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Speaker Slides & Video: Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2011 - Co-produced by O'Reilly Media & UBM TechWeb, March 28 - 31, 2011, San Francisco. In evolutionary theory, punctuated equilibrium refers to a period of significant environmental stress resulting in rapid, dramatic changes among species.

Speaker Slides & Video: Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2011 - Co-produced by O'Reilly Media & UBM TechWeb, March 28 - 31, 2011, San Francisco

It is a powerful model for understanding the changes in technology, business models and data over the last few decades - changes that have given rise to the age of APIs. Reid Hoffman, Founder, Executive Chairman, LinkedIn, joins Liz Gannes in conversation on our main stage. Lynne d Johnson, SVP of social media at the Advertising Research Foundation and John C. Havens, SVP of social media at Porter Novelli will demonstrate how Augmented Reality (AR) provides a ‘touchstone technology’ that layers mobile commerce, social networking and location-based advertising in a seamless format for consumers and brands. Gamification is rapidly changing how we engage users and solve problems - affecting big brands and small startups alike. Hundreds of Web 2.0 apps for business are created today, only dozens of them survive. Pour Windows Phone 7, PC et Xbox 360. HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin.

Pipl - People Search. Yahoo, Others Eyeing Yahoo and some of the other web giants have been kicking the tires on New York-based URL shortening service, according to a few people in the know.

Yahoo, Others Eyeing

The interest in the company has increased over the past 60 days or so. Conversations are said it to be in early stages, and the company raised about $3.5 million ($2 million in venture capital and $1.5 million in debt) in March 2009 from Ron Conway and other super angel investors. declined to comment for the story. Yahoo has become increasingly acquisitive, as indicated by its interest in snapping up Dennis Crowley’s Foursquare for a rumored $110 million; the interest in seems to be continuation of that trend. Those in the know say that while Yahoo has intent to buy, the company needs to be more aggressive, especially considering its larger, richer rivals. To understand Yahoo’s thought process, check out Liz Gannes’ post Yahoo’s Big Plan for the Social Web in 2010: Aggregate it.

EnglEasy. Stupeflix - Video production made easy. Rhomobile - the open mobile framework. The Social Internet Survey Software & Online Survey Tool. TC50 DemoPit Startup AskYourTargetMarket Simplifies Market Resea. TC50 DemoPit company AskYourTargetMarket is hoping to simplify market research for businesses and solutions by offering a comprehensive platform where businesses can both create and deploy surveys.

TC50 DemoPit Startup AskYourTargetMarket Simplifies Market Resea

Since the site is in closed beta, AskYourTargetMarket has offered 500 invites for TechCrunch readers. Each invite comes with a free survey package for up to 50 respondents; enter the beta code “TC50-2009″ here. The site lets you define your target market demographic, then write a survey to distribute to focus groups. Because you are able to target a particular group, you don’t have to waste space on your survey with demographic questions.

Once your survey is finalized, AskYourTargetMarket will launch it to your desired demographic within their consumer panel for as little as $29.95 for 50 respondents. Once your survey has been deployed, results can be delivered in a few minutes up to 72 hours.