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Assignment 2 Gallery Walk (530/Fall 2019)

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Amy D: Bethel Public Library Digital Collections. Benjamin: Ant Information Hub. Caroline: Environmental Club Hub. Amy K. Social Emotional Learning. Cathy: History of Medicine Resources. Lauren Alindogan - LGBT Info Toolkit for Youth. Unfinished Painting, Keith Haring LGBT Information Resource & Tool Kit for Youth Hello and Welcome!

Lauren Alindogan - LGBT Info Toolkit for Youth

This LibGuide is designed for youth who are LGBTQIA+ or Questioning, as well as their peers and allies. I wanted to create a brief primer on vital topics that are often not covered in mainstream media and certain educational environments. Within this guide, you will find links to explore LGBT+ sexual and reproductive health, information about addiction, legal issues and protections, religion and spirituality. I believe that informing and supporting are both important aspects of a librarian's role; there is also a section for phone and text hotlines in case of a mental health or other emergency situation, in addition to the more informational sections. Courtney: Irish Nature Writing. Much of Irish literature focuses on the natural world.

Courtney: Irish Nature Writing

This LibGuide aims to address Irish nature writing and ecocriticism. While many LibGuides addressing Irish literature (namely Modern) and Irish Studies exist, the dedication to nature writing seems sorely neglected despite it being a theme that consumes much of the Irish literary canon. From ancient Irish monks and druids who wrote anonymous nature poems to the twenty-first century writings of celebrated poet Seamus Heaney, it’s unmistakable that the natural world has greatly influenced literature produced in and about Ireland. David: Gamers' Advisory. Simply put - gaming culture is exploding across all expressions!

David: Gamers' Advisory

Video games have rapidly become one of the most popular forms of recreation within our digital age. Enjoyed by people of all ages, video games can be both recreational and educational. Moreover, video games are being more and more recognized as cultural products of artistic expression which have a worthy home in our collections. Tabletop gaming, everything from boxed board games to pen and paper RPGs, is also experiencing a renaissance of sorts since the 2010's with huge swells of popularity and acceptance.

Tabletop resources are not only highly sought after, easy to design programs around, diverse, and near infinitely reusable, but also make for excellent draws for patron utilization of library space to play their games! Without knowledge of the hottest trends in both video and tabletop gaming, libraries stand to risk missing out on fantastic recreational resources for their patrons. Gabby: Graphic Novels, Comics & Manga. Gil: Art History in Los Angeles. JM: Fashion: Resource and Theory Search. Skip to main content Fashion: Introduction to Resource and Theory Search Profile Jenamarie Boots Contact: Website Social: LinkedIn Page Twitter Page Instagram Page welcomeeeeee.

JM: Fashion: Resource and Theory Search

Kristen: Rare and Manuscript Collections - LibGuides at Cornell University. Maggie: Film Scholar's Toolkit. An online guide to help you navigate and search film research databases and indexes.

Maggie: Film Scholar's Toolkit

Those of us who are students and scholars of film are lifelong researchers. We are a collective of individuals who are always seeking to expand our knowledge of cinematic artistry, history, criticism, analysis, and practice. This passion for learning stems from our love of film. But, it's hard for even the most seasoned scholar among us not to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of resources about movies that are out there. The search process itself can be frustrating, leading you in circles or to dead ends. That's why as a film lover and scholar myself, I have created this online guide to film research databases and indexes. Introduction to Biology Lab Careers (Matt) Max: Academic Technology. IT and CS, what's the difference?

Max: Academic Technology

If you are interested in a job that is in the technology field, you may encounter both IT (Information Technology) and CS (Computer Science) paths. Although these are similar on the surface, when you decide to follow one path or the other, you will learn that while there is certainly some overlap, they are at their core different paths that require different skill sets and mentalities. Information Technology: IT careers typically involve the management and organization of computer systems. This includes designing, securing, and administering computer networks as well the maintaining and organizing of computer systems. Database Administrators Network Engineers Ethical Hackers System Administrators and more Computer Science: CS careers typically focus on programming concepts and design of computer software through programming languges and mathmatical algorithms.

Game Developer Programming Specialist Data Architect System Engineer and more. Monisha: Writer's Workshop. Sarah: Scotland Travel. Employee Engagement (Sophia B.) Taylor: Creative Design and Presentation LibGuide. Teresa: Board Game Collection Development. Libraries provide both educational and recreational services.

Teresa: Board Game Collection Development

Libraries support recreation through a variety of offerings including collections of fictional materials, music, and movies, and recreational programming such as book clubs, story time, movie nights, and teen nights. Libraries supporting recreation through board game media is no different. Board games in library collections is not a new concept. In Playing in the Past: A History of Games, Toys, and Puzzles in North American Libraries, Nicholson (2013) describes how games have been supported in North American libraries over the years, as far back as the 1850’s.

With the popularity of video games today, one might think that board games have become a passé form of gaming.