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10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be On Google+ 10 Free SEO Tools We Use Every Day. I thought I'd take the time to share some of the 10 free SEO tools we use every day in our SEO efforts.

10 Free SEO Tools We Use Every Day

Since all of these tools are vital to our SEO, I'm uber-grateful for their existence, and even more thankful that they're FREE. And seeing that these SEO tools are in fact free, the least I can do is pay-it-forward, promote them and pass along some link love. Now, some of the free SEO tools on this list you may know about or use already, but hopefully you'll find some new tools you can use everyday in your own SEO efforts. 10 Free SEO Tools We'll Review: SEO for Firefox Toolbar- This SEO tool has become ingrained in my daily routine. Majestic SEO - I’m a big fan of Majestic SEO, which quickly has become an invaluable SEO tool for measuring link acquisition.

Keep Your Sanity and Prioritize Social Networks. "OK, so now that you have a website for your business, it's time to get active on social networks.

Keep Your Sanity and Prioritize Social Networks

Go ahead and create accounts for yourself on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, and don't forget that Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn also have special pages for businesses that you need to set up and be active on. Monitoring Brand Awareness Using Google Alerts. As a Content Promotion Specialist, I cannot tell you how pleased I am that I set up Google Alerts to both monitor and build brand awareness for my clients.

Monitoring Brand Awareness Using Google Alerts

While there are hundreds of ways to measure the performance of your social media campaigns out there (Sprout Social, Hootsuite), check how your keywords are performing (Google Analytics) or check out where your competitors are getting their links from (Majestic SEO, Ahrefs Site Explorer), there aren’t many better ways of finding out what people are saying about your brand than by simply Googling it.

We’ve all Googled ourselves before. Buffer - A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media. Expand, Engage, Evaluate. About IFTTT. Meet Generation C: The Connected Customer. InShare976 Marketers, educators, parents, it seems that almost anyone in the Generation X or Boomer demographic is scratching their heads trying to figure out Generation Y aka the Millennial.

After all, it’s the first generation to seemingly possess digital prowess as part of their DNA. And, it’s the first generation to receive both a birth certificate and a social profile or presence upon delivery into this world. A study published in 2011 by security company AVG and Research Now surveyed 2,200 mothers from around the world and found that 81% of children under the age of two currently have some type of digital footprint. 92% of U.S. children have an online presence created for them by the time they are 2 years old. In many cases, a digital presence is born before the child, with sonograms (23%) actively published and shared on social networks and blogs. With every day that passes, Gen Y becomes far more important to the economy than we can realize. Running a Successful Webinar: 10 Presentation Commandments. For anyone about to present a webinar for the first time, the online experience can be just as nerve-wracking as its offline counterpart of physical presentations in a room filled with strangers.

Running a Successful Webinar: 10 Presentation Commandments

In an infographic from AD:60 on webinar statistics, most companies tend to run one or more webinars each month, with the average webinar featuring 28 participants, 2 presenters, and a run time of 65 minutes in place. But in the event that a presenter decides to pull out of the webinar at the last minute and leave you flying solo, leading a webinar over an hour long that keeps everyone talking after can suddenly seem more daunting than it initially appeared to be. Don’t sweat the small stuff and take my tried and true tips into consideration when it comes to webinar success! Waarom niemand je retweet: 3 basisregels. De Twitterhaters.

Waarom niemand je retweet: 3 basisregels

De Twittersufferds. Online Income Marketing. Zoekwoorden Analyse. Een zoekwoord analyse vormt de basis van een succesvolle - zoekmachine optimalisatie - campagne.

Zoekwoorden Analyse

6 techniques to improve your SEO social indicators. ZoekMachine Optimalisatie Handleiding SEO Gids Google SEO Guide, MarketBizz, Diessen 5087 BB. Hieronder vindt u de vertaling van de officiele Gids voor Zoekmachine Optimalisatie, zoals die grotendeels ook bij Google intern wordt gebruikt en deze gids omvat de basisbeginselen van Zoekmachine Optimalisatie Deze handleiding zal geen geheimen prijsgeven over hoe u automatisch hoger in de Resultaten Pagina's terecht komt, het is meer de basis waarmee u rekening moet houden als u een site opbouwt en dit zo optimaal mogelijk wilt doen; voor de zoekmachines, maar vooral ook voor de bezoekers.

ZoekMachine Optimalisatie Handleiding SEO Gids Google SEO Guide, MarketBizz, Diessen 5087 BB

En uiteindelijk zal een optimale website toch tot de hoogste posities in de SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) leiden. De doe-het-zelf SEO review [checklist] Anno 2012 staan social media en mobile in het centrum van belangstelling.

