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Excel Tips, Excel Tutorials and Excel Techniques. Jon's Excel Charts and Tutorials - Index. ExcelRibbon.Tips.Net - Powerful tips on using Microsoft Excel. Jon Peltier's Web Site. Filled Histograms Using Excel XY-Area Charts. I recently showed how to create Histograms Using Excel XY Charts.

Filled Histograms Using Excel XY-Area Charts

This technique produces a human-friendly numerical X axis scale, which is easier to read and harder to be deceived by than the bin labels used by column chart histograms. The drawback of that technique is that it produces histogram bars in outline only, without a fill color. In this post I will show how to extend that technique to fill the bars, using the protocol from Fill Below an XY Chart Series with an XY-Area Combination Chart. The Excel Charts Blog — Charts, Dashboards and Effective Data Visualization for Excel Users. Excel Pivot Table Tutorial. With a running total in a pivot table, you can see how amounts accumulate over a period of time, or through a range of products.

Excel Pivot Table Tutorial

To create a running total, use the Custom Calculation feature in a pivot table. In this pivot table tutorial, we'll focus on the Running Total custom calculation.