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solcomhouse A report by the Climate Communication scientific group ties global warming to the extreme weather patterns experienced this past year. As mentioned in an article by USA Today, specifically, it is the increase in levels of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane, which prevent radiation from escaping into space and trap it in the earth’s atmosphere, that is responsible for the erratic weather. Over the past century, the Climate Communication report says, a one-degree increase in the average global temperature caused by global warming contributes to extreme weather events such as increases in rainfall, drought, and flooding. Though a link exists between human activity and changes in climate and weather patterns, scientists clarify that it is not clear exactly what percentage of the change is due to global warming and human influence. In the political sphere, a lot of rhetoric has been thrown around about scientists and liberals and their “alarmist” theories. solcomhouse
Red, Green, and Blue Clean energy Solar Wakeup: Top 5 Anti-Solar Policy Tricks Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Chip Martin Red, Green, and Blue
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