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World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theories. Aerial view of the debris field of the North Tower, 6 WTC, and 7 WTC (upper right) World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theories contend that the collapse of the World Trade Center was not solely caused by the airliner crash damage that occurred as part of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and the resulting fire damage, but by explosives installed in the buildings in advance.[1] Early advocates such as physicist Steven E.

World Trade Center controlled demolition conspiracy theories

Jones, architect Richard Gage, software engineer Jim Hoffman, and theologian David Ray Griffin, argued that the aircraft impacts and resulting fires could not have weakened the buildings sufficiently to initiate a catastrophic collapse, and that the buildings would not have collapsed completely, nor at the speeds that they did, without additional energy involved to weaken their structures.

[citation needed] The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the magazine Popular Mechanics examined and rejected these theories. History[edit] Category:September 11 attacks. Rudy Giuliani during the September 11 attacks. Donald Rumsfeld and Rudy Giuliani at the site of the World Trade Center, on November 14, 2001.

Rudy Giuliani during the September 11 attacks

As Mayor of New York City during the September 11 attacks in 2001, Rudy Giuliani played a visible role in the response to the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center towers in New York City. For this he earned great praise at the time, but he has also become the subject of criticism in some quarters regarding preparedness before the attack and aspects of the response afterwards. Category:Aftermath of the September 11 attacks. Category:September 11 attacks. September 11 attacks advance-knowledge debate. This article is about 9/11 conspiracy theories. For historical discussion, see September 11 intelligence prior to the attacks. The 9/11 advance-knowledge conspiracy theories center on arguments that certain institutions or individuals other than the perpetrators had foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks. Some of the primary concerns include whether the Bush administration or United States Armed Forces had awareness of the planned attack methods, the precise volume of intelligence that American agencies had regarding al-Qaeda activities inside the United States, whether the put options placed on United Airlines and American Airlines and other trades indicate foreknowledge, and why the identities of the traders have never been made public.

Using planes as missiles[edit] The FBI had advance indications of plans to hijack U.S. airliners and use them as weapons, but neither acted on them nor distributed the intelligence to local police agencies. Insider trading[edit] A single U.S. Mr. September 11 attacks. The September 11 attacks (also referred to as September 11, September 11th, or 9/11)[nb 1] were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

September 11 attacks

Four passenger airliners were hijacked by 19 al-Qaeda terrorists so they could be flown into buildings in suicide attacks. Two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. Within two hours, both towers collapsed with debris and the resulting fires causing partial or complete collapse of all other buildings in the WTC complex, as well as significant damage to ten other large surrounding structures. Background Attackers al-Qaeda The origins of al-Qaeda can be traced to 1979 when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Osama bin Laden. Attentats du 11 septembre 2001. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Attentats du 11 septembre 2001

Les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 (communément appelés 11-Septembre, ou 9/11 en anglais) sont quatre attentats-suicides perpétrés le même jour aux États-Unis, à quelques heures d'intervalle, par des membres du réseau djihadiste islamiste Al-Qaïda[1], visant des bâtiments symboliques du nord-est du pays et faisant 2 973 victimes[Na 1]. L’opération Bojinka est considérée comme un plan précurseur de ces attentats. Cette commission a été créée en 2002 pour expliquer comment ces attentats ont pu se produire et pour éviter que cela ne se reproduise[8]. Dans son rapport[1] publié fin août 2004, elle établit la responsabilité du réseau Al-Qaïda, en affirmant que les dix-neuf terroristes auteurs de ces attentats-suicides en étaient membres et que le commanditaire en était Oussama ben Laden, qui les a revendiqués à plusieurs reprises[9],[10]. 9/11 conspiracy theories. Théories du complot à propos des attentats du 11 septembre 2001.

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Théories du complot à propos des attentats du 11 septembre 2001

Les théories du complot à propos des attentats du 11 septembre 2001 regroupent l'ensemble des critiques qui contestent la version couramment admise concernant le déroulement de ces attaques aux États-Unis. Les partisans de ces théories soutiennent que le rapport officiel n'est pas assez complet et comporterait des mensonges et des omissions. Beaucoup de ces critiques visent l'administration Bush qui, bien qu'avertie de l'imminence des attentats, aurait laissé faire les terroristes ou aurait participé d'une manière active à ces attentats ou en serait l'instigatrice. Certaines de ces théories ont été initialement portées par le 9/11 Truth Movement, un mouvement dont se qualifient les associations ou personnes qui remettent en cause l'explication et le déroulement couramment admis des attentats.

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