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(May 2013) How Many People Use the Top Social Media, Apps & Services? Here is my monthly, running tally of how many people are using many of the top social media, digital services and mobile apps updated for December 2015 (the best I could find, at least). This list grows pretty regularly. It began with a simple listing of some of the obvious social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube, WhatsApp,, Odnoklassniki, etc; then grew to include digital services like Amazon, Google, eBay, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora; then the focus turned to APAC social and digital properties like Alibaba, Weibo, WeChat,, LINE and Momo and lately I have been focused on updating current listings, adding in new ones along with smaller niche ones that I may have overlooked at the beginning.

This post now includes over 1,000 listings and more are added almost weekly. Link Building Strategies - The Complete List. Remember how people say, "it's not about what you know, it's about who you know"?

Link Building Strategies - The Complete List

The same goes for the Web. Those relationships will turn into links, both in the short-term & the long-term. What Is Visual Social Media Marketing (And How Does It Raise Engagement)? [INFOGRAPHIC] What Is a Good Click-Through Rate for PPC? Lisa Raehsler | December 26, 2012 | 33 Comments inShare126 Why do people care so much about click-through rates?

What Is a Good Click-Through Rate for PPC?

A commonly asked question in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is "what is a good click-through rate (CTR)? " There is no easy answer and it can vary greatly depending on channel, targeting, keywords, and more. First, the basics of the CTR: Defined: The number of clicks received divided by the number of impressions generated. Channel differentials: Search and display channel results are very different. 3 Analytic Tools to Improve Your Social Media Performance. Do you want to improve the results of your social media marketing ?

Measuring your social media performance is key to getting great results. You need the right tools to measure those results. In this article, we’ll go through . #1: Mention – Monitor Your Brand Anywhere on the Web Mention is an excellent social media and web monitoring tool. When you monitor and track keywords, you can that could damage your brand. 19 tools to improve your content marketing strategy. As we wave goodbye to 2012 and say hello to 2013, there’s a good chance, you, like many other people, have been working to put together a content marketing strategy for the new year.

19 tools to improve your content marketing strategy

No doubt you’ll have the objectives in place, created a well thought out strategy and work plan as long as your arm. It’s that last element I want to help you with in this blog post, by sharing a clutch of tools and services which will save you time, improve your results and give you the freedom to work on the creative aspects of your campaign. The Pressures of. The ultimate social media image sizing cheat sheet.

The lifestyle blogger agency. Muck Rack - Journalists on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and social media. Tesco Shows How to Respond to Social Media Criticism - Midlands Advertising and Marketing Agency. We often get asked how to deal with crisis management when social media campaigns get hijacked.

Tesco Shows How to Respond to Social Media Criticism - Midlands Advertising and Marketing Agency

We’ve blogged in the past about how not to respond to social media criticism – although judging from the recent example of Claire’s Accessories, plenty of big-name brands are still in the dark about dealing with customers on social media. It’s rare to find an example of a brand that’s got it right, so it’s worth checking out the Tesco Facebook page. On Monday, they posted the following message: Click LIKE if you love getting your groceries delivered. Inevitably, Tesco customers who have had a bad experience inundated the post with comments about their bad experiences of home delivery. How Tesco Leads The Way in Social Customer Service. In the run up to Retail Bulletin's 3rd Customer Loyalty Conference, we thought we'd share some lessons in social customer service taught by example from leading UK retailer, Tesco.

How Tesco Leads The Way in Social Customer Service

Tesco's Leonie Foster will be speaking at this year's conference on the 13th June. Tesco is known for being at the forefront of new technology and communications; and social media presents no exception. Tesco's social media and customer service teams are industry leaders when it comes to social customer service and engagement. With a growing operation across multiple contact centres, connecting knowledgeable agents directly with Tesco's customer base, the supermarket giant manages to offer personalised, local service to the industry's biggest fan base in the UK. Here are a few best practice pointers on how to deliver an effective social customer service program: Set expectations. ManageFlitter - Work faster & smarter with Twitter.

Seven Social Media Trends for 2013. There are only 41 shopping days left until Christmas.

Seven Social Media Trends for 2013

How to build a killer content marketing strategy « Content Marketing Blog by Newsvend. Look at the pace that the term ‘ content marketing ’ has moved into the vernacular of marketers, as measured by Google search volume. Although content marketing has been bandied about as a term for several years, its recent hike in popularity is not actually much of a surprise. Google’s algorithm changes having been coming thick and fast over the last 12 months, and content-poor websites have been taking a real beating.

September 2012 saw the rollout of the latest Google Panda and Penguin updates , together with a sharp turning of the dial to tone down the influence of ‘direct-match’ domain names. Google is working hard to shut out purveyors of thin content and rewarding owners of sites with useful, relevant and unique content. The social media perception gap. Most companies are misunderstanding the massive opportunity that social media marketing represents.

The social media perception gap

Last month the IBM Institute of Business Value published a report entitled ‘From Social to Social CRM’. The report surveyed 1000 consumers about the reasons they interact with companies via social sites and then compared this with the results from surveying 350 business executives on why they thought consumers followed them on on social media. The results highlighted a perception gap that can only mean companies are missing out on direct revenue opportunities. Social Media Video 2013.

FMCG Social

Social Media Reporting. Conditions of ‘retweet to win’ competitions must be made clear, ASA rules. The ASA has ruled that a ‘retweet to win’ Twitter competition by Pet Plan broke the code for failing to make terms and conditions clear.

Conditions of ‘retweet to win’ competitions must be made clear, ASA rules

Pet Plan said that there were no terms and conditions for the competition, with the text for the competition reading "To celebrate #petdentalcare month we are giving away 10 goodie bags filled full of dental treats. Follow and RT to win! " #competition". Top 10 Social Media Blogs: The 2012 Winners! Senator Ron Wyden Gets it Right When Posting on Reddit. So, if you are in anyway familiar with the Internet, you're likely aware of the SOPA and PIPA protests that consumed the net on Wednesday.

Senator Ron Wyden Gets it Right When Posting on Reddit

Don't worry. I'm not about to go on a diatribe about the issue. However, I do intend to share a very astute demonstration of social media know-how by a United States senator. Yesterday, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon posted a link on reddit entitled I’m Senator Ron Wyden and wanted to say thank you to Reddit and the rest of the Internet. The link sent reddit users to his website where they could read a thank you letter detailing the importance of Internet freedom and his appreciation for all of the people who spoke out against the bills. Social media statistics.