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Mobile, Software Development (IDEs & Software Platforms)

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Devknox - Security Plugin for Android Studio. Hyperlink. Security, android. B4A – The simple way to develop native Android apps. B4i - Develop native iOS apps on Windows. B4i is a development tool for native iOS applications.

B4i - Develop native iOS apps on Windows

B4i follows the same concepts as B4A, allowing you to reuse most of the code and build apps for both Android and iOS.This is the only development tool that allows you to develop 100% native iOS apps without a local Mac computer. Buy Full Version Screenshots & Videos. B4X – Develop Android, iOS and IoT applications. App Builder for iOS & Android - DIY App Maker by AppInstitute. AppSpotr - The app builder for the creative professional. Realm. MIT Mobile Learning. Learn to build Android apps.


Appcelerator / Titanium. Corona Labs. Hyperlink. FCPv2 (Freenet Client Protocol) Development / Debugging. Sacs et trousses. Mobile Apps for Education. Software and Application. GAMES & GAME DESIGN. Coding in School & Computer Science. Hyperlink.