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Mad Scientist Injects Himself A Millions Year-old Permafrost Bacteria And The Results Are Mind-boggling. In what sounds like a story fit for a Marvel comic, Anatoli Brouchkov, a controversial Russian Scientist has injected himself with bacteria that is 3.5 million years old, and, more astounding, has stated that this is the elusive key to “eternal life”.

Mad Scientist Injects Himself A Millions Year-old Permafrost Bacteria And The Results Are Mind-boggling

Found in the Siberian permafrost, these cells have made him feel stronger and healthier than he ever has before and, he claims, have a high resistance to environmental factors and astonishing levels of vitality. It is also claimed that tests undertaken on animals have resulted in the cells showing a marked increase in physical activity and a fortified immune system. Head of the Geocryology Department at Moscow State University, Professor Anatoli Broushkov has not succumbed to illness in two years, since he first started the experiments on himself, according to the Russian Media. Labelled “Bacillus F”, the 3.5 million-year-old bacteria is believed to one of the key components in improving longevity in humans.

The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever. A new bionic eye lens currently in development would give humans 3x 20/20 vision, at any age.

The 8 Minute Surgery That Will Give You Superhuman Vision. Forever

The lens, named the Ocumetics Bionic Lens, was developed by Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in British Columbia who was looking for a way to optimize eyesight regardless of a person’s health or age. With this remarkable lens, patients would have perfect vision, ending the need for driving glasses, progressive lenses, and contacts, all of which are set to become a dim memory as the eye-care industry is transformed, CBC reports.

Tesla's tower (Wardenclyffe Tower): 12 meters height prototype finally raised! Tesla's tower – Tesla's dream of wireless transfer of energy over long distances can become a reality!

Tesla's tower (Wardenclyffe Tower): 12 meters height prototype finally raised!

“Let the future tell the truth, judge every man according to his work and merit. The present is theirs, but the future is mine, for which I worked so hard. “- Nikola Tesla And the future starts now… Wi-Fi-powered electronics make Nikola Tesla's dream a reality. What if you could power your iPhone from thin air?

Wi-Fi-powered electronics make Nikola Tesla's dream a reality

Making wires redundant was one of Nikola Tesla’s biggest dreams – a dream University of Washington researchers want to fulfill with PoWiFi. Shyam Gollakota and his team recently demonstrated technology at EmTech Digital in San Francisco that harvests ambient ‘backscatter’ radio signals to power battery-free temperature and camera sensors.

The technology can also be used to charge nickel–metal hydride and lithium-ion coin-cell batteries at distances of up to 28 feet. GUNDAM became reality in Japan! - Sabah Technology. E N ergy demonstrates the Be H Plastic to Oil System Long Version. Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally. In the 1960s, when Britain applied to join the European Economic Community, a predecessor of today’s European Union, it was vetoed by France.

Portable, solar-powered ecocapsules mean you can live rent- and electric-bill free, globally

Twice. The UK made it into the club, eventually, in 1973. Shortly thereafter, new prime minister Harold Wilson called a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member. It wasn’t close—two-thirds of voters opted to stay in the club on June 6, 1975. Belying its initial enthusiasm, Britain has been an awkward member of the economic bloc ever since, reluctantly pulled along as the EU has expanded to 28 countries, of which 19 now also share the same currency, the euro. Revealed: The World's First Bio-Digital Canopy Can Produce Equal Amount Of Oxygen As A Forest AnonHQ.

Environment Oxygen is one of the main contributing factors to why our Earth is thriving with life, with an estimated 70 to 80% of it being produced by marine life and aquatic plants.

Revealed: The World's First Bio-Digital Canopy Can Produce Equal Amount Of Oxygen As A Forest AnonHQ

But with the rise of de-forestation, rising CO2 emissions and degradation of terrestrial and aquatic environments, oxygen levels within our atmosphere over time might become depleted, causing obvious issues for all organisms inhabiting our planet. Livecell - Sustainable Self-charging Battery - Saikat Biswas. Livecell is a self recharging battery that harnesses power from your movement.

Livecell - Sustainable Self-charging Battery - Saikat Biswas

It can be used for any device but it's particularly great for small devices like remote controls, cordless mouse, small clocks, Wiimote etc. Future batteries, coming soon: charge in seconds, last months and power over the air. While smartphones, smarthomes and even smart wearables are growing ever more advanced, they're still limited by power.

Future batteries, coming soon: charge in seconds, last months and power over the air

The battery hasn't advanced in decades. But we're on the verge of a power revolution. Big technology companies, and now car companies that are making electric vehicles, are all too aware of the limitations of current lithium-ion batteries. MindLeap brings medical grade brain machine interfacing to VR and AR gaming - Virtual Reality & Oculus News and Events. One, two, three… I counted slowly in my head, relaxing myself.

