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Photothèque CNRS. CNRS Image: LIRMM's album. MédiHAL photothèque médicale. Serimedis : banque d'images de l'Inserm. SpringerImage. BSIP Images scientifiques et médicales. Science. Astronomy This science ClipArt gallery offers 78 images of astronomy, including tools and instrumentation, as well as numerous stars and constellations that can be seen in the night sky.


See also the Telescopes… Biology. Plants. The Plants ClipArt collection offers 8,730 illustrations of various members of the kingdom Plantae and Fungi arranged in 44 galleries.


This includes, but is not limited to, trees, flowers and shrubs, mushrooms, mold, and mosses and lichens. It also includes images of things produced by plants, such as fruits, vegetables, and leaves. Animals. Armadillo - Tous les fonds. BioDivLibrary sur Flickr.