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Assignment 2 Gallery (Spring 2018)

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Ice Skating Resources (Aleksandra / 90) So You Wanna Go Pro? A Guide to eSports and Competitive Gaming (Alexandra / 91) Blendedlearning (Amanda / 90) Japanese Studies (Amber/90) Latin American Literature (Amy / 90) Resilience (Angela / 91) Brit Lit Controversial Science Guide (Ariel / 90) The above TEDEd video is the one we viewed in class if you need a refresher on themes of the novel.

Ariel, You are not in my section of the course I don't think (I am 91), but I really enjoy your libguide. I think the persona/audience of the guide is well explained, and I like how in your draft you have mapped out what you need to accomplish. I sort of did this, but I didn't explain what I was going to put into the guide. I think the only thing I would suggest would be to make the "how to use this guide" more apparent than just in the intro to the project. You could add a small box somewhere outlining the resources. That is my little suggestion. Jess – jesslangone

As you can see in our Frankenstein unit, reading the novel brings up questions about ethics in the areas of science and technology.

Brit Lit Controversial Science Guide (Ariel / 90)

Should Frankenstein have created the monster? Was it his place to create a life? What should he have done after the experiment was successful? Mary Shelley, the novel's author, was aware of the concept of Galvanism and the experiments that its originator Luigi Galvani was conducting in his attempts to use electrical currents to reanimate dead animal tissue. Continuing in this spirit of curiosity and evaluation, you will be investigating the particular area of science you chose in class, with topics including such issues as assisted suicide/euthanasia, stem cell research, cloning, and genetically modified food. "Multiculturality" Search Guide (Ben /90) Welcome to the "Multiculturality" search guide.

"Multiculturality" Search Guide (Ben /90)

This guide is designed to be a first stop for those in search of ways to integrate diversity into the classroom. The site is split into 3 main pages. This will allow the information to be tailored appropriately to the needs of students, educators and parents. Students who use this guide will find websites, books and videos that highlight people from different cultures and backgrounds. Animal/Biome Nonfiction Book (Carol / 91) Speech and Language Delayed Children (Christina / 90) STEAM Resources (Christina / 91) 20th Century American Silent Film (Dana / 90) Introduction - Physical Activity Breaks in the Daily K-5 Classroom (Eden / 90) Many teachers are interested in incorporating movement activities into the daily classroom experience.

Introduction - Physical Activity Breaks in the Daily K-5 Classroom (Eden / 90)

However, finding significant funding to bring physical fitness programs and yoga programs into the school can be challenging. Teachers may not have the time or interest in leading physical movement activities with their students. This LibGuide provides quality, free resources that introduce opportunities for teachers to implement physical games and exercises with their students. Regarded separately, yoga activities, movement activities, mindfulness activities, physical activity breaks, and brain breaks offer qualitatively different approaches to bringing movement into the classroom. Taken collectively, these activities provide ways to vastly strengthen the quality and quantity of activities that help students keep moving throughout the school day. 3D Printing in Public Libraries (Ebony / 91) Introduction to Multimedia Databases - Streaming Media and Film (Eunah / 90) Present a list of media/streaming video databases with brief explanations Multimedia Databases: ArtMattan Films Collection This link opens in a new window ArtMattan Films distribute films that focus on the human experience of black people in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America, and Europe.

Eunah, I think that you have a good layout so far for your libguide. It is easy to look through and visually appealing. I think the main thing I was looking for in your libguide to begin with is the persona/audience it is intended for. I also really like the introduction page image! Jess – jesslangone

Asian Film Online This link opens in a new window Asian Film Online is an online streaming video collection of nearly 600 narrative feature films, documentaries, and shorts.

Introduction to Multimedia Databases - Streaming Media and Film (Eunah / 90)

Academic Video Online. Nonfiction for K-5 (Florence / 91) British Romanticism and American Transcendentalism (James /90) Free & Open Source Software (James / 90) Southern Vermont Nature (James/ 91) Go Botany is a fantastic resource for the New England botanist.

Southern Vermont Nature (James/ 91)

Here you can discover thousands of New England plants. Department of Environmental Conservation: The mission of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is to preserve, enhance, restore and conserve Vermont's natural resources and protect human health for the benefit of this and future generations. Vermont Fish and Wildlife to protect and conserve our fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats for the people of Vermont. Vermont Agency of Natural Resources: promoting the sustainable use of Vermont's natural resources. this resource has maps. Searching Spielberg (Jamie / 91) Searching Spielberg is a LibGuide dedicated to presenting information and search methods for exploration about legendary American filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, to film students and film fans.

