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3 Reasons Curation is Here to Stay. Perhaps you won't believe me since it's my job to spread the gospel of curation as the Chief Evangelist of Pearltrees, but I think curation is here to stay.

3 Reasons Curation is Here to Stay

These are the reasons why I believe this is the case. This year there has been a tremendous amount of buzz in Silicon Valley about curation. CEO Steven Rosenbaum recently published a book, Curation Nation that has sparked a tremendous amount of conversation on the topic. Likewise a post by Brian Solis has been retweeted thousands of times. My company, Pearltrees has just surpassed 100,000 curators and 10 million page views a month, and in the past two years nearly a dozen companies that incorporate digital curation into their models have launched.

Oliver Starr is the Chief Evangelist for Pearltrees. With all the attention curation has suddenly received, people are probably wondering if this is just another fad or is it something bigger? First, curation is one of the underlying principles of the Web. Photo by ilco. Pearltrees new team and touch features pave way for best-of-breed curation service. Pearltrees + spotify. Encore répété mardi à geek chic et hier soir à mes amis de creads , pearltrees ça poutre. Après avoir fixé un bug sur pearl an URL ce matin, vous êtes maintenant capable de créer des cartes dans spotify . “ The URL is the new MP3 ” peut on lire en bas de page sur leur site… Concept intéressant Parcourez une playlist avec une logique d’exploration Découvrez de nouveaux univers musicaux Ecoutez de la musique en instantané: pas de loading Partagez vos perles spotify et éditez vos propres parcours Voici une toute première carte qui va très vite s’agrandir: mon univers musical .

Petit tips de déplacement dans le player: j’ai mis pas mal de branches alors si la musique vous plait moins: retour en arrière et plongeons dans une nouvelle branche Ceci dit il y a encore des améliorations à faire à la fois côté pearltrees et côté spotify: Auto-play: pour enchainer les perles dans le player pearltrees. Laisser spotify minimisé quand on change de morceau. Avoir le titre de la chanson dans la page web. share. Pearltrees > blog. Ostarr. Will there be an iPad and/or iPhone version of Pearltrees in the near future. Here's an update to Pearltrees current status (11/21/12):In October of 2011 we released our first iOS product Pearltrees for iPad.

Will there be an iPad and/or iPhone version of Pearltrees in the near future

The product was well-received and is consistently rated either 4.5 or 5 stars across nearly every international app store. In July of 2012 we released Pearltrees for iPhone. In addition we took early steps to integrate into Facebook's open graph during this time. Again, the app has been highly regarded and many users have called it the "best version of Pearltrees so far. " As of the end of October 2012 we have released our milestone 1.0 version of Pearltrees across all platforms. At the same time we also launched Pearltrees Premium.

In the near future we will be adding additional features for premium members including new and beautiful ways to customize your account. Hi. As you said, this is a carefully thought out product with an extensive roadmap. Qq articles sur Pearltrees.