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3 Reasons Curation is Here to Stay. Perhaps you won't believe me since it's my job to spread the gospel of curation as the Chief Evangelist of Pearltrees, but I think curation is here to stay.

3 Reasons Curation is Here to Stay

These are the reasons why I believe this is the case. This year there has been a tremendous amount of buzz in Silicon Valley about curation. CEO Steven Rosenbaum recently published a book, Curation Nation that has sparked a tremendous amount of conversation on the topic. Likewise a post by Brian Solis has been retweeted thousands of times. Pearltrees new team and touch features pave way for best-of-breed curation service.

Pearltrees + spotify. Encore répété mardi à geek chic et hier soir à mes amis de creads , pearltrees ça poutre. Après avoir fixé un bug sur pearl an URL ce matin, vous êtes maintenant capable de créer des cartes dans spotify . “ The URL is the new MP3 ” peut on lire en bas de page sur leur site… Concept intéressant Parcourez une playlist avec une logique d’exploration Découvrez de nouveaux univers musicaux Ecoutez de la musique en instantané: pas de loading.

Pearltrees > blog. Ostarr. Will there be an iPad and/or iPhone version of Pearltrees in the near future. Qq articles sur Pearltrees.