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20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes. I’ve edited a monthly magazine for more than six years, and it’s a job that’s come with more frustration than reward.

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

If there’s one thing I am grateful for — and it sure isn’t the pay — it’s that my work has allowed endless time to hone my craft to Louis Skolnick levels of grammar geekery. As someone who slings red ink for a living, let me tell you: grammar is an ultra-micro component in the larger picture; it lies somewhere in the final steps of the editing trail; and as such it’s an overrated quasi-irrelevancy in the creative process, perpetuated into importance primarily by bitter nerds who accumulate tweed jackets and crippling inferiority complexes. But experience has also taught me that readers, for better or worse, will approach your work with a jaundiced eye and an itch to judge. How To… Embed This Infographic <a href= ‎"><img src=" title="10 How Tos" alt="How To Infographic" border="0" class="nopin" /></a><br />Source: <a href=' title='Interesting Facts'><a href=' title='Interesting Facts'>Today I Found Out</a></a> 1) How to drastically increase the life of your shaving razor Before or after you shave (I prefer before so that the blades are dry), place your jeans on a hard flat surface; then run the razor up the pant legs about 10-15 times quickly; then repeat running it down the pant legs 10-15 times quickly.

How To…

7 Simple Ways To Burst Out of Bed Each Morning. Pronunciator - Learn to Speak 60 Languages - 100% Free. Smart Shopping: 5 Tricks to Avoid Impulse Buys - CBS Last Updated Oct 12, 2010 5:29 PM EDT We've all done it: splurging on an impulse buy, only to come home to a "what was I thinking?

Smart Shopping: 5 Tricks to Avoid Impulse Buys - CBS

" reality check. A new survey by Harris Interactive and the National Endowment for Financial Education says a whopping 80% of American adults admit to making impulse purchases in the past year, either for themselves or for their home. Not surprisingly, two-thirds say they later regretted the purchase. The fact is, the pressure is on when we shop. Free Stuff All Year Round - CBS Last Updated Aug 26, 2010 11:03 AM EDT On any given day, retailers may offer free, random giveaways to drive traffic to their stores.

Free Stuff All Year Round - CBS

My trick to finding out current and upcoming freebies is to search on Google News. Type in "free coffee" or "free breakfast" or "free massage" and you'll get several results. I just did for "free" and discovered free donuts at Dunkin Donuts on June 4, as part of National Donut Day. (The freebie catch is you have to first buy a beverage first. Top 10 Things You Can Get for Free or Cheap. Communication Design, Visual design and Brand Strategy. Extreme Couponing - The Krazy Coupon Lady. Tide Location Selection for Washington.

How to use: Pick the site in Washington for the tides.

Tide Location Selection for Washington

Then scroll to the bottom of this page. Select (highlight) the month, start date, and total days. Press the Get Tides button. Jump to the following subregions of Washington: 11 Awesome Hangover Cures. Hangovers are the worst.

11 Awesome Hangover Cures

That nasty combo of headache, nausea and gut-pain can cost you precious hours of your life. While there are certainly preventative measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of a hangover (headache medication, food, lots of water before bed, etc.), inevitably you’re going to get stuck with a dirty hangover that you need to crush before it kills your day. bedtime calculator. Steps to help you thrive in hard times. Post-traumatic growth is the ability not only to bounce back from adversity but also to flourish.

Steps to help you thrive in hard times

Researchers have discovered that the key to post-traumatic growth is resilience Self-awareness helps you understand your habits of thinking, feeling and acting Relying on others is necessary, and it is certainly not a sign of weakness Editor's note: Freelance writer Amanda Enayati contributes regularly to (CNN) -- Most anyone you stop on the street knows something about post-traumatic stress disorder, also referred to as PTSD. But mention post-traumatic growth and you are more likely than not to be met with blank stares.