De doe-het-zelf SEO review [checklist]

Maar laten we vooral die money maker SEO niet vergeten voor onze websites. Share, bookmark, email "Using Social Media to Influence Your Brand Image" Guided tour. Why Personal Branding Is Crucial for Your Small Business Success. What the HELL is social media - in 2 minutes. Followcompany Widget. How Google Is Forever Changing The Webinar. 10 ways to encourage customer reviews online. Customer reviews are a hugely important in ecommerce for improving your conversion rate, and can lead to an uplift of 18% in sales.

10 ways to encourage customer reviews online

Research has shown that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision and 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews. Annoyingly though, customers generally can’t be bothered to leave their feedback. As such you need to find ways of encouraging your customers to leave their feedback without coming across as desperate. It’s a topic we’ve previously touched on in posts looking at how to organise ecommerce product reviews and how to optimise reviews for higher conversion rates. And here are 10 tips to help you drive up the number of reviews on your site... 1. It's an obvious one, but you need to make sure you're asking people for their feedback wherever possible.

Handig: alle trends 2013 voor social media, digital marketing, internet en mobile in 1 artikel. 6 PR and social media predictions for 2013. TextExpander Download Thanks. How to Install: Unzip the downloaded .zip file.

TextExpander Download Thanks

Drag the TextExpander application to your Applications folder, or wherever you prefer to put your applications. Get more traffic with VitalViralPro. The Power Of Exponentials: The Social Media Effect In Retailing. 55 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business. Social media in 2012: de 10 meest opmerkelijke feiten. Voor de derde keer al publiceert InSites Consulting in samenwerking met data- en samplingpartner SSI en vertaalbureau No Problem, het 'Social Media around the World'-onderzoek. In deze 2012 editie zijn 19 landen opgenomen en er hebben meer dan 7800 respondenten deelgenomen. In dit artikel deel ik graag de 10 opmerkelijkste conclusies van het onderzoek. De 10 meest opmerkelijke uitkomsten 1.

Vakantiewoningen, privé-kamers, verhuur per nacht - Accommodaties op Airbnb. CouchSurfing – The world’s largest travel community. Socialbakers ❶ Social media (Facebook, Twitter…) marketing, statistics & monitoring - Socialbakers. Step-by-Step Guide to your Social Media Success. Wat wordt er over jouw merk gezegd in de sociale media van Nederland? Online Reputatie Management - Tribal Internet Marketing. Internet beïnvloedt in toenemende mate reputaties van bedrijven doordat mensen online ervaringen met elkaar delen via ondermeer discussiefora en weblogs.

Hoe schrijf je een Social Mediabeleid? Stap 1: Wie gaat het doen? Meestal iemand binnen de afdeling communicatie. Ook komt het voor dat er een extern bureau voor wordt ingehuurd. Of een stagiaire. Likker - Grow Your Social Network. Best Pinterest Followers. Why 2012 is going to be “The Year of SoLoMo” IN-DEPTH: Social, local, and mobile are lending a new dimension to plans of travel marketers. To get started, travel brands must have a mobile website optimised with fresh, local content and location-based offers; accurate and optimised listings on local mobile directories; and mobile engagement via SMS and social platforms. By Ritesh Gupta HeBS Digital believes that 2012 is going to be The Year of SoLoMo (Social, local, and mobile) .

In travel marketing, there is a major convergence of channels, and social, local, and mobile will work as part of an integrated initiative, says Margaret Mastrogiacomo, Manager, New Media & Creative Strategy, HeBS Digital. These three initiatives speak to key components of a travel consumer’s behaviour. “The future of SoLoMo looks promising. “Checkins will be king. Deel 2 van het rapport: 'De Zwarte Kant van Sociale media' 5 areas of social media that are about to get seriously exciting.

Social media has completely altered the way we interact and share with one another, compelling brands to follow suit and embrace the age of social media. When it comes to getting you, or your brand’s name out there, it is still evolving and in constant flux as social communities grow and new social networks spring up. It has undoubtedly become the central mechanism through which people communicate with each other and share information about products and brands. Handig: Alle 2012 trends voor mobiel, social media, marketing, adverteren en CRM.

Gelukkig 2012! Google+: The Complete Guide. Grondige vernieuwing bij Twitter - nieuws. Mobiele versie in HTML 5 12 december 2011 | Pieterjan Van Leemputten Twitter voert zijn grootste vernieuwing en uitbreiding ooit door. De mobiele applicaties krijgen een nieuw uiterlijk en merken krijgen hun eigen pagina. Broadcast Yourself. "Let it snow" op Google. Google heeft met het oog op de aankomende feestdagen een nieuwe Easter Egg verstopt in de zoekresultaten. Wat moet je doen als Twitter voor jou exit is en je al je tweets wilt verwijderen. Stel dat je er klaar mee bent en je Twitter wilt verlaten en je al je tweets wilt verwijderen, wat moet je dan doen? Het komt voor, mensen stoppen soms. De reden doet er niet toe, en waarschijnlijk hebben ze er goed over nagedacht. Peter's Badges.