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Service-dominant logic and social CRM: A bridge too far? Social CRM may never reach its potential if firms are still governed by command-and-control management and goods-dominant logic.

Service-dominant logic and social CRM: A bridge too far?

But is it realistic to expect this to change? Bob Lusch believes so. A great deal of the conversation surrounding social CRM still talks in very company-centric terms. It focuses on social media as a channel. It looks at social through the lens of sales, customer service or marketing. But what if it was different? The leading thinking suggests that social CRM could transcend all of this. Indeed, in a recent article on, Social CRM at a crossroads: Where to next? He added: "This is the only track that is designed specifically around maximising the value created for customers as well as for organisation; through the intelligent use of social CRM at just those touchpoints where it makes sense. A flawed logic While GDL is the predominant logic at present, it is a flawed logic, says Lusch. Common wisdom? Yesterday’s logic Coordination mechanisms. François Pétavy. Management de l'innovation  : «la co-création redonne sa place au consommateur », L'interview V.I.P.

Service Logic and the implications for a new Social Customer Relationships Marketing Logic. This post is not about introducing new terminology, as its title might suggest.

Service Logic and the implications for a new Social Customer Relationships Marketing Logic

This post is about exploring thoughts and new directions for a marketers approach in an increasingly competitive world. A world in which the Social Customer seems to be calling the shots. A world that is not yet comfortable about sustainable economic recovery and a business world that is interested but somewhat scared to embark upon new ways to interact and build social relationships with their Customers.

Value co-creating relationships that is. Marketers have been among the first people that seek to understand the implications of social media for their businesses. Adoption of a new marketing logic In my humble opinion marketers do not only need to adapt their approaches in engaging with Customers or trying to influence Customers. Influence of relationships in Customer networks At the same time we are just beginning to understand how relationships in networks of Customers influence others.

Like this: Value Co-Creation Canvas. I’m a big fan of Business Model Generation and the Business Model Canvas.

Value Co-Creation Canvas

I find it rather useful in many situations to explain the essence of CRM Strategy, Customer Experience and the importance of the other building blocks to the blocks in the upper-right part of the Business Model Canvas. I also find it not to provide the depth sometimes needed to explain how Company’s resources and capabilities need to be aligned with Customer’s resources and the Customer’s journey to result in a Customer’s experience that creates value for both companies and Customers.. co-creates as one should say. Yesterday evening I played around with the canvas and came up with my own Value Co-Creation Canvas.. It’s far from finished or perfect, but I believe it’s good enough to present to you and ask you for feedback.

I think it should be a self-explanatory canvas in the end, but am sure it isn’t yet. Please share if you like: Like this: Like Loading... Brand’s Facebook fans help design and name a new bag.