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Second Life turns 10: what it did wrong, and why it may have its own second life. This week the once-trendy virtual world Second Life officially turns 10 years old.

Second Life turns 10: what it did wrong, and why it may have its own second life

It’s been years since its initial hype wave – when many technorati thought it would be as important to the internet as Facebook itself (yes, many really did) – and many may even be surprised that SL still exists. In fact, the pioneering VR world is both profitable and maintains a relatively large userbase for a 3D online world. Users largely frequent SL to chat with others but also occasionally to play games, attend events, and visit fantasy/adventure regions. Jessica Lyon - Firestorm and Phoenix Q & A session with Nigma Sterling of Rockcliffe University. VOTA (tm) - Microsoft Kinect 3D Training Simulation - Virtual Occupational Therapy Assistant (tm) F/Xual Education Services.

Looking at my last post’s date it’s somewhat of a surprise that its been so long since I have blogged here.

F/Xual Education Services

As they do, Christmas holidays morphed into the new year bringing the challenge of another semester with the MA Education in Virtual Worlds, teaching on the BIT paper MUV601 for Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology and various other work and personal commitments. In the wake of it all the blog has become a little neglected. Time to rectify that I think. It has been the case in the aforementioned MA this semester that in some group sessions we have used Twiddla as an ideas whiteboard, in conjunction with being in-world, creating a kind of thoughts cloud. Untitled. ValveTime Weekly News Round-Up - 2nd February 2013. Journal of Virtual Worlds Research. 3D Math Exhibit and LIVE Tours. Museum of Virtual Media Exhibit and Tour. 3D OBJ Viewer by Toxicgonzo. Canvas Rasterization I wrote an HTML5 canvas app that loads a 3D .OBJ file and displays it in real-time.

3D OBJ Viewer by Toxicgonzo

This particular app takes Blender's monkey model and rotates it. Third Party Viewer Directory. From Second Life Wiki Second Life Wiki > Official Policies > Third Party Viewer Directory Using third party viewers You may connect to Second Life using software released by a third-party developer.

Third Party Viewer Directory

Linden Lab provides a Policy on Third-Party Viewers to promote a positive and predictable experience for all Second Life Residents. Learn to Make Second Life Sculpties in Blender » Sculpt Blender. SL Animation for Blender Newbs. Here’s a little tutorial to help non-Blender-savvy people get started using the animation exporter.

SL Animation for Blender Newbs

(Really, I’m writing this for one specific friend that I wanted to help out. But I figure, if I’m going to write it out for her, I might as well share it with everybody!) Okay, first, the bad news: Blender is an incredibly complex piece of software, and its UI is very different from anything you’ve used before (and confusing even for experts). Free LSL Particles System script generator. Script Me! English français deutsch 日本語 What is this?

Script Me!

This site will help you create scripts for your Second Life objects. These scripts allow you to add interactive elements to your builds without knowing how to code. All of the script are released under a creative commons license, which means that you can use them freely! This site tries to map the way you think into the way the LSL interpreter thinks. What do you want your scripted object to do?

Welcome to Robin Wood Fantasy Art, Books, Tarot Cards and More. VirWORLD, Virtual World News and Updates. White House studying use of video games in education. A recent interview done by NPR with Constance Steinkuehler, a senior policy analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy reveals that the White House is looking into the benefits of using video games in education.

White House studying use of video games in education

A lot of the research done on video games in the past years has been looking into the relationship between video game violence and actual violence. However, as studies began to show that no such relationship exists, research turned toward how video games can be used to positively benefit society. “It turns out that many of those relationships just haven’t borne out in the research, and new fields have emerged around looking at how games function as a means for turning screen time into activity time,” said Steinkuehler in the interview. According to Steinkuehler, federal investments in games is not a new concept, and dates back well before the Obama administration. Créer un dessin vectoriel. Projet : Outils Apprenance 3D. AVATARS MONDE VIRTUEL SIMULATEURS SIMS.


Quick experiment in making an iBooks portfolio for my SL work - Demonkid. Making the Most of Your Profile. Sasy Scarborough posted an article highlighting some of her frustrations with the new profile system on her blog last week.

Making the Most of Your Profile

I confess to finding the new profiles harder to use when I want to contact someone since there is no button to IM right there in front of my face. It also made me want to tear my hair out trying to edit my picks, but I think I have conquered the beast and am ready to share my suggestions with you. After all, your profile is free marketing, if you make it work for you. First, things first. Go to and see what your profile says about you. Build your own 3D website or virtual world.

Second Life Fashion Freebies and Cheapies. Second Life Fashion. Hypergrid Business. Sim-on-a-stick stats at i live in science land. I like numbers and while they do fuel my ego, they’re just numbers. i use Google Analytics on anything i do web-related and here are some random things: has been viewed in 93 countries, using 73 languages, with the top 20 being US, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Brasil, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Switzerland, Thailand, Denmark, and Israel (gee i thought Mera loved me, Sweden was 22nd)

sim-on-a-stick stats at i live in science land

Sim-on-a-Stick. Multi-user Sim-on-a-stick. I love how accessible Sim-on-a-stick makes OpenSimulator.