MindLeap brings medical grade brain machine interfacing to VR and AR gaming - Virtual Reality & Oculus News and Events

As I did I saw my orb of light begin to grow, as my defenses strengthened against my opponents attack. I was currently engaged in an all out ‘battle of the minds’ with the man next to me, using our brainwaves to control beams of energy as they clashed in an epic tug of war. My defenses fully restored, I moved on the offense, focusing my mind, willing the beam to push harder against my opponent’s. The Void - It's like Laser Tag on VRsteroids - Virtual Reality & Oculus News and Events. The Void is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

The Void - It's like Laser Tag on VRsteroids - Virtual Reality & Oculus News and Events

Their beautifully produced video says it all. Seriously check it out above. The company claims to have “significant sums being invested in the technology behind the experience,” which is important given the scope and expense of the venture. According to their website, they are planning to open these “Virtual Entertainment Centers” (VECs) in major cities throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. If these VECs are anything like the video, I think my mind might actually explode. Haptic holograms let you touch the void in VR - tech - 01 December 2014. Video: Sound sculpting lets you feel 3D holograms Feeling is believing. A system that uses sound waves to project "haptic holograms" into mid-air – letting you touch 3D virtual objects with your bare hands – is poised to bring virtual reality into the physical world. Scientists Just Created Crystals That Make Breathing Underwater A Possibility. Danish scientists are a step closer to significantly helping people who suffer from respiratory ailments, thanks to a revolutionary new absorption crystal.

Working out of the University of Southern Denmark, the group has uncovered crystalline materials which are capable of pulling oxygen out of both air and water, a discovery which could eventually mark the end of the need to carry around cumbersome oxygen tanks. The revolutionary crystalline material can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations, then control its release time depending on what the user needs. This new discovery could even benefit deep sea divers, giving them superhero-like abilities to stay submerged for extended periods of time without an air tank. The standard human body can function with only 21% oxygen in the air around us, but about when we need it in higher concentrations? Ion Shield for Interplanetary Spaceships Now a Reality. Bubble chamber image of charged particles being deflected by a magnetic field (CERN) British scientists invent “mini-magnetosphere” to protect astronauts during solar storms. Space travel during a solar storm just became a little less risky.

Students create a machine that turns pop bottles into 3D printing materials. In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of their studies in 3D printing, three engineering physics students at the University of British Columbia have developed a desktop plastic recycler and extruder that turns plastic waste into new material. Although it’s not the only plastic recycler of its kind, it is unique in a few different ways.

The most obvious difference is its size; the ProtoCycler is a desktop model, which takes up less space and is perfect for small-scale projects. It also looks a bit like a toaster. This desktop recycler is also considerably less expensive than similar products already on the market, making it more accessible for schools and universities to try their hand at 3D printing. Why Physicists Are Saying Consciousness Is A State Of Matter, Like a Solid, A Liquid Or A Gas — The Physics arXiv Blog. There’s a quiet revolution underway in theoretical physics.

For as long as the discipline has existed, physicists have been reluctant to discuss consciousness, considering it a topic for quacks and charlatans. Indeed, the mere mention of the ‘c’ word could ruin careers. That’s finally beginning to change thanks to a fundamentally new way of thinking about consciousness that is spreading like wildfire through the theoretical physics community. PrimerCube. MindRDR (mind_rdr) Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine' OS:Tesla, Meyl, and Jackson's Wireless Aetheric Power Transmission. Teletransporte o teleportación en China 2012 ¡¡¡ IMPRESIONANTE!!! Dr Marcel Vogel - Speaking on the structuring of water.

Using rust and water to store solar energy as hydrogen. Anti-Gravity Patent Available For Development. Antigravity Mechanism - Quantum Levitation: When Science Imitates Magic. Randy's Donuts. Keshe能源機模擬動畫. First all-carbon solar cell. British engineers produce amazing 'petrol from air' technology. Experiment Keshe Foundation 21 september 2012 with burning lamp and boat with Tesla Antenna. Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Cosmology books, ebooks, EUbooks, pdfs, reviews, reference and research papers - free, online, paperback.

Free Energy

Stan Meyers water powered Buggy. Fusion breakthrough. A small New Jersey company has reported a big step toward cracking nuclear fusion, the elusive energy source that many people regard as the Holy Grail of power. Realtime Holograms & Augmented Reality. CNN Shows Off Hologram Technology - Presidential Election. BALTIC SEA UFO ANOMALY Update 11th July 2012 (HD) (The Coverup)

7/9/2012 - BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY CHALLENGES THEORY OF RELATIVITY & HISTORY. Earth's magnetic field, ionosphere, Global Coherence Initiative Monitoring System. The Global Coherence Initiative is a collaborative research project with the Institute of HeartMath, Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher and other engineers and scientists to design, build and maintain a Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS). The GCMS will directly measure fluctuations in the magnetic fields generated by the earth and in the ionosphere. Dr Rauscher, an internationally renowned astrophysicist and nuclear scientist, has worked at such institutions as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory and consults regularly with NASA and the U.S. Navy. Starting in the early 1980’s, she and her late husband, Dr. Their research has led to some significant findings. The scientific community is just beginning to appreciate how the fields generated by living systems and the ionosphere interact with one another.

A number of important findings already have emerged. Figure 1. Figure 2. Click to view GCI’s Sensor Site Map 2012. ScienceCasts: Mysterious Objects at the Edge of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.