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Survivalism / Sustainability

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Getting ready: Pentagon to protect electric grid from massive attack. #5: Cooking With a Solar Oven - Vegetable Soup. 27 Tactics You Can Use Today to Take Better Risks. Problem: We’re pre-conditioned to avoid risk even though we deal with it on a regular basis.

27 Tactics You Can Use Today to Take Better Risks

As a result, we do poorly when forced to make a risky decision because we’re totally unprepared. Solution: If we engineer small risks in our lives on a daily basis, we can become better equipped to deal with bigger problems as they arise. I love taking risks. Smart ones, that is. I love to strategize and attempt to out hustle the people who tell me my ideas are crazy and won’t work. How to survive. Mangroves: Nature's defence against Tsunamis.

Independent Survivalist Thinkers

Energy. Off the Grid. Bunny Farming. Maintenance/Repair. Data. Permaculture. Climate Change. Make it your Self. Tools. Gardening.