Searching Spielberg (Jamie / 91)

This LibGuide is intended to guide users through Spielberg's life and works, with special emphasis on his directing credits; however, the main focus of this guide is to support search and discovery of content related to Spielberg through a variety of search strategies. This guide is particularly useful for film fans and film students interested in learning more about Spielberg. On this page, users will find introductory content concerning Spielberg, such as who he is as a person, what he does for a living, and why he's a critical figure in film history. Zero Waste Lifestyle (Jessica / 91) Historical Resources for The Parker Homestead (Joanne / 90) This LibGuide provides overviews of searchable databases containing relevant historical information as well as highlights from The Parker Homestead (located in Little Silver, New Jersey) book collection.

Historical Resources for The Parker Homestead (Joanne / 90)

It summarizes on-line resources available free of charge to volunteers at The Parker Homestead, visitors, and members of the community. The following databases are included in the LibGuide: Worldseekers (John / 91) Resources for Arguments and Debates (Karen / 91) Argument Argument consists of three parts: Claim, Evidence, and Reasons.

Resources for Arguments and Debates (Karen / 91)

Your claim is the point you are making. This can also be called your position. Your evidence are the facts that support your claim. You use the evidence to prove that your claim is right. In an argument, you don't get to say, "Well, that's just my opinion. " or "That's what I think and you can't do anything about it. " Music Resources for University Students (Kirsten / 91) Welcome to the Music Resources for University Students LibGuide!

Music Resources for University Students (Kirsten / 91)

In this guide, I have gathered some of the most useful music-related sources that will help Music majors and conservatory students looking for research and performance-related sources. I was a Music major myself, so I know how hard if can be to find good sources for some of your classes. If your school has a music library, that's wonderful! If there is a Music subject librarian you can contact for help finding sources, that's great!

However.... with your schedule packed full of classes, rehearsals, performances, jobs, and trying to make time for your friends, your family, and yourself, you might be thinking: "Who even has time to go to the library? " In this LibGuide, I've tried to answer those questions by collecting some of the most reliable music sources I could find. If you have any questions about any of the sources in this guide, please feel free to e-mail me from the link in my Profile under the menu. Healing from Trauma through Mindfulness & Meditation (Kristen / 91) English Student (Laura / 90) Future Ready School Certification Guide (Laura D) Search this site Future Ready School Certification Guide Specifically Designed for Bunker Hill Middle School Providing resources, links to artifacts & examples of Future Ready School submissions.

Future Ready School Certification Guide (Laura D)

Resource Guide for Teachers (Leslie / 91) Explorer Biography Project (Libby / 91) PCA Churches in Metro-NYC (Liz / 90) Mirrors and Windows in the Classroom Library (Mary-Catherine / 90) Immigration in America (Melanie / 91) Immigration is the movement of a person or group of persons between countries, specifically into countries where they do not have citizenship. An immigrant can have temporary, permanent, or undocumented status in their new country. See "Legislation & Tools for Immigrants" for more information. As a policy issue, immigration tends to be controversial. However, the United States has a long history of immigration. As a result, there are many information needs surrounding the issue. Conducting research on the history of immigration and public opinion on immigration in the United States; Accessing information on applying for immigration, immigration laws in the United States, and statutes in your state of residence; Exploring the rights and status of refugees and displaced persons around the world, with the purpose of making informed policy decisions; and Conducting research on the impact of refugees and immigrants in the United States, with the purpose of making informed policy decisions.

Neurology - Search Guide (Miriam / 90) Teen Programming (Noelle / 91) Teaching Music to Autistic Children (Orlanzo / 90) Presidents (Rebecca B. / 90) Shaking Up Shakespeare (Rebecca M.l / 91) Skip to main content Shaking Up Shakespeare: Home Librarian Rebecca Morel Next: Plays >> Railway Guide (Rebecca S. / 91) Skip to main content Railway Guide: Home Librarian Rebecca Sanderson Social: GoodReads Page Next: Class 1 Railroads >> Yabooks (Richelle / 91)