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Dan North & Associates. [This article has been translated into Korean by HongJoo Lee, French by Philippe Poumaroux, Spanish by Adrian Moya, Russian by Denis Oleynik, and German by Julia Kadauke.]

Dan North & Associates

Behaviour-driven development is an “outside-in” methodology. It starts at the outside by identifying business outcomes, and then drills down into the feature set that will achieve those outcomes. Each feature is captured as a “story”, which defines the scope of the feature along with its acceptance criteria. This article introduces the BDD approach to defining and identifying stories and their acceptance criteria. Introduction Software delivery is about writing software to achieve business outcomes. Usually, the business outcomes are too coarse-grained to be used to directly write software (where do you start coding when the outcome is “save 5% of my operating costs”?) This, then, is the role of a Story. The structure of a story BDD provides a structure for a story. Telling the story. 10 Reasons Why BDD Changes Everything - Larry Apke. Recently I have been working with my two scrum teams to implement a BDD approach to our development.

10 Reasons Why BDD Changes Everything - Larry Apke

I’d have to say that the early results are astounding! While I have always known and believed in BDD in theory, I continue to be amazed by its simple power in practice. For anyone reading who is considering BDD adoption, below are 10 good reasons to move off of the sidelines and embrace BDD: 1. Communication between business and development is extremely focused as a result of common language.

DevFreeBooks. How Can I Quickly Learn Terminal Commands?


IDE. Stack Overflow. Google Developers. Ohloh Code Search. Daily curation of the latest and hottest coding tools. CodeProject - For those who code. Coderbits - Intelligent portfolios for developers and designers. Featured Related Tags - Runnable.

Codepad. API Dashboard: ProgrammableWeb. The API Economy and You. Adam DuVander speaks fluent “developer” while serving as Developer Communications Director at SendGrid.

The API Economy and You

Previously, Adam wrote for Wired, Webmonkey and edited ProgrammableWeb, the leading resource for APIs. Just a few years ago, application programming interfaces (APIs) were largely viewed as an easy, functional way to make applications work together, a digital adhesive of sorts. Today, the value of the API has evolved into much more than a simple bridging mechanism. For many developers, APIs have become the foundational architecture that allows them to manifest their vision. Consider the Pareto Principle, which states that 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes; apps and cloud services already do 80 percent of what your application needs so leverage that ecosystem to focus in on the 20 percent of “magic” that you can call your own. A look back Facebook and Twitter soon followed suit with their own open API strategies. FileFormat.Info. Practice for Programmers.

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Practice for Programmers

We're sorry, you're browser doesn't support file upload features required for custom lesson creation. To upgrade, please update or switch browsers. Subscription Details Custom lesson uploads can be activated by upgrading.Registration date: Cancel SubscriptionAre you sure you want to cancel? 14 day free trial Scissor Switch Plan Free Typing Lessons in 16 LanguagesRealistic Key Processing EngineTypo Cost Analysis.

TypeRacer - Test your typing speed and learn to type faster. Free typing game and competition. Way more fun than a typing tutor! Choosing an OSS license doesn’t need to be scary - How to become an expert in Linux Command Line. Linux is a Unix-like and most powerful operating system in the world.

How to become an expert in Linux Command Line

It was assembled under the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) development and distribution. First Linux kernel was released on 5 Oct 1991 by Linus Torvalds. In 2014 Linux Torvalds continuously updates the kernel, so the Linux operating system goes more powerful day by day. So learning Linux command lines are much better than learning some programming languages. Most of the Linux flavors has both the GUI and the command shell.

You don’t need to know the Linux commands for using them, but learning the Linux commands will make you a guru in computer. But it’s not true, once you started to use the command shells then you will never going back to the GUI. There are several books and resources are available to learn the Linux commands. This is a great book for learning Linux command for both the beginners and the intermediate persons. Linux Command directory is a great quick reference guide. Watch people code. Watching People Code Could Be The Next Big Thing. Twitch made streaming video games into a hugely popular phenomenon, so what could be next big livestreaming thing?

Watching People Code Could Be The Next Big Thing

Perhaps it’s watching other people code. You might also like: Boston Dynamics Shows Off Amazing New Robot Dog An emerging trend appears to be live streams in which viewers can tune in to watch people code things like Minecraft servers, writing a compiler from scratch or building a search engine. There are tons of streams already popping up around the internet. Pair programming is already a popular way to learn how to code in businesses, but it’s not always realistic to have someone shadow you while you work. A new subreddit dedicated to keeping track of live coding sessions saw almost 2,000 subscribers in 25 days and a website that tracks currently available coding streams was floating near the top of Product Hunt yesterday.

Is it possible that the next big thing in streaming video could be watching people code? Featured Image: Shutterstock.