredible things in this live interview with Alison (seeingUFOsPA) and Mojo (whotookmymojo) that unfolded in March of 2012.

Exclusive Interview With seeingUFOsPA & whotookmymojo

The nature of the phenomenon; orbs and morphing; UFO hunting; spiritual and scientific aspects; the dark side of filming UFOs and UFO disclosure are all discussed in detail--backed with some of the most convincing and undeniable footage that exists today. As always, please comment with your polite and insightful opinions. The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour. Well, with Mercury in Retrograde (and letting us all know it) I thought it would be a good time to go back in time and invite our old friend Paul Weston onto The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour.

The Secret Sun Radio Mystery Hour

Strap yourself in for a tour de force journey through a range of esoteric topics, with the idea of sacred landscapes as the starting point. From there Paul brings his encyclopedia of a brain to bear on topics as wide-ranging as Glastonbury, the Aztecs, the Maya, the Toltecs, Quetzalcoatl, leylines, the Cygnus Mystery, UFO abductions, David Icke, William Blake, Jeffrey Russell, Stonehenge, the Arthurian mythos, John Michell, crop circles, Phoenicians, Venice, Syria, the Druids, stone chambers, pre-Columbian colonies in America, the Sinclair family and Roslyn Chapel, the Giza necropolis, and much, much more. Believe me, this is one that you're going to want to listen to a few times and take notes. EMVs - Designers of the Solar System - James Horak.

At Spiral's End. Glimpses Behind The Veil. ULTIMATEPARANORMAL. Latest-UFO-Sightings. Hidden experience.