Multi-user Sim-on-a-stick

Just plug it in and double click one batch file and after a succession of pretty windows a virtual world awaits. It's like a virtual Rube Goldberg machine unfolding right before your eyes. Plaisir de l'immersion ou dépendance aux jeux vidéo ? Venez vous tester et participer à une recherche scientifique... Leistungen - GmbH: 3D Internet Full Service Agentur in Berlin. Virtuelle online Welten, Social Media und Webdesign von der GmbH. Serious Games, E-Learning Neue Medien und 3D Avatar Animation. Second Life Gold Solution Provider sowi. Cyberdépendance: s'oublier derrière son avatar. Ils ne s'étaient jamais disputés. Ils étaient en couple et amoureux depuis 25 ans. Ils faisaient des voyages et avaient une belle vie.

La cyberdépendance méconnue. Nancy Roy, conférencière sur les dangers du web, veut sensibiliser les gens au phénomène de la cyberdépendance. Selon elle, des parents ne se doutent pas que leur enfant se lève la nuit pour jouer en ligne, et des femmes ignorent que leur mari a quitté son emploi pour passer plus de temps devant l'ordinateur. Cyberdependance. Le portrait type de la personne cyberdépendante a évolué depuis quelques années. Autrefois on pouvait reconnaître majoritairement des hommes âgés de 25 à 35 ans, scolarisés, financièrement capables de se doter d'un ordinateur assez dispendieux et qui passaient un nombre incalculable d'heures devant l'écran de leur appareil.

Maintenant, il semble y avoir une certaine parité entre les hommes et les femmes. Un avatar pour délier la langue jusque sur scène. Le développement des aptitudes linguistiques des étudiants repose, dans les cours d’Alain Forget, sur des espaces ludiques d’apprentissage, réels1 et symboliques. Un des tout derniers contextes empruntés par l’enseignant est la création d’un avatar, sorte de double imaginaire de l’étudiant, que l’on lance à la découverte de villes germaniques. Machinima. Inspiritum. Virtual Worlds. Events_SL. Avatar UV Texture "Templates" for use in Linden Lab's Second Life - Tutorial © Robin Wood 2009. <p class="noScript">I notice you have Javascript turned off. Build (Tutorials, Techniques, etc) Dont I look awful in that? :P Here are all the entries on making and building stuff: Clothes, Buildings, and Places for Builders; this include all of the tutorials in the blog Please let me know if there is something you would like me to add or take out.

My only criteria is that it is "nice" place :) Building Technique Tutorials. As Utility Provider, How will Kitely provide Opensim "Grid Management" capabilities to Sim/Region Administrators? Hi James, Thank you for the info, I've read the article you've sent me. We aim to automate as much of the grid management capabilities as we can so people won't need to have technical skills to manage the grid themselves: - We use standard OpenSim code in order to allow us to quickly upgrade people's worlds to new stable OpenSim releases when they come out. Once we test the release to make sure it is stable, our system automatically upgrades the OpenSim instances that peoples' worlds run on. Scratch for Opensim – built off Scratch for Secondlife. SLEducation - home. Second Life Is Dead, Long Live Second Life? (EDUCAUSE Review. Daniel Livingstone ( lectures on computer game technology and researches the educational applications of virtual worlds at the University of the West of Scotland.

Comments on this article can be posted to the web via the link at the bottom of this page. "An open-source alternative to Second Life would appear to be an obvious threat, but for a while this was part of the Second Life vision. " Whether or not you have explored it, and whether or not you enjoyed what you found if so, you're almost certainly aware of Second Life. Perhaps we even met there. Khronos to Create New Open Standard for 
Advanced Device and Sensor Input - Khronos Group Press Release. Imagination’s PowerVR Series6 is the first mobile GPU to pass OpenCL 1.2 conformance Bringing highly efficient GPU compute to industry’s leading mobile and embedded GPU London, UK – 31st March, 2014 – Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces its PowerVR Series6 Rogue GPU technology is the first mobile GPU to pass OpenCL 1.2 conformance with Khronos.* The OpenCL 1.2 standard is an open, royalty-free standard for cross-platform, parallel programming of modern processors in a broad range of devices.

PowerVR Series6 primarily targets the OpenCL 1.2 EP (Embedded Profile) specification, enabling developers to take full advantage of the rich capabilities in OpenCL 1.2 within the constraints of mobile and embedded form factors. Says Peter McGuinness, director of multimedia technology marketing, Imagination: “Imagination is a long-time member of Khronos and a leading contributor to GPU compute standards efforts such as OpenCL 1.2. Designer Templates. Mixed Reality. Megaprim.SL. SL Shopping. Lara, Zelda, Samus: pourquoi sont-elles aussi sexy ? » Article. SL. SL. Secondlife 1. Game. Secondlife. Secondlife. Secondlife. Secondlife. Virtual, Mediated, and Augmented Reality » Article », Digital Journalism. Last week, fellow editor Nathan Jurgenson made a post entitled “Digital Dualism versus Augmented Reality” with a call for more concept work surrounding this topic. I hope to make a contribution to that effort by discussion three competing theoretical paradigms of Internet research.

10 événements mémorables du cyberespace » Article » OWNI, Digital Journalism. Psychologue passionné par les mondes numériques, Yann Leroux nous raconte dix histoires qui ont souvent pour théâtre les jeux en ligne. Immersive Worlds Tool Ranking - What 3D Immersive Environments & Virtual Tools are the Favorites?

Épisode 51 : Canaliser l’enthousiasme des étudiants pour l’apprentissage avec Second Life. Steve Collis est enseignant d’anglais et de français et directeur du Sydney Center for Innovation in Learning, en Australie. Dans la vidéo et l’entrevue, M.