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Languages - Spanish - Test your Spanish. GCSE Bitesize - Spanish. BBC Cymru - Addysg - Sbaeneg - Gemau dysgu Sbaeneg i blant ysgol Cymru. Schools - Primary Languages - Spanish: Words, phrases, activities, games, clips and songs for children learning Spanish. LoMásTv - Spanish Immersion TV - The Authentic Way to Learn Spanish. Yabla Chinese - Chinese Immersion TV - The Authentic Way to Learn Chinese. Outdoors. The Benefits of Bilingualism.

National Capital Language Resource Center. Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Vocabulary. Hi.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Vocabulary

My name is Nancy Guilloteau. I am a lecturer in the Dept. of French and Italian. I have been teaching here since 1998, and have been the Language Program Director since 2006. During my tenure at UT, I have taught classes at all levels. At the undergraduate level, I have taught beginning language courses, advanced conversation, French phonetics, advanced grammar and composition, French business culture, and a French and American cultural values course. As Language Program Director, my job includes training and supervising our graduate students who are funded as TAs and AIs.

In this module, I will begin by addressing the importance of actively teaching vocabulary in the second language classroom. ACTFL Guidelines 2012. Welcome to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 online. Here you will find the most current version of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading made interactive through the inclusion of glossed terms and multimedia exemplars. You can explore the Guidelines by skill or by level, listen to and read samples in English that represent abilities at each of the major proficiency levels.

Download the complete text of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012 document in a PDF format. Previous versions of the Guidelines are available here: 1986, 1999, 2001. General Preface to the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines 2012. Language, Business and the "Halo Effect" Success in the Global Marketplace through Language and Intercultural Competence. Network of Business Language Educators. Building bridges to the future:Innovation, technology, advocacy.

Network of Business Language Educators

AATSP 2013 Opening Panel Be the catalyst at your institution to promote ways to prepare our students to be global leaders in the 21st century workplace!!!!!! On this page you will find resources to help you promote the value of foreign language and cultural studies to administrators and parents in your community. Lead With Languages… Advocacy Presentations. Task-Based Language Teaching › Dave & Jane Willis answer TBLT questions from Japan. Something a little different this week.

Task-Based Language Teaching › Dave & Jane Willis answer TBLT questions from Japan

Below is an article written by Dave and Jane Willis, which they were kind enough to submit to a special TBLT issue of JALT’s The Language Teacher journal which I guest edited last year. Task-based second language instruction. Mohammed K.

Task-based second language instruction

Ahmed International University of Japan Abstract | Back to Ahmed's Publications & Presentations Page | Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. H.

Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy

Douglas Brown's Teaching by Principles is intended for teachers in training -- those who intend to be teachers but who have little or no classroom experience -- and for teachers who train teachers. It is centered, not surprisingly, around certain principles of language teaching and learning, echoing Brown's own Principles of Language Teaching and Learning (1994). His new book Teaching by Principles is itself a manifestation of the principles which it espouses and, while one is again tempted to say "not surprisingly," it is not always a given that authors in our profession themselves "do as they say. " Brown does. The book is organized into four main sections: Foundations for Classroom Practice; Context of Teaching; Designing and Implementing Classroom Techniques; and Classroom Practicalities. THE PRINCIPLE OF CONTEXT: Brown's first chapter "where Do I Begin? " THE PRINCIPLE OF READABILITY: Brown's prose is a pleasure to read because it is clear, concise, and to the point.

Introduction. Introduction The person who learns a language without learning a culture risks becoming a fluent fool.


(J. Bennett, M. Bennett, & Allen, 2003, p. 237) This report on intercultural communicative language teaching was commissioned by the Ministry of Education in the context of the development of the 2007 New Zealand Curriculum, with its new learning area of learning languages. UNIT 4C - Communicative Language Teaching. As a language teacher, one of the most important things you can do to help your students improve their communication skills is to implement real and authentic communication activities into your classes.

UNIT 4C - Communicative Language Teaching

These activities will help your students be successful when they need to use communication skills outside of the classroom. Two years ago, Jan taught community ESL classes in the western United States. The make-up of her classes was mostly people of Hispanic origin and her classes tended to be lively and amusing. There was a good level of participation and the students enjoyed working in groups. The main problem was that sometimes the students’ pronunciation wasn’t very good.

This year Jan got a job teaching English at a Korean high school. What would you do in this situation? After you work through this unit you will be able to describe and apply the following: Communicative Language Teaching approach. Foreign Language Teaching Methods: The Language Teacher. Communicative Language Teaching The term "Communicative Language Teaching" (CLT) means different things to different teachers.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: The Language Teacher

To some teachers, it simply means a greater emphasis on the use of the target language in the classroom, and in particular, a greater emphasis on orality. To other teachers, communication entails the exchange of unknown information between interlocutors. And finally, some teachers understand communication in the most global, anthropological terms, that is, as a cultural-bond system for making meaning. Despite their various definitions of CLT, all the module instructors seem to advocate for a communicative approach. Have you heard educators use the term "Communicative Language Teaching? " Communicative Language Teaching. Communicative Language Teaching Background The origins of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) are to be found in the changes in the British language teaching tradition dating from the late 1960s.

Communicative Language Teaching

Until then, Situational Language represented the major British approach to teaching English as a foreign language. In Situational Language Teaching, language was taught by practicing basic structures in meaningful situation-based activities. Principles and actions / Pedagogy / Learning languages / Home - Senior Secondary. All language teachers need to be familiar with: Ten principles for instructed second-language acquisition Rod Ellis’s ten principles provide a strong research base for the planning and delivery of effective language teaching and learning programmes.

Principles and actions / Pedagogy / Learning languages / Home - Senior Secondary

The ten principles. Spanish Beginners syllabus support. ¡Bienvenidos a Así! José Picardo – Box of Tricks Education Ltd. Casa de Joanna: Spanish Resources. Bienvenidos. Foreign Language Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers. Joy's Second Language Launch Pad.

Provides resources for teachers and students which include lessons and syllabi, computer assisted language learning, mailing lists, links to research information and job opportunities. Kokone. This Spanish-language kids' site is about Mexico's culture. El Tlacuache, an opossum-like creature, is the animated guide. Students will find games and riddles, a Latin American cooking section, an animals and eco-adventure section, a life through the eyes of the children of Mexico section, a literature section , and a historical section. Languages - Spanish - Mi Vida Loca. Teaching Foreign Languages K-12: A Library of Classroom Practices. Spanish - Español Printable Worksheets. Ejercicios de español. FORMESPA: CANCIONES PARA LA CLASE DE ELE.

Search lessons by keyword. PowerPoint Presentations. Spanish Language Learning Online. Actividades del AVE. Aveteca. Language Learning & Technology - Home.