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[iframe src="" height="315" width="420" frameborder="0"] Back in 2008, the Washington post covered a really interesting study in which they had one of the most famous and talented musicians in the world, Joshua Bell, play some of his usual concert pieces incognito in a subway. Almost no one stopped to listen or recognized how beautifully he was playing. Within the last few weeks- Jay Baer wrote a great post about how, thanks to new media like Twitter, it is much easier to come by information but along with this new speed of information transfer is a wane in more investigative knowledge mining. The way I see it, both these touch on the same theme: as the world moves faster and faster with more and more information and stimulation, are we losing touch with what is truly meaningful? Do we now need contextual cues (ie: big names, high Klout scores, crowds etc) to see the quality of what we read and experience?


What's this? Each line in this chart represents a topic's mentions (y-axis: mentions every 100K tweets) over the last 7 days (x-axis) The colored areas represent periods of time in which the topic was hot, the darker areas show the time with the most mentions of the topic. You can click on the areas to change the detail of that topic to be focused on that particular popular interval. You can double click the areas to zoom in to them. Trendistic - see trends in twitter

Trendistic - see trends in twitter