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For Rutgers LIS courses

Getting Started with Flipgrid. Getting Started With: Embedding Media in Canvas. LibGuides Tutorial. Copyright-Friendly Toolkit. However fabulous Creative Commons and Public Domain content may be, sometimes you really need to use copyrighted material. Say you plan to comment on popular media or current events. For instance, you may be planning to critique the portrayal of Native Americans in commercial films.

You are going to want to “quote” some commercial films like Pocahontas, Lone Ranger, and Dances with Wolves. If you are reviewing a book, you may want to share its cover art. You may use copyrighted content without asking permission if you believe that your use falls under the doctrine known as Fair Use. In general, when you transform original content, repurpose it, and add value to it in your own remix, you may be able to claim the use fair. According to American University’s Center for Media and Social Impact, these two tests or questions help you plan whether to use the copyrighted work of others without asking permission: The video below explains why the Code for Fair Use in Online Video was created. Canvas Student Orientation Tutorial (Self-Paced) This course is designed to help you become familiar with the learning management system, Canvas, that is used for online and hybrid courses. This is a self-paced course, and you can move through it in your own time.

Completing the course should take 2-4 hours. To participate in the practice activities, join the course. Orientation Content This course covers: Getting Started in CanvasParticipating in a Course in CanvasCollaboration in CanvasTools that May Be Used The Getting Started module provides an overview, while the Participating and Collaboration modules offer text and video guides followed by hands-on practice. Orientation Objectives At the end of this course you should be able to: Getting Started To start moving through the course, click on Modules, second in the course menu at the right, and select the first item under "Getting Started in Canvas. " Please note this course is for demonstration purposes only! LyndaCampus at SC&I and MGSA-VA | School of Communication and Information | Rutgers University.

LibGuides Tutorials (Requires login) Rutgers University Libraries: Guides By Subject.